Wednesday, March 21, 2018

ICE says 3 immigrants who evaded them because of Libby Schaaf, have been re-arrested

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf has stood
resolute in the face of criticism from Trump
and ICE following her Feb. 24 warning
to Bay Area immigrants.
The top U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement official says three undocumented immigrants, which they believe evaded apprehension because Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf's public warning of a raids last month, were arrested recently for violent crimes.

Acting ICE Director Tom Homan laid the blame on Schaaf. “We are told on one hand to focus efforts on criminals but those same folks who want to focus on criminals don’t let us into the county jails. It just defies logic,” he said Tuesday at a White House roundtable attended by President Donald Trump.

All three were Mexican nationals with prior records, according to various news reports, and arrested for additional crimes that include robbery, gun crimes, DUI, drug possession, and battery of a spouse.

One of the individuals re-arrested was previously in custody and was sought by ICE in November through a detainer request.

In an interview with reporters Wednesday, Schaaf said news of the arrests were "distraction from a broken immigration policy" and questioned the integrity of ICE.
Schaaf on Feb. 24 announced that a large-scale raid by ICE agents was imminent, and warning a worried community of immigrants and minority groups. The announcement proved correct when a federal immigration sweep resulted in 232 arrests in Northern California, although largely absent in the Greater East Bay.

However, Homan claimed Schaaf's actions allowed 800 undocumented immigration to avoid arrests, saying it was akin to a "gang lockout." Trump also blasted Schaaf and other cities like Oakland that support sanctuary city policies.


  1. By MW:

    A few months ago John Diaz, and who is the head editorial writer for the SF Chronicle, and in a discussion as to whether people in California in regard to immigration issues, federal law, and requests from ICE, should give more respect to the federal government, or, and on the other hand, to the local demagogues, and who are in favor of such things as sanctuary cities, used the term "California values," and by which he meant that "California values," and of course including having sanctuary cities and shielding undocumented aliens from federal law enforcement, are so infinitely superior to federal law, that therefore people in California have the right to ignore federal law.

    Not that much later George Gascon, San Francisco's DA, took a position virtually identical to the one that John Diaz had, and except that Gascon used the term "San Francisco values."

    So therefore the federal government should declare such entities and persons as SF city government and Libby Schaaf in revolt against the federal government, AND CUTOFF ALL FEDERAL FUNDING TO SAN FRANCISCO AND ANY OAKLAND CITY AGENCIES THAT ARE CO-CONSPIRATORS OF LIBBY SCHAAF.

    (NOTE: It is interesting, but was actually fairly predictable, that virtually every single federal judge who has overruled, stayed, or gotten in the way of any of the Trump Administration's directives in regard to immigration is based in San Francisco, in other words a member of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals or a judge on the Federal District Court in San Francisco.)

    The primary "California values," and especially "San Francisco values," are: one, lies; two, fraud; three, illegal backroom fixes in exchange for under the table bribes; and four, engaging in scripted, prearranged, and choreographed "investigations."

  2. I hope to visit her in jail, for obstruction of justice, and other crimes. I'll bring her a pie.

    Once again, she cannot tell the difference between a LEGAL alien (we all love and support; many of whom are our most productive citizens) and an illegal alien. Nor can she tell the difference between a peaceful, illegal alien (we love, protect, provide (to some) various forms of financial support, but demand they resolve their immigration status following the rules, or leave) and a criminal illegal alien (who need to be arrested, deported, or whatever the law requires).

    She just won't accept that a person with an "Order of Deportation" after much "due process." who does not leave, then transforms from a peaceful, loving illegal alien TO A CRIMINAL. More so if they have already been deported before, which is common.

    The Mayor, Gov. Brown and Lt. Gov. Newsom, and CA A.G. Becerra are just intentionally breaking federal law, and don't care. They are breaking their oaths of office, and the U.S. and California Constitution. Maybe, someday soon, a judge will education them on what it means to be an American. Very sad. Most people can see through her nonsense.

    The Mayor should be seeing some of her own "due process" soon, as reported in the press.

