Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Alameda City Council to release report, refers Keimach recording to D.A.; she keeps job for now

Alamedans will finally get to view the contents of an independent investigator’s report into allegations by City Manager Jill Keimach that some councilmembers violated the City Charter by interfering with her selection of a new fire chief. The Alameda City Council, after yet another marathon special closed session meeting Monday night, unanimously voted to release the report on May 2.

Last week, Keimach admitted that she recorded Councilmembers Jim Oddie and Malia Vella without their knowledge during a private meeting in August. The council directed the city attorney Monday night to refer the case to the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office.

The violation is punishable to up to a year in jail and a $2,500 fine per violation. Keimach’s attorney argued Monday evening that an exemption in law allows for recording when the individual believes a crime is being committed.

Keimach’s future in Alameda, however, remains unclear. No public announcement was made out of closed session regarding her possible termination. Keimach, made a surprise appearance during public comment, in which, she listed her accomplishments as city manager, and appeared amendable to returning to her job. Following her address to the council, the large, supportive audience gave her a standing ovation.


  1. Oddie and Vella should call for release of the tape. If not, it looks like they are hiding something

  2. By MW:

    The issue as to whether any of the big boys in the city of Alameda's government wanted the selection process for picking a new Fire Chief to be done on the basis of politics, and rather than on ability and competence, is infinitely bigger than that of any of the issues that have so far been publicly raised.

    Or as Warren Buffett said, "THERE IS NEVER ONLY ONE COCKROACH."

    In other words if it can be proven that some of the big boys in Alameda city government wanted the selection to be made through an illegal backroom fix, and rather than an honest appraisal of each of the candidates' strengths and weaknesses, a lot of the sheep will start to suspect that going back for decades virtually all decisions in Alameda, and perhaps also Bay area government, have been the product of corruption and illegal backroom fixes.

    So since the main purpose of government agencies in California, and especially in the Bay area, is to rip off the sheep, and while simultaneously pretending to be dedicated to serving the general public, I therefore demand that Nancy O'Malley and the Alameda County DA's office do any "investigation" in such a manner that not too many of the sheep will be awakened from their slumber.

    In other words, I demand that O'Malley and the DA's office do a whitewash and a coverup rather than a real investigation.

  3. San Leandro Council should refer the San Leandro city manager 23 page letter to D.A. We disapprove backroom deal!

  4. By MW:

    So as to uphold and perpetuate the "standards," "integrity. and REPUTATION of the various agencies and departments that compose the governing bodies in the Bay area, I would like to propose the following.

    All parties will drop any objections they may have to the tape having been made. And the tape will then be reviewed by a panel of distinguished and prominent lawyers, politicians, and judges, but who will not disclose, or at least initially, to the public what is in it.

    However if it supports Keimach's version of events, since that will mean she is guilty, and especially based on Bay area "standards," of having committed the ultimate crime for a bureaucrat or government employee, and in fact many times worse than murder, in other words telling the truth, then, and so as to intimidate into silence any potential future whistleblowers, the panel will unanimously issue a statement insisting that Keimach is a liar, stupid, and crazy, and then we will arrange to have her hung, drawn, and quartered, and burned at the stake, and so that way anytime in the future a potential whistleblower even begins to think for even one second of protecting the public, and rather than the sleazy insiders, the potential whistleblower will instantly realize it is just not worth it.

  5. Steven Tavares wrote an article on EastBayExpress.com reveals interesting components of this scandal not only Vella, Oddie, city manager Keimach but also Assemblyman Rob Bonta and Del Bono, president of Alameda Firefighters Local 689 behind the scenes.


  6. Weird Al and Good Old Marv were really cranky that night. Even the beloved Hayward Municipal Band hot spanked for asking for six grand extra. Too bad penny pinching Al and Marv didn't say no to the 90 million dollar library or the 9 million dollar street tepaving that is already wearing off all over town. Whinning about thousands and wasting millions on pet projects and shoddy street repairs.