Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hayward School Board Member Embroiled In Affair With Colleague Admitted To Not Reading Meeting Materials

HAYWARD SCHOOL BOARD SCANDAL | A Hayward school board member alleged to be having an affair with another member admitted in a deposition last May that she does not read agenda materials given to her before each board meeting and relies upon a colleague to for advice.

The May 18 deposition obtained by The Citizen is one of the most damning piece yet showing a consistent rubber stamping of the school board staff's agenda was indeed occurring in the past. Critics have long claimed the board's past inattention to detail has greatly contributed to the overspending and mismanagement that has placed the moribund school district in the lowest tiers of education in the state. It also bolsters suspicions that the secret love affair between school board members Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia may have spilled into discussions of board-related items.

Heredia, Armas
In the deposition taken in Hayward pertaining to the Heredia’s custody fight with her ex-fiance, she seemingly offers the evidence of her inaction as a board member to the attorney without pause. The context of the questioning involved the attorney asking Heredia about an income and expenses declaration she had previously filled out. When she could not recall specifics about a particular entry, she told the attorney she could not concentrate and suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. "I get overwhelmed with reading a lot of material.”

Attorney: Do you read a lot of materials as a School Board member?

Heredia: I have to.

Attorney: Does it overwhelm you?

Heredia: I don’t do it.

Attorney: You don’t do the reading?

Heredia: Not everything that is—comes to me, no. It’s overwhelming.

When further pressed on the issue, Heredia says she relies on another unnamed board member for advice and discloses she relies upon school board staff to read and direct her votes.

Attorney: Does somebody read it to you?

Heredia: I call another board member to talk about some of the issues that are coming up. And the packets we get are very large. And sometimes a lot of stuff is a formality that we need to approve. We don’t need to read.

But there are some issues that I care about. That those are the things I look into. And then there is other stuff that I will conference with another board member. For instance, business stuff. I’m not very familiar with that. So I’ll just conference with a board member who has more expertise on that to let me know what the document…

Attorney: What kind of things are you interested in so you do read all the documents?

Heredia: I really don’t need to read all the documents because we have staff that does it. And if I have questions—for instance, it will have a cover page saying something like “Approve after-school programs.”

Attorney: Okay

Heredia: And I will—they are usually bold, the different companies, like Sylvan or Tutor Works.

Attorney: These are vendors to the District?

Heredia: Yes. And if I had a question, I would call staff and ask them.

The breathtaking exchange of a sitting school board member admitting dereliction of her duties then ended abruptly. A copy of deposition shows a discussion was held of record. Once they returned on the record and the clock was nearing 3 p.m., Heredia claimed her time was up. She then rescheduled for another day, and left.

The revelation comes a day after news of an affair between Armas, one of Hayward’s most powerful political figures and Heredia, a first-term school member up for re-election this fall. During a school board meeting Wednesday night, neither specifically denied the charges. “If you have school-related questions, I would be happy to answer them,” Armas said at the conclusion of the meeting.

School board member William McGee said he had heard rumors here and there about an affair between Armas and Heredia and reacted badly to the news Wednesday afternoon. “It put me in a bad mood. I was pretty sad at the news,” he said. McGee, who nearly felt compelled to comment on the affair during Wednesday's meeting, said afterwards, the potential for collusion among other board members was forcing him rethink the outcomes of some of the board’s previous votes. “I'm starting to understand why some votes were going the same ways,” McGee said. “Now it’s got me wondering."

Luis Reynoso, one of the school board’s most ardent opponents of Armas, repeatedly referred to the article published in The Citizen during the four hour meeting and continued the lambasting afterwards. Within earshot of Armas, he said, “I’m deeply embarrassed. He didn’t even apologize. I can’t believe this. I would just apologize and move on.” Armas smiled, picked up his things and walked away.


  1. When does part three come Mr. Tavares? You should be aware that now that Ms. Heredia has claimed to have ADD/ADHD she may claim foul on you for picking on a person with disabilities.

    I would suggest that you look into some of the issues raised in the comments to your first article, particularly those concerning Mr. Armas and his wife her retirement payoff; their relationship with a principal in disfavor; the employment of their children for summer jobs with so many students in our district who really needed the money; his relationship with the Dutra Corp and other developers who are interested in property currently owned by HUSD.

    Thank you again for giving voice to those of us who have questioned and demanded answers from HUSD over many years.

  2. It is interesting that McGee states he understands why some votes were going the same ways. Did people lose their jobs because of this affair? Is he making a reference to the recent dismissal of principals? It is upsetting that our elected officials act this way and apparently think nothing of it.