  3. Above, second paragraph, I meant to write LEGAL Immigrant, rather than LEGAL alien. Our American creed is clear, that once lawfully in the country, as a permanent resident, we are all the same. The legal term, "alien" no longer applies when the person is not "alien" (when in the U.S. for a visit, or avoiding, abusing, ignoring the immigration system.) So, I used the term incorrectly in the second paragraph. I meant, LEGAL immigrant.

    See, unlike Mayor Schaaf, I try to be very clear and transparent in using language.

  4. Marcus Tullius CiceroMarch 24, 2018 at 9:02 AM

    Ron, you are transparent. About clear, not so sure. Second to last paragraph of your first post here, you wrote, "...a judge will education them on what it means to be an American." Not sure about your understanding of Standard American English and an eighth grade education, but clear you are not. Judges do not do this in America. Laws do this and sentences do this, but only in the movies do judges actually 'educate' people from the bench on topics that are not part of the case. There are not any laws about being an American that will involve a judge and a mayor, a governor, a lieutenant governor or State District Attorney. The comment in the final paragraph regarding "due process" is also telling. Due process is fully covered in the state bar and the Bill of Rights. You are advocating violating that. You really need to go back to school and learn a bit more about the language and the rights of Americans. You are getting them as mixed up as The President does. He may in fact be charged with Treason soon based on what he has supported through the Russians. Incidentally I am no lover of the mayor or the Democratic Leadership. I am a deeply committed foe of ignorance and your posts here are not so good. I would like to see you beat the incumbents, but you will not do it my lousy grammar and poor understanding of the law and democracy. Libby Schaaf needs to be recalled by the voters. The Democrats need to be defeated by the voters. Judges need to be recalled by the voters. Demagogues need to be defeated by the voters.

  5. Hi Mr. Cicero:

    Thank you for your response.

    Yes, you caught my typo. I meant "educate them," rather than "education them." Well done! My meaning was clear.

    As to your point, respectfully, it would appear you have not spent much time in a court room. I have. As a juror numerous times, and in lawsuits I filed against various people for good cause. Indeed, judges go out of their way to "educate" people on the law, the context, the constitutional basis, the procedure, and so on. I suggest you read a few written rulings on cases. Judges love to explain themselves, and rightly, put their rulings in context, often referring back to the California and U.S. Constitution, when it provides the legal framework. They explain their reasoning, 1) to be clear, and 2) to try to avoid having the case appealed to a higher court, 3) to provide guidance, as the case may become precedent and cited in other cases on the same type of matter.

    The Sanctuary City abuses are so clear, I look forward to a judge's ruling, as soon as possible, to vet-out how and if they could remotely be constitutional. I think such laws will be reversed, quickly, upon any serious legal analysis.

    As to "Due Process," Mayor Schaaf is entitled to it, just as any other potential law-breaker, and I'm sure between the U.S. government lawyers, and her lawyers, she will walk-through the process, just like anyone else.

    Sorry, but: Blah, Blah, Blah, about "Russians." I have no further comment.

    We certainly agree on a Schaaf recall; Democrat leadership and problems with some judges and demagogues.



  6. Marcus Tullius CiceroMarch 25, 2018 at 4:46 PM

    Ron, do not be so hasty in your judgement or generalizations. I have 40 years experience in active litigation and the last 25 in the county. Massive difference between the standing as plaintiff and the corpus. In short most lawyers, who represent their clients, get schooled by judges who become tired of listening to the inane and ridiculous and unsubstantiated allegations by their clients. Remember, please, that you the plaintiff and your mouthpiece are both being schooled by the judge because you are wasting legal time. They like to do that so that unwashed can gain the light and become the washed in the sacrament of the law. My guess is that you have all this experience and get schooled often as the plaintiff. The judge explains so that the ignorant, be sure to look that up, will understand that there is a big legal difference between awarded, not proven, innocent, guilty and reduction, not to mention the world of torts which is where I suspect you spend most of your time with your mouthpiece. Due Process is a part of being an American. Russians should not get any of it in my opinion unless they are in our courts. What you are promoting, dropping "Due Process" is popular amongst folks without the background in the law, the plain stupid and the Fascisti inhabiting America. I would like to think that you are none of those, but from your philippics I suspect that you will be like the rest of the hoi polloi who think gun control is a good idea when we all know that locking up the crazies is what we should have done a long time ago. When the involuntary confinement and lobotomies were outlawed in the Sixties is when things began to circle the drain. RWR is the man that made that happen to us in California and for that every homeless person should give a sigh of relief. Reagan is the cause of homelessness not the Democrats, Do-Gooders, mental health advocates, Clergy & Progressives. We were much better off with involuntary incarceration for life of those we did not need on the street. You lack of focus on the Constitutional proscription of Treason shows your lack of sand, I am sorry to hear that. I had hoped that you would actually represent change that is needed. Now I am not so sure.

