Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Text Messages Reveal Another Illicit Romance Among Public Officials In Hayward

HAYWARD SCHOOL BOARD | Two current members of the Hayward School Board are participating in an inappropriate relationship, according to text messages obtained by The Citizen. In addition, numerous sources, including the disgruntled ex-fiance who confronted one of the alleged participants last January, say School board members Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia have been an item for, at least, one year, without revealing their relationship to fellow board members and school adminstrators.

Whether improper or not, Armas is married with two adult children, the secret relationship could run afoul of state sunshine laws and give critics of the city’s downtrodden school district additional fodder to seek change in its leadership. The district, ranked one of the worst in California, has laid in the shadow of a potential takeover by the state for several years due to overspending and general mismanagement. Armas did not responded to an email sent Tuesday. However, Heredia denied the affair and said no violation of the Brown Act have occured.

"Given the amount of mis-information out there and the personal attacks founded by absurd and vindictive people without values or ideals, I hesitate to comment at all," wrote Heredia on Wednesday afternoon. "I, fortunately, have many trusted and valued friends. Some of which are valued and trusted members of our educational community, the extent of those friendships are not known to anyone. Anything else is supposition and rumor, designed to remove the focus from our success and work for the educational needs of our students and families.

"I am familiar with the Brown Act and those who understand the law, know there is no possibility of any violation ever occurring on my account. And
those who know me, know there is never an occasion to question trust in my character."

Rumors of the illicit love affair had been heard around Hayward’s chatty community of politicos and business owners going back to late last year. Two sources, who asked that their names not be used because of their ties to the school district, said the couple’s arrival last June 5 at an election party for the passage of the city’s school parcel tax confirmed for them the two were having an affair. “If you didn’t know anything about them, you would surely guess they were together,” said the contact, who also noticed Armas carrying Heredia’s handbag upon arriving at the event.

Text messages from between June 13 to June 26 from Armas to Heredia also shed light on an love affair progressing more further along than playful flirting among consenting adults and describe numerous meetings during the short period of time. “So, what did you buy?” asked Armas in a text on June 16. “Crotchless panties,” said Heredia.

In another, Heredia describes having a headache and doubts she will attend the school board meeting that evening. “We have a lot on agenda. ¾ principals, budget, SPSA, music, ELD/ALD waivers and more. Will u b able attend? Maybe u can go home and rest beforehand,” texted Armas. “Can’t rest,” replied Heredia. “head feels better when you are holding me.” A minute later Armas offers, “How about after mtng.”

A day earlier on June 19, Heredia seems to reveal the deepening relationship, in her mind, between her and Armas when she complains he abruptly changed plans between them in order to attend an A’s game. “Don’t know why you are telling me at the last minute about the change in plans. I am upset,” Heredia texted. Apparently unaware of the reference, Armas says, “It's not rushed. Let’s have lunch.”

“Not talking about lunch Jesus,” she replies in two messages. “I thought you were coming over tonight. You changed plans at the last minute or you had planned to go to game, and did not think about letting me know. very thoughtless of you.”
Joe Aldana, Heredia’s ex (the two were together 18 years, but never married and have two children together), says he confronted Armas about the affair in late January after reading other text messages and being aware of numerous phone calls between the two. A school board-sanctioned trip to Sacramento for an education conference attended by both Armas and Heredia fueled Aldana’s suspicions the two were having an affair. Armas never admitted the affair, recalls Aldana, but remained cagey during the questioning and attempted to console Aldana about his personal problems with Heredia and its effects on their children. However, Armas mentioned his wife had begun worrying about gossip in the community over numerous public appearances between himself and Heredia, said Aldana, who is seeking joint custody with Heredia of their two children, 16 and 10-years-old.

Apparently, being a member of elected office in Hayward is becoming a more successful route to romance than joining Match.com. As reported in The Citizen last month, Armas’ successor in the city manager’s office, Greg Jones, also entered into a secret relationship with then-Councilwoman Anna May. The Council and city attorney, in that case, pressed the two to reveal their budding romance, but neither would do so. The situation ultimately led to the council holding closed session meetings without May and, according to sources aware of the council’s thought process; they were setting the path to fire Jones. He eventually resigned in March 2010, but returned this month to the council after winning election last June. In the Jones/May affair there is one major difference: May was technically Jones’s boss. The council hires the city manager. In the case of Armas/Heredia, both are equals on the school board, however, there is reason to worry both discussed agenda items together and with other members of the board. Member-to-member discussion is permitted under the Brown Act, as long as the group does not exceed a majority of the board. Hayward’s school board consists of five members. The Citizen also obtained a transcript of deposition where Heredia described not reading agenda packets beforehand and admits to relying on another board member to explain some business-related items to her. (Details of the transcript will be reported in The Citizen in coming days.)