  3. Thank you Mr. Tavares, when is the next installment? I guess you should be warned now that Ms. Heredia has claimed to have ADD/ADHD she may accuse you of picking on a person with disabilities.

    Please follow up on some of issues raised in the comments on your first article, especially those pertaining to Mr. Armas and his wife's lucrative retirement package; the relationship to principals who have possibly absconded with money; the summer employment of his children at HUSD when students who truely need the money could have been employed; his relationship to the Dutra group and other developers that are interested in property owned by HUSD.

    Thank you for giving a voice to those of us who have wanted answers from HUSD regarding these board members and past board members.

  4. Haywards hearts by the bay- LOL

  5. Hayward calls itself the "heart of the bay," although I've never heard it used by anyone outside of City Hall. "Hayward On!" is more catchy, I think.

  6. That Luis Reynoso on the board is going to pay for reading this article in the school board. Reynoso has himself embarrassed the school board. Let's get him out since he read the gossip from Steven Tavares article. When he read that garbage propaganda from Tavares that was not in the board agenda to read.

    Lisa Brunner on the board has the right idea when she said that this is a personal thing. Reynoso get a clue and listen to the your vice-president Lisa. If two adults have a relationship it has nothing to do with the school board business.

    Reynoso is the one that is an embarrassment in the community by not being intelligent like Lisa to understand what a board memer is supposed to do.

    Lisa knows that this is just an attack based on lies on good people like Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia. Everybody knows that Jesus and Maribele have given so much.

    Lisa Brunner is the voice of reason and intelligence on the board she is the one that does not waste time by asking questions and keeping the meeting go sooooo soooo long. Let's get Reynoso out.

  7. to 4:41
    What poor misinformed person you are. The articles were not based on gossip nor lies. The text messages speak for themselves; Heredia's own words show that she relies upon the administration to tell her how they want her to vote.

    How are you so sure that the relationship does not affect district business? Is it because Ms. Heredia says so?

  8. 4:41 Denial, denial, denial. No matter how it's framed or spun this behavior cannot be tolerated. If you accept this kind of behavior you are part of the problem.

  9. Post at 4:41 is sarcasm, right?

    Lisa Dummer is not the voice of reason. She is the voice of needing to shut up. This school board is screwed up.

    Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia should be ashamed of themselves. I am in agreement though. the sex between them is private, but has effected the district.

    This is the talk amongst employees and students. its ashamed that might daughter and her friends know and are talking about this.

  10. She does not usually vote as the district recommends, so how is she making that decision?

  11. Public Officials are paid from my tax dollar. Public means public. There is no privacy for those elected into public offices. It is the name of the game. Stop suggesting that the affair between Armas and Heredia is private. There is not such thing. My tax dollars pay their salary. Let's not forget the issue of pillow talk and the Brown Act. When you talk with one, you are really talking to both. Therefore, any discussion with any other board member is in violation of the Brown Act. This act has now been violated for over a year. They both need to resign NOW!!!

  12. To the last poster: Have you even read the Brown Act? Please cite the specific section of the act you feel has been violated. I read the entire act. Nothing seems to have been violated (unless of course undisclosed material remains). The closest to being violated is the prohibition against "Serial Meeting" but even this does not pertain....So read, analyze and understand before making accusations.

  13. to 6:49

    How is it that the "serial meeting" aspect ofg the Brown Act does not pertain in this matter? You, unless you are Armas or Heredia, do not know what issues may have been discussed by the two of them and then one or both of them has then gone on to talk with another board member to get their input. That is exactly what I am sure has happened, and it is a violation of the Brown Act.

  14. Most public officials do not read EVERYTHING that is presented to them. I used to work for a city councilmember many years ago and it is practical and intelligent to receive summaries from staff and other key players. These summaries are then used to make decisions. I think most people are not aware of the volumes of information that pass through the desk of public officials. Reading everything and understanding everything to the "nth" degree would force officials to do NOTHING but read. I assure you EVERY member of the school board does this and it is o.k. so long as the summaries and advice is sound.

  15. Hey 4:41, get a clue. If you don't think 2 people having an affair on the same board is a problem, then maybe we as a community are not fit to be defended in the first place.

    Looks like the only person who remembered the community is, as usual, Reynoso. It's time to get real people, and recognize this Armas/Heredia thing as a serious concern.

    While Reynoso and other concerned members of the community are trying to fix things, we've got board members thinking about crotchless panties instead of how to get schools on the right track.

    Time to wake up.

