Friday, March 30, 2018

San Leandro mayor's state of the city details accomplishments, excludes city manager scandal

San Leandro Mayor Pauline Russo Cutter
delivering the state of the city address last
Monday at the Senior Community Center.
San Leandro Mayor Pauline Russo Cutter, during the annual state of the city address this week, said the city is becoming a regional leader in Smart City technology, spending more money on capital improvement project than any time in its history, and still working on those pot holes. The 45-minute address and video presentation, however, largely left out the current investigation of the city manager and the torpid state of its once-promising cannabis industry.

But San Leandro has a lot going for them, said Cutter, who ambled up to the stage using a cane. Cutter recently had knee replacement surgery. "I'm personally working on my own infrastructure," she joked.

Through voter-approved tax increases both at the city and county-level, Cutter says San Leandro will spend $8 million this year on roads, and $13 million the following year. After decades of non-action, a 220-room hotel is coming to the San Leandro Marina, along with 500 new units of housing. The city is also in the early stages of transforming the areas surrounding the Bayfair BART station.

A trio of new or remodeled aquatic centers are also on the horizon, she said, and through the Public Art Master Plan approved by the council, a new public mural will be unveiled later this year, along with art work on utility boxes around the city.

Over the past year, the San Leandro City Council voted to become a sanctuary city, in addition, to making legislative efforts to combat homelessness in the city. "This year we've strengthened the fabric of the San Leandro community itself. I've said many times that San Leandro is the city where kindness matters," said Cutter.

"As mayor, I believe it is crucially important for our actions to reflect our values. At a time when national politics have become so divisive, the story in San Leandro is really different. We lend a hand to our neighbors in need. We embrace the rich diversity of our community and we stand up to defend those who cannot defend themselves."

For most of this decade San Leandro's groundbreaking public/private partnership with OsiSoft to provide a high-speed downtown fiber-optics grid has brought the city considerable prestige. Over the past year, Cutter said the city has won awards for its leadership in green technology and its smart lighting project. San Leandro has also been featured at some international forums and conferences for its efforts.

Cutter, however, made no specific mention of the scandal that erupted at City Hall last January leading to City Manager Chris Zapata being placed on paid administrative leave while an independent investigation is conducted into allegations of sexual misconduct against him by the head of the Davis Street Family Resource Center. Near the conclusion of Cutter's address, she vaguely reiterated the city's original statement on the Zapata matter, calling for a "fair workplace and respect for due process."

Rose Padilla Johnson, a well-known member of the San Leandro community, alleged Zapata made advances toward her over the years in exchange for a city-backed loan for her non-profit. The allegation was preceded by a 23-page letter to the public sent by Zapata that refuted the charges while detailing the city's dark political underbelly and asserting the allegation was being used as cover by Johnson to aid approval for a then-pending medical cannabis permit associated with her non-profit. Zapata was placed on leave in late January and sources say the investigative report is expected to be received by the city later this month.


  1. Pauline Cutter has a practice of nepotism with power of favoring relatives, especially by giving them jobs in San Leandro City Hall .

  2. By MW:

    In regard to the post of 8:39, if said assertion is true, than so as to "prove" she is totally, completely, and absolutely "innocent" of any misconduct, Pauline Cutter should arrange to have any and all allegations "investigated" by a team of professional pathological liars and common criminals with law licenses from the Alameda County DA's office.

    In other words, one of the specialties of the AC DA's office is protecting and covering up for the big boys by engaging in whitewashes and scripted, prearranged, and choreographed "investigations."

  3. Herman L HumphreyApril 1, 2018 at 8:33 AM

    MW: Not sure what you are thinking here. Why should tax payers pay for an investigation in to acts that are already illegal?

    Are you part of the professional pathological liars or a common criminal? I agree with you that the liars are the lawyers and the criminals are the investigators. Why would you support the elected mayor in spending more money when obviously the system already supports her actions.

    Incidentally you realize that Nepotism is not necessarily illegal and is controlled by civil service laws that are crafted by the criminals and liars and paid for by all of us taxpayers. That includes you, even though you do not live in San Leandro.

    Now as to the AC DA Office, of course they do these things. They at the liars and the criminals. I am disappointed in your lack of interest in providing a solution. I thought you had more to offer instead of these comments which are very boring, though you are right about our present lawyers, elected officials, civil service employees, union members, and other tax payer paid officials, including all cops, all firemen, all other people paid on the dole from the taxpayers.

    So here is the solution. Privatize all government and all jobs. Ban all the unions. Eliminate all taxes supporting these functions. No more public tax money for government or infrastructure support. No more school taxes. No more gas taxes. No more any taxes. Pay as you go. If you want to opt out, you should be able to opt out.

    We have the law, 18 U.S.C. § 1385, Posse Comitatus, on our side. Toss out the governmental criminals, all those paid for by taxes.

    We, the tax paying American Citizen must replace these criminals with honest private American companies paid for out of honest profit and not by the taxpayer. Look it up.

    Profit making American Owned private business will do a better job than these degenerates.

    Herman L Humphrey

  4. By MW:

    Concerning the post of 8:33. Obviously in my previous post I was being sarcastic.

    And as how to fight and counter outrageous and illegal activities by the big boys, usually much more effective than going to court and/or to the DA is to hold them up to public ridicule, and such as by repeatedly passing out flyers.

    And some years ago I got in a battle with one of AC's agencies over a particular issue, so that agency, and in coordination with the County Counsel's office, hired some sleazy and "independent" outside "experts" to do an "investigation."

    Of course the conclusions of those "experts" and their "investigations" was nothing but scripted, prearranged, and choreographed lies, garbage, and nonsense, and had been designed, and even from the very beginning, to "prove" and rubberstamp that County agency's previous lies, garbage, and nonsense.

    So while discussing with the particular lawyer from the County Counsel's office who was the most involved in coordinating things, concerning the most ridiculous and outrageous of those reports, I told her that the "independent" and outside "expert" who had done it was sleazy, totally incompetent, and a pathological liar.

    So I said that therefore she should arrange to have the report done over AND BY SOMEONE ELSE.

    She told me that she did not care whether or not the report was accurate, but that she was going to use that report (in other words to "prove" the assertions of AC government), and was not going to have it done over.

    So I then wrote her a letter in which I told her that if she "tried the standard lawyers' lies and garbage on me," I would publish my own eight page newspaper, and which I also informed her that I could have ten thousand copies printed for about five hundred dollars., and I also told her some of the items I would discuss. (And as I made obvious to her, I knew where far too many of the bodies were buried, and I also made obvious to her that if I published that newspaper I would be discussing many of those "dead bodies.")

    The immediately previous caused her and the AC agency she was in conspiracy with to back off.