House of Representatives
13th District (Oakland-Berkeley-Alameda-San Leandro)
Lawrence Allen-PF, attorney
Justin Jelincic-D, finance manager
*Barbara Lee-D, Congress member
Dakin Sundeen-R

15th District (Hayward-Fremont-Tri Valley)
Hugh Bussell-R, technology manager
Ellen Corbett-D, State Senator
*Eric Swalwell-D, Congress member

17th District (Fremont-San Jose-Cupertino)
*Mike Honda-D, Congress member
Ro Khanna-D, attorney, former U.S. Commerce Dept official
Vanila Singh-R, physician
Joel Vanlandingham, technology executive

State Assembly
15th District (North Oakland-Berkeley)
Elizabeth Echols-D, Small Business Administration
Clarence Hunt, small business owner
Sam Kang-D, attorney
Rich Kinney-R, Councilmember, San Pablo
Pamela Price-D, attorney
Eugene Ruyle-PF, retired anthropology professor
Tony Thurmond-D, former Trustee, West Contra Costa Unified School District
Bernt Wahl-NPP, scientist

16th District
Newell Arnerich-D, Councilmember, Danville
Catharine Baker-R, attorney
Steve Glazer-D, Councilmember, Orinda
Tim Sbranti-D, Mayor, Dublin

18th Assembly (Oakland-Alameda-San Leandro)
*Rob Bonta-D, State Assemblymember
David Erlich-R, electrician

20th District (Hayward-Tri Cities-Fremont)
Jaime Patiño-R, research administrator
*Bill Quirk-D, State Assemblymember
Luis Reynoso-NPP, school board member, Hayward Unified School District

25th District (Fremont-Milpitas-San Jose)
Kansen Chu-D, Councilmember, San Jose
Teresa Cox-D, Ohlone Trustee, Community College District
Armando Gomez-D, Councilmember, Milpitas
Craig Steckler-D, former police chief, Fremont

State Senate
10th District (Hayward-Castro Valley-Fremont)
Audie Bock-NPP, former State Assemblymember
Mary Hayashi-D, former State Assemblymember
Peter Kuo-R, small business owner
Roman Reed-D, Planning Commissioner, Fremont
Bob Wieckowski-D, State Assemblymember

Alameda County
Board of Supervisors
District 2 (Hayward-Tri Cities-Fremont)
*Richard Valle, Supervisor, Alameda County

District 3 (Oakland-Alameda-San Leandro-San Lorenzo
*Wilma Chan, Supervisor, Alameda County

District Attorney
*Nancy O'Malley, district attorney, Alameda County

*Gregory Ahern, sheriff, Alameda County

Kati Knox, business executive
Steve Manning, deputy Alameda County auditor

Superintendent of Schools
Jeff Bowser, Trustee, Pleasanton Unified School District
Naomi Eason, non-profit executive director
Helen Foster, Trustee, San Lorenzo unified School District
Karen Monroe, Associate Superintendent, Alameda County
Ursula Reed, Councilmember, San Leandro

Rakesh Kumar Christian, businessman
Barbara Halliday Councilmember, Hayward
Mark Salínas, Councilmember, Hayward
Francisco Zermeño, Councilmember, Hayward

City Council (2 open seats)
Ralph Farias, Jr., businessman
Ryan "Rocky" Fernandez, district director, Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski's office
Phillip Gallegos, performing arts technician
Sara Lamnin, community services coordinator
Rodney Loché, planning commissioner, Hayward
Julie McKillop, Hayward restaurant owner/chef
*Marvin Peixoto, Councilmember, Hayward


Alameda County
AC Transit Board of Directors - (November Elections)
Ward 3 (Oakland-Alameda-San Leandro)
*Elsa Ortíz

Ward 4 (San Leandro-Unincorporated ALCO-Hayward)
*Mark Williams

Ward 5 (Hayward-Newark-Fremont)
*Jeff Davis

Tyron Jordan
*Joel Young, attorney

BART Board of Directors - (November Elections)
District 2 (Concord-Martinez-Pittsburg)
*Joel Keller

District 4 (Oakland)
*Robert Raburn
Lena Tam, Councilmember, Alameda

District 6 (Fremont-Hayward-Union City)
*Thomas Blalock

District 8 (San Francisco)
*James Fang

(November Elections)
*Marie Gilmore, Mayor, Alameda

City Council (2 open seats)
*Stewart Chen, Councilmember, Alameda
Frank Matarrese, former Councilmember, Alameda
Malia Vella, attorney

(November Elections)
City Council
District 1
*Linda Maio

District 4
*Jesse Arreguin

District 7
*Kriss Worthington

District 8
Michael Alvarez Cohen
George Beyer
Laurie Droste
Jacquelyne McCormick

(November Elections)
Jason "Shake"Anderson, community organizer
Bane Capital Ruby Paige Askew
Peter Liu, insurance agent, U.S. Army veteran
Patrick McCullough, businessman
Bryan Parker, Commissioner, Port of Oakland
*Jean Quan, Mayor, Oakland
Courtney Ruby, city auditor, Oakland
Libby Schaaf, Councilmember, Oakland
Nancy Sidebotham
Dan Siegel, civil rights attorney
Jesse Smith
Joe Tuman, educator
Gregory Wade
Sam Washington
Charles Ray "The Chief" Williams
Margaret Wrigley-Larson

City Council
District 2
Kevin Blackburn
Abel Guillén, trustee, Perata Community College
Dana King, former television anchor
Sokham Mao, member, Oakland Citizen's Police Review Board
Andrew Park, community organizer

