Friday, March 16, 2018

Price says O'Malley didn't charge Fremont officers for killing 16-year-old because of $10,000 campaign donation

Oakland civil rights attorney Pamela Price,
left, is challenging  Alameda County DA
Nancy O'Malley in June.
--ELECTION 2018--
Pamela Price says Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O'Malley did not charge two Fremont police officers for the killing last year of an unarmed 16-year-old girl because the Fremont police union gave her a $10,000 campaign contribution last November. "They gave her money, they're not charging the officers," says Price. In addition, the current president of the Fremont Police Officers Association is one of the officers involved in the shooting.

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  1. Steve, this time you may have gone too far commenting on a lawyer about a lawyer. This sort of reportage, because it is not journalism is offensive. Having to listen to one lawyer is bad. Reading commentary about two lawyers especially when the topic is ethics is nearly unbearable. Then you are adding in the actions of a union in support of their dues paying member really is awful. There is surely no law broken when one party offers cash to the other in support of their campaign. Who is to say that Unions should not pay out cash to politicians for their good works. That is not a bribe. It just sort of got the union what its membership wanted. The Fremont Police Officers are not suggesting that one of their own is a murderer. The DA did not think that the death of an unarmed girl by cop is a crime. Certainly the community is not unhappy with a dead unarmed teen aged girl. Too many of those anyway. And besides, she paid the price of being there when the cops had to act. It is not a bribe. It is the DA rightfully acting to not stop the killing of innocents by cops. So Steve, quit reporting on this stuff. No one cares.

    1. three words, CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

      The Judge who sent the Oscar Grant case to L.A. because he did not feel that Oaklander's are capable of entering a fair verdict, this Judge was a DA Deputy working for Nancy O'Malley and that is a violation of the 5th canon conflict of interest. I would love to hear your opinion.

  2. Never underestimate the power of Teamsters, Police and Fire unions and Associations.

  3. By MW:

    Nancy O'Malley is a lawyer, and we need to have an "improved" form of "free speech," in other words a modification to the First Amendment, that would make it illegal to say nasty, insulting, or disparaging things about members of the so called "legal profession."

    In fact one of California's most prominent lawyers is Harvey Saferstein, and who is a graduate of Harvard Law School, and back when he was the President of the California State Bar, he even, believe it or not, took the position that it should be illegal to tell jokes about lawyers.

    QUESTION: How many jokes are there about lawyers?

    ANSWER: Only two, all the rest of the stories about them are true.

  4. By MW:

    Since the majority of politicians, and virtually all Bay area politicians, are the best that money can buy, don't be cheap and miserly when dealing with them.