Saturday, March 10, 2018

East Bay candidate for Congress declares war on California

Ron Cohen
--ELECTION 2018--
A week ago, Ron Cohen, a Republican congressional candidate in the 17th District's June primary, was incensed by Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf's move to alert residents of impending raids by federal ICE agents. He responded by filing a complaint with the U.S. Attorney General's office in Oakland. On Wednesday, Cohen declared war on the State of California.

"I hereby declare my residence in Fremont, California, loyal to the United States of America. California Governor Jerry Brown stated today that President Trump is 'going to war against the State of California,'” Cohen wrote, referring to comments made Wednesday by Brown and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

"In any such war, my residence, resources, and allegiance will be to the United States government, and I stand ready to assist that government in any way required, including the use of arms, to make war against the State of California, when called upon."

Cohen said in an interview that Brown's comment was needless "hot rhetoric" intended to inflame the situation. "We don't go to war, we go to court to handle these types of things," he said.

He said Schaaf's comments on Tuesday that asserted the Trump administration views undocumented immigrants as "villains" is only meant to "box-in" opponents like himself. "It's a word game," he said.

"We love legal immigrants," said Cohen, while underscoring the word legal, but also said he understands many undocumented immigrants are "in a bad situation."

While Cohen has found considerable fault with Schaaf and Governor Brown recently, he has not focused on his June primary opponent, Rep. Ro Khanna.

Cohen has a significant uphill climb in the race, but a second-place finish in the primary and a place in the November General Election is a good possibility. Although the number of challengers qualified to run in the 17th District is five, Cohen is the only Republican.

During the 2016 primary, Cohen garnered seven percent of the vote, a number that would have been higher if a Republican candidate had not entered the race late and effectively split the district's GOP electorate. Almost 16 percent of the 17th District identify as Republican, a cumulative total that was nearly achieved during the 2016 June primary.


  1. I look forward to starting negotiations with Governor Brown to establish a treaty with the State of California and Alameda County regarding state income and property taxes. We can meet at my residence, which I now re-name: "Fort Cohen."

    On a half-serious note, perhaps someday, when Sanctuary City and State laws are overruled and revoked, I will withdrawal my declaration, and sign a Peace Treaty.

    This would all be funny, except it is not. Now, very seriously, the actions of the State of California are unconstitutional and cause much lawlessness, pain and suffering. To take a cheap shot, I would ask the Governor what his father would think? Prior Governor Pat Brown (from 1959 to 1967). He was a Democrat, but he was a Democrat like John F. Kennedy, and he would find the current policies of the (D) party Un-American.

  2. You give those of us who are Republicans a bad name. Please, go away.

    1. I understand your position. We disagree.

      The Republican party has many parts. We are at an important moment in history where the U.S. Constitution is being challenged by top state, county and city elected officials.

      I live in the county that is in the national center of the lawlessness. This fight came to me, a resident of Alameda County since 1987. I did not go looking for it.

      WE MUST ACT, organize, run for office, get our view in the press; tell the rest of the county that right-thinking people are in California and need assistance ...as the (D)s are very organized and committed. To do nothing WOULD BE to give (R)s a bad name.

      We can't just sit around and look at our 401(k) statements, our Zillow house values and smile... while the state we will give to our grandchildren works against its own citizens.

      We just can't. We may likely fail. But we must try.

      Respectfully, Ron

  3. Just to add, so there is NO doubt what was said, hear it for yourself.

    "But what Americans have done traditionally, the Attorney General would talk to our Attorney General and work things out. This is basically going to war against the State of California, the engine of the American economy. It is not is not wise, it is not right, and it will not stand."

    1) As if CA A.G. Xavier Bacerra would ever cooperate with Mr. Sessions on this issue after putting into effect unconstitutional laws.
    2) Can you see the hyperbole of the Governor jumping to the "war" analogy? That's just crazy. Really, Sir? War? Utter nonsense.

    So, if it is good enough for the Governor to cry "war!" then right back at ya' Governor.

    Thankfully, this will all get worked out in court...I hope. If not, I'M READY...and it WAS NOT ME who started calling this legal controversy, a "war."


  4. Ron I think you are right on. It was not my fault that I did not have a clue and gave California back to a Brown who at least understood how to balance a budget. I support you Ron because you are a man just as clever as I am.

    1. Happy to discuss an issue if you present one.

      The real Gray Davis (whom I actually met for a few moments) is a Democrat who got himself "recalled" from office, and was replaced by Mr. Schwarzenegger.

      So, seems your comment addresses no issue the post raised; is confused regarding parties(I'm an (R)); thinks Mr. Brown followed Mr. Davis; and is using a fake email address and name. All good. This is just a place to vent about politics. So, of course, I have no plan to "be as clever as" Mr. Davis was not.

      Try again?