  16. To 6:58: Any issue can be discussed by two board members, since they do not constitute the majority of the board and, therefore, no violation of the Brown Act occurs. You are right, that if these members than turn-around and continue the same conversation or topic with other board members , it would be a Serial Meeting and therefore a violation. However, I am not sure that this has happened because nothing that Mr Tavares has posted proves this. You on the other hand are "sure" that this has happened. Really? You are "sure." Where is your proof? Without proof you have only an unsubstantiated opinion (gossip?).

  17. to 8:24
    Common sense says if these two individuals were having pillow talk, and Ms. Heredia has admitted she speaks with other board members to help her to navigate the board agenda materials; there was unintentional serial discussions. No one is saying that it was purposfully deceitful. I would bet money I don't have that this has happened.

  18. BY MW:

    While obviously all over the United States, and extra especially in the Bay area, an extremely high percentage of the individuals, commissions, and "independent" governing groups, etc, that are supposed to provide oversight and/or regulation are actually and in reality nothing more than stooges, robots, drones, rubberstamps, and puppets on a string (for example, look at the "oversight" and "regulation" the PUC provides of PG & E), so therefore the only surprising thing in this article is that Maribel Heredia actually admitted the truth, and rather than insisting that she is independent and has a mind of her own.

    However if she is going to be nothing more than a drone and puppet on a string, then she should go to law school or become a CPA, and then she could collect a six figure salary as an "expert" working for the SEC or some similar agency and while "providing" "oversight" and "regulation" to such scam artists as future Bernard Madoffs.

  19. Re: 4:41 post
    Have you been watching the meetings lately?? Armas is always stopping Lisa from finishing what she has to say. He has become completely full of himself and Heredia has stopped caring for the students and this story explains why. Enough is enough. I'm glad Reynoso read it so that it is in the minutes and Hayward families will get justice come November!

  20. I agree with many of you! The Brown Act was violated when Heredia changed her vote to fired George Bullis from Hayward High School.
    Weeks after the board voted to fire many principals Heredia recinded her vote~coincidence??? But if Armas influenced her to change her vote and allow George Bullis to remain on as Principal along with Brunner then thats the majority and therefore the Brown Act was violated. George Bullis needs to go!

  21. beter to say "Hayward, Stand up!" its a bit more bold..

  22. Heredia is a plaintiff for families fighting to get qualified teachers??!!?? What??!!?? She is as dumb as a door knob and sleazy and unethical to qualify as a school board member her self.

    At least Lisa Dummer oops I mean Brunner is only dumb as a door knob but she does not break the Brown Act. i wish she will not speak ever again Lisa makes such bad noise when she speaks it hurts my ears.

    Jesus Armas he needs to go away from this area, pack it up little horny mouse it is time to gather your crumbs and leave. He is an other crooked sleazy bag that is also very dumb. When you really pay attention to what he says you realize he says nothing and many people have told me the same thing. All he has done is made sure his kids got hired, his wife get a good retirement and a principal to get away with $10K.

    The three dumb mouseketeers need to go Lisa Dummer, Maribele Hardon, and Jesus Armpits these 3 idiots cause the Hayward High principal to come back and hire many other people that were no good.

  23. Enough is enough! These two people continued on Wednesday evening to remind the audience that they are there for the children/students of HUSD. Assuming there is a small smiddgen of integrety left in either one of them, Armas and Heredia need to resign. For the sake of the students!

    While I have enjoyed reading the articles and the commentary and would hate to see it go away, the sudents and employees of HUSD have suffered enough embarassment thanks to these two and they need to end it by resignation.

    I don't know if either of them read this site, but I am sure that their surrogates do and I am pleading with them to end this torment for children and employees...Leave now! The remaining members of the board can carry on the business of HUSD.

  24. 11:08, they read this site. They are posting on it too. They should resign.

    They both have made the school district look worse than it is. Where is Armas' wife? Where is Heredia's baby daddy? Truly trashy these 2 are. Truly.

    I am planning to speak at the next board meeting. Someone else told me they were going to so I hope people who posted on Herr speak at the meeting to let them know their disgust with them. It is time for then to leave so the focus can be on the matters of the school district.

  25. Heredia cut a deal with the teachers' union, rescinded her vote and Bullis was reinstated to his position as principal of HHS. In return, Heredia was guaranteed that the teachers' union would support her re-election. Souls are bought and sold in HUSD. Great example for our youth???

  26. By MW:

    If she is just going to be a totally useless rubberstamp and mindless robot, then rather than condemning her, instead we should glorify her, and also place her on some board or other, and maybe also make her the head of an accounting and auditing firm, that will be in charge of going through the necessary prearranged and choreographed charades so as to "prove" that the financial records of such agencies as the Department of State Parks and future Bernard Madoffs are totally "legitimate."