  7. Hi Mr. Cicero:

    1) Writing in one big block paragraph is poor writing, which you commented to me about...but it does not change your meaning.

    2) There was/were no "mouthpiece," "unwashed," "wasted time," "ignorant," "Fascisti," "philippics," or "hoi polloi." Well, yes, maybe a few philippics, towards the Mayor that are well-deserved. (See, I looked it up!)

    3) I don't know where you are going with Due Process and Russians. I was always referring to Mayor Schaaf, as she moves through the process of being prosecuted, potentially. You seem determined to turn the discussion to Mr. Trump and the Russians. The original post is about the Mayor and illegal immigration and I.C.E. So, whatever. Perhaps you equate I.C.E. activities with Treason. We disagree.

    "Due Process" definition: "fair treatment through the normal judicial system, especially as a citizen's entitlement." You seem to think I misuse this term.

    4) Just FYI, in my case, the judge "schooled" me, after 7 hours of court time, that while I had a legitimate case, properly filed, properly presented, had proven some wrongdoing, I had not proven the high standard of "fraud" by the defendant. We were not at all confused about the minor issues you cover, above.

    4) Why you went to gun control is beyond me. We agree about gun control. I strongly support 2nd Amendment rights, with few restrictions. 99% of the problem is the shooter and his support system (e.g., Florida), not the gun. I don't agree with you that we should bring back lobotomies...Yikes! Yes, maybe involuntary confinement in extreme cases.

    5) Again, we are talking about Mayor Schaaf, not Mr. Trump. But, to go there for a moment, even Alan Dershowitz (D) (no minor attorney) states Trump is far, far from impeachment, including any type of "Treason." But, of course, you are entitled to your opinion.

    6) Opps, you made a typo! "You lack of focus on the..." Straight to blogging jail with you! I make typos, all the time.

    Nice chat.

  8. Marcus Tullius CiceroMarch 26, 2018 at 6:17 PM


    To your points and bullets I am OK with that.

    1. I agree the block is poor writing.

    2. So you represented yourself? If so that was not a good idea. Likely why you were schooled. I am glad you looked up the words. It helps one get to the point.

    3. I do not expect you to understand either Due Process or the issue with the Russians. I think Trump has committed Treason. Look it up in the Constitution.

    4. I am in favor of mandatory lobotomies for all crimes against Children, the Elderly, and for Second Strike Felons. Remember that Lobotomies were good enough for the Kennedy's they should be good enough for the rest of America. I would include the Infirm and the Homeless as well. I would decline to house them and require that organizations that are Tax Exempt should put these Vegetable up for as long as they survive. No public dole for them.

    5. For you to support Alan Dershowitz is a hoot! We can choose to disagree about the greater criminal. I think Trump is a treasonous dog who should be tried for treason for selling out America to the Russians.

    6. Typos are a part of life. I am not a troll. I was citing your lack of focus on the key issues. The mayor has not stepped over the line yet and engaged in criminal behavior. The others you cited have also not engaged in criminal behavior. Stupid. Yes. Poorly thought out yes. Criminal? I do not think so.

    I support arming anyone who wishes to carry a gun. No age limits. More guns will result in less ugly behavior. Schools will be much safer when the children are armed to the teeth. No more adult predators out there. Teachers and administrators will learn to produce results or die. Not a bad trade off.

    Always good to chat.

  9. Just not worth it, Mr. Cicero. #2,3,5 are incorrect but #4 is elitist madness. Seems you don't know Mr. Joe Kennedy had it done because some dopey doctor told him it might cure his daughter. That's some evil stuff you are talking about..so, I'm just gonna smile, waive good bye, and back away.