District 4
Jill Broadhurst
Nicolas Heidorn
Craig Sinclair
Anne Campbell Washington, Oakland school board member

District 6
*Desley Brooks, attorney
Michael Johnson, pastor, Beebe Memorial cathedral
Shereda Nosakhare, Oakland City Council aide

San Leandro
(November Elections)
*Stephen Cassidy, Mayor, San Leandro
Cynthia Chandler, attorney
Diana Souza, council member, San Leandro

City Council
District 1
David Anderson, businessman
Mike Katz, Trustee, San Leandro School Board
Moufeed Mohamed, San Leandro businessman

District 3
Lee Thomas, Board of Zoning Adjustments Commissioner, San Leandro

District 5
*Pauline Cutter, Councilmember, San Leandro

NPP-No Party Preference
PF-Peace and Freedom Party
G-Green Party


Do you also have predictions for Berkeley for 2014?

Henson for mayor- he must be smoking something!

This is list will be growing. I'll have Berkeley and other Alameda County cities up soon.

Pauline Cutter is district 5, not district 3.

Mike Katz Lacabe Marga's husband. Wow a wanna be lawyer wife and a wanna be city councilman.God help us! lol

You are missing Bob Glaze for San Leandro Mayor and anyone not named Mike Katz in District 1

Bob Glaze would be a great Mayor, hope he runs and sends Cassidy back to San Francisco

What about Castro Valley's incorporation efforts projected for the 2014 ballot? There's a group that are actually proving it to be possible after several failed attempts!

Barbara "Closet Racist" Lee

Ellen "Needs A Life Job" Corbett

Mike "Can't Term Me Out" Honda, Congress member

State Assembly
15th District (North Oakland-Berkeley)

Tim "I Wish I Were Eric" Sbranti

Rob "Who Am I?" Bonta

Bill "Picked Last For The Annual Assembly Softball Team" Quirk

Mary "Hopefully People Forget Who I Am" Hayashi

Francisco "Wannabe Che" Zermeno

Henson for Mayor. A long shot but so is Zermeno.

Katz for city council? HELL NO! Look at the schools, Katz and other boardmembers borrowed money against the bond and going to cost taxpayers big $$$ to pay it back. His wanna be lawyer wife Lacabe has a law suit against our school district, while her husband sits on the school board. Maybe this is how they plan to raise his needed campaign funds for city council. These people are a sad joke! People are sick of them.

Vote Zermeño! He is dedicated and determined to support Hayward and better education in Hayward. Time for a positive change!

Eric Swalwell is a slimy flip flopping stand for nothing congressman and is ripe to get beat by Ellen Corbett.

Lee Thomas is not on the School Board. Fail

You are missing Roman Reid in Assembly 25

add for Hayward City Council: Rodney Loche, Planning commissioner

Shouldn't that be Mary "Hopefully This Store Doesn't Have Security Cameras" Hayashi?

And for the record if Mary Hayashi manages to win ANYTHING again after the shoplifting incident I will have lost all hope for our governing process.

Good to see Tyron Jordan's name for AC Transit Board...honest, intelligent and well-grounded individual.

Mr. Jordan used to be famous sprinter at Fairfield High School in Fairfield,California many years ago. He also ran quite a few marathons over the years. He is very sharp, bright, and articulate.

Hear Marga Lacabe and Mike Katz-Lacabe both have been living on welfare for awhile.

I worked with Tyron Jordan at a small Oakland based law firm a few years ago. My impression of him
Was that he was very bright, very honest, and had a high level of integrity. His affable personality and ability to work with a diverse range of people, would be an asset as an AC Transit. Director at Large.

I do not understand the 'welfare' comment. What is the point?

I think, this will be a year where we will see some new faces in office. Definitely the 17th congressional district, possibly district 6 Oakland City Council, AcTransit, and possibly the 15th congressional district

Barbara Lee will be a shoe-in. I don't see anyone running against her. In Oakland, i think Desley Brooks days on City Council are numbered. AcTransit Directors Williams and Davis are shoe-ins, don't see Young winning. Quirk will have no problem, nor will Bonta. But anything can happen between now and November

Dana King will be a very formidable candidate for City Council

The 20th District needs Jaime! He is a common sense, pro-growth, fiscal conservative and social moderate!

This is going to be a very interesting pilitical season. I have the sense, that it will not be a very good year for incumbents. Some of the exceptions being Barbara Lee, Honda, Mayor Gilmore, most of the incumbents on AcTransit are safe.

I dont see Barbara Lee losing, Honda will win, Tony Thurmond chances are excellent, Bill Quirk will win, Bonta will win,, Guilian will win, Ortiz, Williams, Davis will win for AcTransit, Jean Quan will win

10:11 you are correct. The machine is alive and well. So sad.....

10:11, makes good predictuon. But in politics, anything can happen. So it is difficult to make prediction. I think only the incumbents who are tarnished, are most vulnerable.

timeto stop reelecting over and over again some of these 'do nothing" candidates on this list

This list is really growing! It will be an interesting election season!

Time to throw a kink in the political machine!

Think there will be more candidates on this list for the June 3rd primary, and November elections?

14 candidates for mayor of Oakland! I think this surpasses the number of candidates in 2010.

I think that Mike Honda reelection chances are looking brighter in the 17th district. The field is getting very crowded

I Lena Tam picked the wrong race. Don't see Raburn losing

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