  27. 4:25 how right you are for our useless government

  28. It's sad that someone who has difficulty understanding important material, can be a school district board member. As a HUSD teacher, I have always resented those who don't have teaching experience, yet, have school district decision making authority. The majority of the decisions they make are implemented by the teachers. Those of you who attend BOE meetings, or watch the broadcast, witness the stream of teachers who speak to the Board about specific issues, yet, the BOE votes against the teachers recommendations. The teachers have to live with these bad decisions and when things don't work, as the teachers warned about, the teachers are blamed for not doing a good job.

  29. Maybe BOE candidates should take a qualifying test before registering as a BOE candidate, similar to the multiple tests people have to take to become a teacher or administrator.

  30. That is a good idea 12:40 but then Lisa Dubmer will not get in. Lisa Bruner is the only person up there without a college degree. Now that sends a message of ignorance and low expectations for education.

    Keep in mind though that a college degree does not really shield you from being, speaking and sounding stupid just listen to Maribele Hardon(Heredia). Don't forget college grad Jesus Armpits(Armas) all the talking and says nothing.

    Those names people have come up here for these board wack jobs are just funny.

  31. I see that many agree about HHS! Thank God! So why would the teachers union make a deal with her, Mary Walsh runs Hayward High, and George Bullis allows her to run him. The man need to grow up, pack up and get out! Dear Remaining Board Members remember that it is your duty to protect and uphold justice. replace George Bullis and tell Mary Walsh to sit down! Put her in her place- the classroom not the board room and definetly not the principal seat! If she wants to run the school have her get her admin cerdentials and apply till then she needs to sit down and shut up!

  32. I just read the comments about principal at Hayward High George Bullis and about how Heredia changed her vote to bring him back. That is ludicrous.

    How can a school district board member let people like this work in the district. I got this data from the district and spoke with some board members and some teachers and principals about it. Below are the numbers and percentage of students kicked out from high schools and sent to another school.

    Students at Brenkwitz continuation school:
    Hayward High 79/46%
    47 Hispanic, 6 White, 21 African American, 1 American Indian, 1 Filipino, 3 Pacific Isl, 0 Asian

    Mt. Eden 40/23%
    23 Hispanic, 0 White, 11 African American, 0 American Ind, 2 Filipino, 3 Pacific Isl, 1 Asian

    Tennyson 41/24%
    25 Hispanic, 4 White, 8 African American, 0 American Ind, 1 Filipino, 2 Pacific Isl, 1 Asian

    Other 13/8%
    9 Hispanic, 0 White, 3 African American, 0 American Ind, 0 Filipino, 0 Pacific Isl, 1 Asian

    Hayward high students make up 46% of the population at the continuation high school. Kids are kicked out from Hayward High at a higher rate than other high schools in the district.

    The students going to independent study are largely populated from students who got kicked out of hayward high.

    Lesson taught here. if you got a mexican or black student, dont send them to hayward high cause they will probably get kicked out. Even if they have good grades and are not bad students. I am going to call each board member and ask them if they condone this behavior from their staff.

  33. Who is the principal that owes Hayward students $10,000?

  34. My child got expelled last spring, Was Heredia told how to vote on that too? Who should I call and please don't tell me to call the crooked district staff.

  35. 7:55 what school was your child expelled from?

  36. King Middle School

  37. $10,000 stolen from Hayward students by a principal? How about the $75,000 stolen from Hayward students by a previous HUSD BOE member when the BOE was overpaid? Let’s investigate that too!

  38. Jesus Armas has given his life to improving Hayward These articles are based on rumors and hearsay This is a smear campaign beofre the election

    1. And now he's giving something else but giving it to Heredia!

  39. 2;17....OMG! What life has he given??? He has been paid handsomely for any work done in Hayward. There have been no sacrifices, except possibly keeping other affairs more private.

  40. 2:17 must be Jesus or maribel. that's just dumb commentary. I wonder which? A smear campaign with evidence. anyone know if Jesusis also having an affair with the principal at King middle school?

  41. 227 and 312 don't beleive everything you read or hear It's easy for you to call people names and hind behind anonymous. Use your real name so I know who is calling me dumb! Unless you have first hand proof of inappropriate behavior between Jesus and Maribel then you need to back off and quit trying to smear the names of two trusted public servants.

  42. Makes you wonder doesn't it!

  43. 3:28 The text messages and the copy of the deposition speak volumes, you need to use your brain and reasoning skills. Where is your name? Lead by example disclose who you are first. You do it and I will follow suit. Smear give me a break!!