Outside the salaciousness of the situation involving Armas and Heredia, their secret romance presents the school district and city with a list of potential pitfalls surely heightened by the volatility nature of extramarital interpersonal relationships. For instance, earlier this month in Southern California, a male city councilman in San Fernando was forced to resign and admit his extramarital affair in public with another member of the council, coincidentally, also named Maribel. Both council members had recently gained temporary restraining orders against each other stating they must stay at least 100 feet from each other. The forced arrangement obviously made sitting together on the chamber’s dais impossible and .

In Hayward, it is widely accepted that Armas is the city’s most well-known insider and fixer. His expertise on a bevy of governmental issues is highly sought after not only in Hayward, but in surrounding cities. In 2009, Armas even consulted for Sutter Health in gaining approval from the Alameda County Board of Supervisors to pass the hospital provider's environmental impact review to begin rebuilding Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley. If there is a person who knows how to get things done and, more importantly, how not to, it is Armas, according to numerous contacts in Hayward. After serving as city manager earlier this decade, he was appointed to the school board in 2010 and won re-election later that year. Armas recently pulled papers to again run for re-election this November.

Heredia is far less known. She won election to the school board in 2008 on the heels of opposition to the No Child Left Behind Act and participated in a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Education that was critical of a section in the law defining unlicensed teachers as highly qualified. It is believed, through sources, she too will run for re-election this fall.

UPDATE-7/25/12, 3:40 p.m.: A statement from Heredia was included in this article.


  1. Aint it amazing how power, even on a little ole school board, corrupts! It is about time that Mr. Armas was outed for his MANY indescretions in this town.
    All personal stuff aside, Mr. Armas and Ms. Heredia, both who claim to have the best interests of children as their motivating force, are hypocrits and need to leave office immediately. Many in this community have had serious questions regarding many of Mr. Armas and his using HUSD for personal gain. As for Ms. Heredia, who remains a plaintiff on a suit against HUSD, isn't that a conflict of inerest? Of course if you ask the million dollar lawyers for HUSD, there is always a way to get around the law..who cares about ethics or morality???

    Armas must forget running for school board and so should Heredia.

  2. For those of us who are far less than tech experts, what are the various ways in which one obtains such messages, other than with the full consent of the parties involved?

    I'm not asking about this specific case, nor passing judgement, but in any instance, how can you gain access to such?
    Ways, 1 thru 5 ?

    Just wondering, since we all want to be carefull.

  3. guess if you leave the phone lying around and it is part of a family plan then it is open for peeking at it. Plus, I think that elected officials don't have privacy in this instance all of their communications emails and texts are open to the freedom of information act.

  4. Thank you, Steven Tavares. Finally, someone has the guts to call out Jesus, who is widely considered corrupt. There are some of us who have been waiting a long time for this story. Bravo, great job as usual Tavares!

  5. Jesus has pulled papers for re-election. Maribel has not. Registrar site has a candidate log on its site.

  6. Hayashi, Armas, and Lockyer: Hayward Ho's for sure!

  7. Oooh la la la! Who knew Hayward was so kinky!

  8. No wonder the school board is able to accomplish so little. How about limiting school board membership to four years?

  9. Tavares is the man. If the daily review, chronicle mercury, oakland tribue, tricity will not report the crap in the east bay politics then I am so glad we have someone like Tavares.

    Jesus and Maribele it is time to pack it up. Get away from kids as far as possible. You Creeps!!

    What is it about this area? Mary Hayashi, Greg Jones and Ana May, Joel Young, and now.... school board people??? Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia..these people are sick.

  10. 2:19 poster..I totally agree with your praise for Mr. Tavares. I hope he continues to dig up information on Armas and his time on the school board. His original appointment was questioned by many in the community.

    I guess Reynoso has been right all along...Armas has been "smelling" up HUSD since his appointment.

