Thursday, March 22, 2018

Barbara Lee schools Betsy DeVos 'This is horrible'

The enmity toward U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos from Democrats and some conservatives, reached East Bay Rep. Barbara Lee, an elected official not known for public displays of irritation.

During a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing on Tuesday that included education, Lee pressed DeVos on long-standing discrepancies on the rate of punishment for black and minority students as opposed to Caucasians. (Watch video below)

It didn't go well.

“For the same infraction, black and brown students are expelled at a much higher rate. That’s what you call racial bias and racism,” Lee told DeVos.

Lee ended her remarks with a closing shot. “Madam Secretary, you just don’t care much about civil rights of black and brown children,” said Lee. “This is horrible.”


  1. By MW:

    Actually, many groups of minority students, and such as for instance Chinese, are disciplined at lower rates, and in fact much lower rates, than that of: one, the overall rate; and two, the rate for Caucasian students.

    However the big boys in the Democratic Party and the "liberals" don't want to talk about that, since they want the schools to remain institutions in which chaos and disruption reins supreme and very little learning takes place, in other words factories for producing stupid, braindead, and ignorant people, in other words the type of people who going back to at least the 1920's, and in fact probably even long before that, have been stooges, robots, and lemmings automatically voting in lockstep for the DP.

  2. Re-posting after fixing some typos:

    It sure is "horrible." Last I checked the public financial disclosure reports, Barbara Lee is personally insolvent after working more than 30 years. Yet, she is in leadership.

    She has no understanding of how our government works. Education is the role of mostly local and state governments. There should be NO Department of Education. Jimmy Carter set it up, and Ronald Reagan said it was one of his biggest errors not to immediately disband it. So, here we are.

    In a Congressional hearing, Ms. Lee, leader of the progressive, Nanny State agenda, is asking about how punishment is handed out to children, as if there is some institutional, national plan to treat children of color differently. THAT is not, and should not be, any responsibility of the Federal Government. Further, when not satisfied with the answer, Ms. Lee pulls the "race card" and says Ms. DeVos "doesn't care much about brown and black children." What a vile, rancid thing to say, as if Ms. Lee knows what is in anyone's heart, and thereby, displaying the wicked pit, that is her own.

    The real shame, is that Rep. Lee is tripling down on proving her ignorance & pandering for votes. Absolutely, poor and disadvantaged students need help. Go to the school board meeting. Go to your City Council. Go to the State of California Department of Education...all of which have real, legitimate jurisdiction and can actually solve a problem on the ground, in a classroom, with real children.

    No, rather, Ms. Lee just likes to insult people.

    God help California with our obnoxious Democrat leadership.

    Since President Johnson’s “War on Poverty,” in 1964, the U.S. Federal government (or rather, taxpayers) have spent more money on the black and brown communities, than has been spent on any groups in the history of the world. What do we have to show for it? Many analysts state that real poverty is not a lot better than when the program began.

    That program was one of the first examples of massive "virtue-signalling" to help politicians much more than real people. Real help comes for schools, religious organizations, real mentors in a family and a community. NOT for elitist control freaks in a national capital 2,000 miles away.

    What we have to show for the War on Poverty is endless employment for an army of bureaucrats and their leadership, as in politicians like Ms. Lee, always asking for new kinds of hand-outs...never solving the actual problem.

    But, she will get re-elected with no real opposition. So, the people in CA#13 are getting exactly what they want. Perhaps, rather, the good people in the district have just given up. That is more likely.

  3. Sorry, got so angry, I wrote "for" when I meant "from" a few times in this paragraph...

    Real help comes FROM schools, religious organizations, real mentors in a family and a community. NOT FROM elitist control freaks in a national capital 2,000 miles away.

  4. By MW:

    Barbara Lee, and just like most prominent liberals, is nothing but a demagogue, charlatan, and big windbag.

    For instance in reaction to the fact that lately there have been so many: one, marches against gun violence; and two, demands for more and stronger gun control laws - some black columnists have described the responses as racist, since: one, the overwhelming majority of the victims of recent mass shootings have been Caucasians; and two, the grand total all of the victims of those mass shootings over the last several years still is only a tiny fraction of the total number of blacks who are murdered every single year.

    Related to the immediately above, in the last few days a prominent black columnist not only emphasized the above points, but he also said that in the US a black man is over thirteen times as likely to be murdered as is a white man.

    However who is killing most of those black men? Obviously, only the very tiniest fraction of them are being killed by white civilians or white police officers.

    In other words, over ninety-five percent of them are being killed by other blacks, and often blacks who are products of school systems in which the teachers are afraid to discipline students who need to be disciplined, since any teacher who disciplined them even a tiny fraction as often as they need to be disciplined would be labeled an extreme racist, and then fired.

    Of course the lies, garbage, and nonsense from Barbara Lee, and also from similar creatures, and such as for instance Hillary, Barack Obama, and Pelosi, etc, serves a purpose. Since they don't want the schools to be places where real education and producing competent and hireable people takes place, but instead factories for turning out the types of robots, stooges, lemmings, incompetents, puppets on a string, and welfare recipients that virtually unanimously vote for the Democratic Party.

    In other words, the upper ranks of the DP is a big organized crime ring composed of parasites, scam artists, and bloodsucking leeches, and the lower ranks of the DP is primarily composed of those who are extremely gullible and/or lacking in intelligence.

    And the worse things get, and the higher the percentage of people on welfare and/or in dead end minimum wage type jobs, the higher the probability the majority of people will vote Democrat rather than Republican.

    And then Hillary and similar "liberals" even like to pretend that people who vote Republican rather than Democrat are stupid and/or "low information voters."

    However actually if we only allowed people to vote who could pass a basic intelligence test and/or had even the very most rudimentary knowledge of the Constitution and how government works, jokers such as Hillary could not even win an election for third junior assistant substitute dog catcher.

  5. By MW:

    It's always entertaining when phonies who pretend to be liberals, in other words creatures such as and similar to Barbara Lee, Hillary, Pelosi, and Michelle Obama, etc, and all of the rest of the circus clowns: one, feign outrage; two, pretend they do not know and understand the real reasons certain things occur; and three, also pretend they are trying to make things better, solve problems, and improve people's lives - and even though actually they want things to be as screwed up as possible, and including since people who are on welfare and/or unemployable almost always vote Democrat rather than Republican.