  44. Jesus Armpits and Maribel Hardon you really do not see that dating each other while both of you are on the board is a problem??

    You are sleazily sickos. At least Greg Jones and Ana May saw that as a problem and both left Hayward City Hall.

    Maribel Heredia and Jesus Armas you are demented and need to go away. Reynoso is right we need an investigation for the collusion. We do not care about your "love"affair, just your unethical voting practices. Investigate please.

  45. By MW:

    In regard to Maribel Heredia.

    A high percentage of the people appointed to various boards, and including many of the so called "regulatory" and "oversight" boards, are appointed to those boards on the understanding that they will be nothing more than stooges, rubberstamps, and puppets on a string. In other words they are merely and only there to help provide the necessary window dressing so that the charade can better continue that supposedly there is real oversight by "independent" people. For instance, think of the relationship the lapdog members of the PUC have with PG & E.

    In fact in Alameda County that is a major function of both the DA's office and the County Counsel's office.

    For instance if the members of the Board of Supervisors or one of the County's individual agencies needs "proof" that what it intends to do is "legal" or needs "proof" that none of the higher ranking managers is awarding contracts to certain vendors in exchange for under the table bribes, then one or more lawyers in the County Counsel's office and/or DA's office is assigned to "study" and "investigate" the issue, and then, and after going through their little charades, and being the good little lapdogs, coverup artists, and puppets on a string they are, they inevitably declare everything to be "legal" and corruption free.

    And while we are on the subject of charades. For instance for the first few years she was in office, one of the members of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors did not really do very much besides refer virtually all items and issues to Shawn Wilson. For example almost no matter whatever anybody asked her about, to study, or to consider taking some action in regard to, her standard answer was to tell us to discuss it with Shawn Wilson.

    In other words she was really little more than a figurehead, since in the practical sense Shawn Wilson was the real Supervisor of that District. In fact, the thought regularly ran through my mind that Alameda County could have saved considerable money by laying her off and openly declaring and admitting that Shawn Wilson was the real and actual Supervisor for that particular District.

    And let's also talk about another member of the AC Board of Supervisors. For instance most likely during at least a considerable portion of the time the extremely drug addicted and almost totally incoherent Nadia Lockyer was on the AC Board of Supervisors, one or more members of her staff actually acted as the Supervisor, and Nadia was really nothing more than a figurehead and window dressing.

    In fact speaking of stooges, figureheads, rubberstamps, and puppets on a string, for decades the lawyers, accountants, auditors, and other "experts" on the SEC had no real function other than being lapdogs for Bernard Madoff. So since Maribel Heredia is already very well trained in how to provide "oversight," I think I am going to write to the White House and recommend her for a job on the SEC or some other "oversight" body of much higher rank than the Hayward School Board.

  46. 4:27 Have you seen the text messages or the deposition? If you have then I stand corrected if not then shut up and quit being a puppet

  47. 5:02, then you stand corrected, yes I have seen the text messages and the deposition, in fact I've seen more then I cared to see. Puppet? I got away from the corruption so I didn't have to jail after everything comes out. Stay tuned!!!

  48. Depositions and text messages are more than we need to know of these two freaks Heredia and Armas. These two please go away and never come back and take Lisa Brunener she is the one that looks the other way on stuff like this.

  49. If we paid as much attention to the students test scores and staff turnover rate that would benefit the children a lot more.

  50. We have not paid attention to education in Hayward much and that is why we have a corrupt school board with dumb sleazy people. Hello Lisa Dubmer, Maribel Hardon, Jesus Armpits.

  51. 8:21 Yeah that's the real scandal and why they all need to go.

  52. The real scandal is not having the community listen to Reynoso on how corrupt the school board has been. Tough thing to improve if too much corruption.

    No one helps from the great leadership of Hayward. Where is the great Greg Jones? because himself and Anna May set the example on how to behave on council and boards in Hayward. Mayor Sweeney allowed this in Hayward city hall to happen first with Anna May.

    Hayward is a nightmare please Greg Jones and Anna May the ultimate sleazys take you followers with you Maribel Heredia and Jesus Armas.

  53. Ditto to 12:20 above

    Jesus Armpits Armas and Maribel Hoardon Heredia is a replay of Greg Jones and Ana May.

    Bunch of sleazy losers.

    I think in the Hayward city council Mayor Sweeney is the version of Lisa Dubmer Brunner.

  54. By MW:

    Actually by Maribel Heredia not bothering to take the necessary time to slowly and carefully read, and then to thoroughly and seriously think about and consider the issues presented in the relevant materials, she is merely following the lead of some of our very "best," most extremely "intelligent," and best "educated" citizens, and including people who in most cases received their Bachelors' degrees from such places as Stanford, Harvard, and Yale, and who, and after receiving their Bachelors' degrees, in the majority of cases then later received graduate degrees from the




    schools also at such places Harvard, Stanford, and Yale.