    There is a big part of me that wishes that one or both of them will run...Imagine what questions will come up on a candidate's night.

  11. I agree with the twitter posting. I'm not so much bothered by the extra marital activities. These things happen all the time, but you can't be doing it in secret when both of you are on elected boards. If they're hiding this, then what else are they doing in secret? Is this why Hayward's schools are so bad?

  12. I didn't think the little guy had it in him.

  13. to 2:48 ..you forgot Nadia Lockyer...

    I think we have so many weirdos that the people are having a hard time keeping track. I agree. Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia need to go far away from the kids.

    Sounds like the husband ofheredia should get the custody of the kids.

    What kind of example are they setting for the students. Creepos are right. Yuck..

    1. I knew the family. Joe should DEFINITELY get custody. Maybe he's finally learned to stand up to that scary woman. I hope the kids have more positive adults to help them through this.

  14. I have watched the BOE meetings for years now and I doubt that anyone will have the courage to tackle Armas or Heredia at the meeting. My bigest fear is that unless you have a computer and know about the eastbaycitizen you will never know what is happening in HUSD. The Daily Rag will never cover this story.

    1. I totally agree!

    2. You don't think that anyone will have the courage to tackle Armas or Heredia at the meeting? Guess we haven't met yet... we've brought up the District's most unpopular elephants in the room, and my colleagues and I are certainly not afraid to continue the fight against mediocrity and unethical, provincial BOE members.

  15. Really? This is news? I don't believe it is newsworthy. This is gossip. I'm appalled that our community reacts in favor of slander and personal attacks. This is, yet again, negative attention for the city I'm proud to say I live and have been raised. Hayward and its school district need support in these tough times. How will you be a part of its growth?

    1. I agree with what you are saying, but I think a lot of these reactions are from citizens who are frustrated that these 2 ever represented HUSD in the first place. I hate walking into the DO and seeing their faces and it has nothing to do with their sex life.

      Not in every case, but in this case, I'm glad they are getting so much attention because now they won't get reelected.

  16. Tavares you are such an idiot, go write for a real paper. Leave Greg and Anna alone, there are SEVERAL big differneces. First with Greg and Anna, no one was married, no laws were broken, they were doing GREAT jobs and no one cared except you. With Aramas and Heredia Aramas is married, with kids, BIG BIG difference you dumb ass not just that Anna was Greg's boss.

    This is a violation of the Brown act. How about you report on that? How about you report on the effects this has had on votes effecting the district? How about you do some REAL journalism?

    OH! That's right, your not a real journalist. You were doing good until you WRONGLY attacked Greg and Anna again. Stop doing dtupid things, report on what I mentioned and you will be more respected.

  17. 5:45 Not sure why you are so worked up. A City Manager having an affair with a sitting Council Member is definitely not cool. Who do you think reviews, hires,and fires the manager? There is zero chance the council member could manage that conflict.

  18. Hate to burst your bubble re: the Brown Act. Granted, I'm no lawyer, but it looks like there's a snowball's chance in hell that this would-be romantic duo has violated the Brown Act. I just looked it up on-line. This act protects the public against secret meetings attended by the majority of the board and against secret communications between the majority of the board. This would-be romantic duo hardly constitutes a quorum. I thought we might be able to bust them under a Brown Act section called "Serial Meetings," but alas, my efforts failed: It seems that a serial meeting occurs only when communication between two board members is used to eventually engage a majority of the board. Unfortunately this does not seem to be the case....Well, I've spent way too much time on yet another political "novela" hopefully, so you won't have to. Let's stop wasting so much time, energy on this garbage...Our district is a mess, our state--heck our country--is falling apart economically and investing time and energy in a supposed extramarital affair between to locally elected officials is hardly what will move us forward. Let's invest our time on the real issues and leave the "novelas" to the "comadres."

  19. The Hayward area is sick. These two are on the school board and this goes on. How can any community tolerate anything like this. Immoral and too much conflict of interest to decide for voting. Why don't they disclose to the community what they are doing so to community has the opportunity to know if they still want sleezebags like these two. Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia are immoral, and sleeze.

  20. In 2011 a former Hayward principal walked away with over $10,000 of school funds raised by parents and students from one of the poorest economic areas in Hayward. She was not held accountable and nether will these 2.