    In other words of the nine members of the US Supreme Court, eight of them are almost always nothing more than dependable drones and non-thinking robots whose votes can normally, and over ninety percent of the time, be predicted in advance, and even before the arguments and issues are presented.

    In other words, only Justice Kennedy has much tendency to really think about the issues.

    In fact the eight other Justices, and who of course are law school graduates, could even be replaced by minimum wage employees from McDonalds, and who would do a much better job of seriously thinking about and properly considering the key and relevant issues.

    So based on the present "standards" of society, Maribel "The Robot and Drone" Heredia is wasting her time with a job as low ranking as providing "oversight" to the Hayward School District. So therefore I am going to write letters to Dianne Feinstein and President Obama declaring the already "very well trained" Maribel "The Drone and Robot" Heredia should be nominated for the next opening on the US Supreme Court.

  55. why is it that everytime a sex scandal like this comes out instantly the enemies take advantage to attack and use it to their benefit.I dont care about their private issues. I know that Heredia became a board member because she was not happy with the school system her own children were in. Its what motivated to run and win a seat as a board member. She wanted to make changes and improve the schools in her community. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. I dont know anyone who hasnt. do you? Lets not focus on their personal flaws and focus on what they have to offer to the public and the schools that your children attend. Regardless of this scandal, Heredia truley and genuinly cares about the schools in Hayward and wants to make changes to improve the schools. Its all she talks about. She is passionate about her work and truely cares. Get to know her before you judge her. If you vote her out you will be lettting go of one of the most sincere and caring public officials you will ever meet. thats a fact.

  56. miss hoheadia is horrible. she doesnt know anything about education and schools. she is an ex-substitute teacher who knows nothing about what schools are supposed to do and how they operate. she is a person who used this position as selfgain and does not care about anybody but herself and now armas. she showed that. she is not passionate about schools and kids. if she is why did she keep bullis at hayward hghi? she let him stay there and all those kids up there are suffering. and the good teachers are going to suffer to cause she kept bullis up there. so before you say she cares about schools and wants to make change ask here why she let bullis stay at hayward high and keep kicking out the latino and black students. also why did she help fire so many principals and lie about them and ruin their careers. 1:18 you are just as bad as hoheadia. tell her two children how good of a person she is and how much she cares about hayward students. you sound as dumb as lisa dummer.

  57. agree with 7:32 maribel heredia is dumb as a door knob. Now she is a crooked sleazy. I guess just being dumb door knob was not good enough.

  58. Attention All:

    Next Wednesday, August 8 at 5pm the Board of Education will be holding a meeting at the HUSD district offices on Amador St. The subject of the meeting is Board Policies.

    While this meeting will not be televised it will follow the same format as all board meetings. The public will be invited to speak under items from the community.

    All who care should show up at that meeting; pack the board room and speak under this item. Bring your signs and your voices!

    August 8, 2012 at 5pm at the District offices.

    1. Also, the August 8th meeting is THE last chance for them to discuss and approve the next bond measure for the much needed improvements for our children's school facilities. If they don't do it then district will again miss out on getting clean and up to date technology that the kids need and deserve to ccompete educationally with other schools in CA and the US who have had these advantages for numerous years now as compared to our very old schools. Driving by schools like King and Burbank makes me wonder how other kids feel at their schools when they don't even have what these schools have. On top of that, I wonder how much more motivated a student would feel if the knew they were going to a school that was clean with good facilities verse having to deal with having little to heat in the winter, super hot in the spring, and constantly dirty conditions.

      I also think that kids must be surprised by the conditions of these schools after having a chance of being at one of the schools that have been rebuilt or upgraded.

      Regardless, all kids deserve to have equal opportunity to go to a school with great facilities and current technology and the only way for that to happen is to ask the school board put the bond measure on the Aug. 8 meeting agenda and vote to approve it for the Nov. election. If not, the kids, homeowners, hayward community, and the district will lose out on the potential benefits that we achieved from passing the last bond measure.

    2. I heard Mcgee was trying to get it on the agenda. Did it happen? Armas has been blocking it. I wonder why. He can't get in on the land deals?

    3. They need to prove that they can do what's best for the schools and approve that bond. It would be the first step in the right direction in helping all of our kids.

  59. his post I came across belongs here.
    Anna May is gheto and Greg Jones is a wimp he never takes up a fight for the community that is a risk to him.

    Like Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia...

    Wimps among us

  60. Prove that they are ok by approving the bond?? What? Are you crazy. You want to let them off just by voting on something we don't know anything about.

    Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia need to go. I do not want anyone to make any money from the bond. Jesus Armas is corrupt and we need to check things out which of his family and fiends will benefit from this bond.

    Yes we need new school but I want to wait to vote on a bond until after elections.

    Parent and homeowner in Hayward

    1. No I'm not crazy. I'm saying they need to finish by making a positive effort in light of their current actions. Would you rather they did nothing until Nov and make the district hold as a hostage to the madness

  61. I agree with 11:29.

    As a homeowner I want more information on the bond. I am not happy paying taxes because the politicians are corrupt. I don't like how east avenue was designed.
    Look at Ana May, Greg Jones, Jesus Armas, Maribel Heredeia. Enough lets not rush corruption.
    Get them out then we can talk.
    No pity on corrupting the city more.

    1. The bond measure doesn't support politician. It can be only allocated towards school facilities. Which is different form measure that was just passed. My concern is that all school would have to wait until 2015 to consider doing the next bond measure which is TOO long to wait for improved conditions in the schools our kids go to. If you don't like the way a school is built, then go to the planning meeting and participate and give input. For the rest of the district to have to wait for three years is not fair too ALL the kids and families in the district.

  62. I too agree with 11:29 lets not rush into bankruptcy and get all the information. I will not support corruption with a bond.

    For the kids sake lets clean up our act before we waste money on corruption.

    Its for the kids lets wait until we get all the details on the bond.

    1. I don't think any info has come out because it hasn't been discuss at a meeting or even been on their agenda. An approved bond measure wouldn't be voted on by the public until November.

  63. For those of you who think it's better to wait obviously haven't been to the high school's bathrooms, tried to take a drink of water out of a water fountain, attend sports games and have to sit on broken bleachers while watching the kids play in goose poop, sit in some of the buildings hoping there will not be an earthquake, etc. This list could go on and on. Our kids deserve better than this.

    1. Agreed. I'll like to add the poor conditions of the majority of our elementary and middle schools. Adults don't have to go to work in those conditions. Excuse me, I guess all those poor teachers do. It's more than time to give them support and the kids support.

    2. Have you seen the terrible curtains hanging in plain view of thousands of passing motorists per day at Winton middle School? What a shame.

  64. Agreed. Let me add the majority of run down elementary and middle schools to that list. Adults don't have to go to work in those kind of why do our kids. Excuse me, our poor teacher do. Our teachers and kids deserve our support now.

  65. Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly. Wake up Hayward!

  66. And nothing worse, is all the BUTT SUCKING LEACHES that draw on the Corrupt Board Members that support giving them the free hand outs!

  67. just found out that heather reyes candidate for school board was greg jones treasurer for his campaign. shucks!

  68. Citizens of Hayward and my fellow Americans, I have chosen not to run for another term as a member of the HUSD. My decision is made with a heavy heart because I know I did the right thing for all the right reasons. I now need to focus on my family and my health. It was very demanding serving on the Board but it has taken a toll on my health. I leave with a heavy heart.
    Jesus Armas.PS you won't have me to kick around any more. I am not a crook.

  69. Maribel you need to put your chonies back on girl and go home and take care of your kids. Jesus you need to ask your wife to forgive you before she takes you for all you've got.

  70. HUSD Board of Education Meeting
    Wednesday, August 22, 2012
    Open Session 6:30pm
    Meeting at Hayward City Hall
    777 B Street
    Hayward 94541
    Council Chamber Room – 2nd Floor

    It's not enough to write in these blogs. We must take a stand and attend school board meetings. It's not necessary to speak. Your presence will speak for itself. Be there or be square!

  71. HUSD has long been a culture of CORRUPTION, from the corrupt, incompetent school board (currently Armas, Heredia, and Brunner). . .

    . . . to the corrupt (previous Duran-Becnel-Armas (wife) regime), incompetent (current Superintendent) Administration . . .

    . . . to the corrupt, powerful HEA, which goes out of its way to keep incompetent/useless teachers employed while allowing newer, competent, energized teachers to be let out the door due to outmoded seniority rules.

    The District's low test scores, shoddy education, and dismal school site faciities are the collective result of this long-standing culture of corruption in HUSD.

    Reynoso and McGee are trying to shine the light on this corruption, and yet get mocked by posters in this forum.

    Our children deserve better than we are currently giving them.

    We need a sea change here, a disinfection!!

    Out with the ingrained purveyors of this culture of corruption, esp. Armas, Heredia, and Brunner.