  21. no brown act violation involved-tony santos

  22. No Brown Act violation is being alleged as of yet. In addition, any opposition to the Jones/May affair being reported probably receives mail with those two surnames.

  23. Laws weren't broken....

    Are you people reading this correctly?

    This affects our kids in EVERY WAY. Mistress Heredia admitted that she was voting on measures without reading packets or checking facts. How many programs and measures were our children forced to lose because she isn't fulfilling her job...

    This IS NEWS!

    I don't care anything about the affair, but if you just blindly vote, JUST BECAUSE and get paid for it... GET OUT!!!!

    Tavares, we THANK YOU... for doing what Eric Kurhi couldn't do: bring the truth to the light!

  24. Who was the principal and what did they do with the $10k?

  25. I saw the meeting on Channel 15,but as usual Luis Reynoso is the only one willing to take on this crap. But he needs help. The other board members of Lisa Brunner and Will McGee are useless.

    We need to recall the whole board like Reynoso recommends. Yes if I heard him right Reynoso even volunteered to be recalled too if that will help.

    Good reporting Tavares. This is better than watching a movie. Reynoso just outshines his fellow board members he must be frustrated to no end when dealing with those kind of people. He should run for mayor of Hayward.

    1. It is better than a movie. You can't make these things up. "Corruption on Amador Street" would make a riveting film.

  26. Kudos, Steven. Are you the same Steven Tavares who attended Sunset High School?

  27. By MW:

    Since most politicians are in love with themselves, and John Edwards was one of the more extreme examples, therefore any politician who also gets romantically involved with another person should be charged with bigamy.

  28. Yawwwwwwn. Wake me when this is through.

  29. So, this is the enlightened citizenry of my beloved Hayward in action, discussing the pressing issues of the day: Jobs? Crime? Infrastructure? Poverty? Nope: Sex! Ahhh, of course: were the panties really crotchless? Hmmm. Were they also thongs? Were they lace? Crotchless lace thongs? That's preposterous! Not in Hayward! I demand a special board meeting!

  30. If I were a parent of HUSD schools I surely would be raising holy hell at what has been going on for several years. This is just one of the many scandals that the public is aware of and there are many more to be disclosed.

  31. Hello Mr Tavares. Thank you for your work on behalf of the community. Your thoughts and comments are usually right on the money, but I'm concerned about this current story. You point out that these two board members may be in violation of the Brown Act and the state's Sunshine Laws, but you do not offer specific evidence to support your argument. These violations are serious. I browsed both the Act the the Sunshine Laws and I couldn't find anything there to make a big deal about...of course I did not do an in-depth reading (they're kinda boring to read). Please provide us--the readers--with the sections of these laws that you feel may have been violated. If you fail to do so, then, I'm afraid your comments will be reduced to nothing more than shameful tabloid material....and--based on your past work-- I know you can do much better than this.

  32. Crap is right those board meeting are a crack up. There is only one guy in there that knows his shit. that Reynoso is something else he should be mayor you are right.

  33. For those of you who are questioning violations of the Brown Act, let me try to explain what may and probably has happened. If during one of their times together Armas and Heridia discuss an item relating to HUSD, be it an agenda item; a possible agenda item; an employee concern; a parent concern;etc and then unbeknownst to one or the other contact is made by one of them with another board member and that subject is discussed the Brown Act has been violated. Three members, a majority, have now discussed the issue outside of a board meeting and that is considered a serial meeting.

    I do not believe that Mr. Tavares implied that there was anything intentional or nefarious in these possible violations...he was simply stating how easy it would be to have it happen when two board members have more than just a working relationship.

    I hope that this helps you all to understand.

  34. I would not have my children attending Hayward schools with this current board. Is Reynoso writing any of these articles or comments? Sure seems like it. "He is the only one on the board should stay." Yea right. he is just ad much a crackpot armas and heredia are. 3 seats up, 3 New members needed.

  35. for 12:07 Yep blame Reynoso like blaming Tavares...someone has to spill the beans. Blame the one that spills the beans. If Reynoso does not bring this out on the board to the TV so we can see it who will? I have been watching him for a while and he is no crackpot. He is very smart and eloquent he did good tonight like always.

    I don't think Reynoso is running again see his website www.luisreynoso.com It sounds like a farewell speech. Finally we get someone good then they leave.