    They should all resign immediately, and if Brunner doesn't, then I hope that she is successfully recalled.

  72. PLEASE PLEASE come to the board meeting Wednesday ask for the resignation of George Bullis to happen!! Heredia resinding her vote should be null and void!! He is suppressing AP classes, has a pompous attitude and was has been heard saying "teachers dont listen so why do they expect their students to listen!" really? Get the F____ out GEORGE_ you thought the first time you were fired was bad - this time will be so humiliating you will never be a principal again!!

  73. Okay, Folks. Here’s the latest regarding tomorrow night’s HUSD Board of Education meeting. The audio system is, miraculously, not working properly at City Hall so the board meeting may not be televised. How convenient! This does not happen when the Hayward City Council has their meetings, but it does for HUSD board meetings? This is too convenient for me to accept without question. Is it possible that once again Armas is using his connections at City Hall to hide the Vote of No-Confidence discussion from the rest of us? I think we will all need to attend the meeting tomorrow night to hear the discussion for ourselves. I’m going! What about you?

  74. Friends,

    The following petition has been created: Hayward Unified School District Trustee, Maribel Heredia: Immediate Resignation of Maribel Heredia, HUSD Board Member, because I care deeply about this very important issue.

    We are trying to collect 250 signatures, and we could really use your help.

    To read more about what we're trying to do and to sign our petition, click here:

    It'll just take a minute!

    Once you're done, please ask your friends to sign the petition as well. Grassroots movements succeed because people like you are willing to spread the word!

    Concerned Parents of Hayward Schools

  75. Greetings,

    I just signed the following petition addressed to: Hayward Unified School District Trustee, Maribel Heredia.

    Immediate Resignation of Maribel Heredia, HUSD Board Member

    It is the responsibility and privilege of Hayward Unified School District (HUSD) Board of Trustees to promote the education of Hayward's children to the highest standard possible. We are demanding Maribel Heredia resign immediately due to her dereliction of duty and unbecoming behavior for an elected official.

    Maribel Heredia has failed to fulfill her duties in a manner that is transparent, forthright, and shows goodwill to students, parents, teachers, classified staff and administrators.

    Ms. Heredia has an ongoing problem with her commitment to attend meetings; she is frequently tardy and leaves early.

    According to a story published in ebcitizen.com on July 26, 2012, Ms. Heredia admitted under oath that she does not read board materials, but depends on the judgment of another, unnamed HUSD currently elected board member to make decisions on how to vote. This is collusion and creates a myriad of possible conflicts of interest.

    Ms. Heredia, is a subject of an ebcitizen.com article, published July 25, 2012, that exposed a scandalous illicit affair with fellow HUSD board member, Jesus Armas. Both have families. This behavior demonstrates poor ethical judgment.

    We believe that Ms. Heredia was obligated to disclose her new relationship (that is widely thought to have started over a year ago) with fellow board member, Jesus Armas to the community at large. In that time, Ms. Heredia has voted on hundreds of agenda items that greatly affect and influence the quality of education in our community and working conditions of HUSD employees.

    The community believes that Ms. Heredia has failed in her duties as an elected Trustee for HUSD. Therefore, we demand her immediate resignation.



    Parent ***

  76. The sleaze couple has been spotted in romantic walks at Fairview elementary.
    Maribel Heredia and Jesus Armas were walking TOGETHER through Fairview elementary room by room. Their physical distance to each other was very telling. I just don't know why they don't just announce to the district that they are in love. All the parents and teachers were talking of how weird that these two sleazy people show up to a school dedication. Thank you Lisa Brunner for not supporting the investigation. I hope you are recalled soon Lisa Brunner. I say recall Jesus Armas, Maribel Heredia, and Lisa Brunner.

  77. Bye. Bye, Armas. So long, Heredia. YOU'RE NEXT BRUNNER!

  78. You'r right..Reynoso is smart man, because he know how to kick ass on right time , he did that on his second term election , now he try to do it again ( during his eight year trustee in the HUSD.. he made HUSD got worse) . This is time we need to clean the whole house ...( Reynoso, Walker , Taylor) NEEDS TO GO
    I am a Asian American parent in the HUSD..As far as I'm concerned, HUSD has always had serious problems and always will. The low performance of students in HUSD has been going on for decades,
    How can you have a healthy district when those at the head of that district only care about furthering their own agendas? When all is said and done, they could care less about the students. They care even less about the teachers, most of whom are hard-working and dedicated. And the classified staff isn't even on their radar. Continue fighting for your child, Very Concerned Parent. In a school district like HUSD, your child NEEDS your voice.