    His comments for an investigation are a good idea to look into Jeus Armas and Maribel Heredia. They are just like Anna May and Greg Jones just as sleazy.

  36. It is about time an individual got bold enough to bring this horrible issue to light. What will be the breaking point of Hayward parents? The district and the board needs to stop disrespecting the families of Hayward and start showing us that the students are the focus. It's unfortunate that not even the children of Armas and Heredia were respected. I feel for their families. we do not need people like that on our school board.

  37. Tavares good tip on this meeting for the Hayward school board. These are better than the Hayward city council.

    Oh my god I just lost my eyesight by trying to imagine Maribele Heredia with Jesus Armas and those crotch-less panties. Ugh..it burns..it burns I tell you. Now I can't get that that sight out of my head. Time to call Greg Jones and Ana May for advice.

    I heard Jesus Armas saying "It is important to focus on the children."

    I am having to keep on reading this because it is so sad for all of Hayward schools and sad for the families of these two sleazy bags.

    "It is important to focus on the children." my ass, Jesus Armas and your mistress Maribele Heredia you people are sick puppies. Your actions tell us that it is all about your "love" for each other.

  38. It's high time someone pulled the curtain on the shianigans the HUSD Board has been up to. It's been going on for years. Inappropriate behavior, stepping way over the line in terms of micromanaging the District, and getting directly involved in issues like choosing which principals should be retained and which should be dismissed. So very inappropriate - not the job of the School Board. Jesus Armas is a prime example. He is a slimey little worm who is as corrupt as the day is long. One of many examples - voting to approve a motion to provide large retirement-like bonuses to administrators leaving the District. Just so happens his wife, then an HUSD administrator, benefits from this very generous package (in the tens of thousands of dollars!) so she can bail on HUSD to take an administrative position (Dir. of ELL Services)in Mt. Diablo Unified. As ex-City Manager knows about conflict of interest but chose to ignore it rather than recusing himself from the vote. Oh, and the reference to the principal who was allowed to walk after abscondeding with $10 K from the PTA and without charges being theft? Surprise, surprise- she is a friend of the Jesus & his wife. She was in town recently and Armas' wife sent out an email to administrators inviting them to Happy Hour since their "old friend" was in town. Pitiful. Just pitiful.

  39. Hayward school are pitiful with this current board. Armas was first appointed right? Him and Heredia should resign. they are no good. heredia is dumb as a door knob. her comments are at board meetings are a waste of time.Armas is the Superintendent. this board does not focus on students. I feel sorry for the students in Hayward.

  40. Anna May is a sleeze bag. I use to get the emails from her. She would refer to people picking through trash to get recyclables from her neighborhood as scavengers. I wonder what they would refer to her as. oh, no need to wonder, sleeze bag.

  41. Im appauled that the reporter failed to pay any attention to detail when it came to the size of these crothless panties!!
    It should be public information. WE THE PEOPLE deserve to know these things!

  42. If Ms Heredia and Mr Armas are guilty of engaging in an extramarital affair, then I suggest that the their respective families deal with these bedroom issues and let us--the public--deal with boardroom issues. These sexual "sins" are private affairs not public. If these private affairs lead to criminal wrong-doing, like violations of the Brown Act or Sunshine Laws, then let's investigate this by sticking with the relevant facts and not by focusing on the details of their dating or mating practices--which quite frankly "I don't give a damn" about.

  43. I hope the door hits Reynoso on the booty on his way out this November. What are Heredia's qualifications? Substitute teaching?

  44. to commentor at 11:19am

    Why are you angry at Reynoso? It seems to me that he is the only one who is dedicated to the job he was elected to.

  45. That's right 5:41 just deny or minimize the issue. You are part of the problem. The behaviors exhibited by these community leaders is not ok. Their positions require a higher standard. There are probably some personal agendas on the part of some of these posters but I assure you I don't. I care about the decline of the morals and values I believe are important to our civilization. If you have no respect for your position as a community leader then resign. Then you can live whatever kind of like that pleases you. My prayers go out to the children impacted by decisions of these involved adults. My opinion, thank you.

  46. I am reposting putting my message here to because I want everybody to see it.--

    That Luis Reynoso on the board is going to pay for reading this article in the school board. Reynoso has himself embarrassed the school board. Let's get him out since he read the gossip from Steven Tavares article. When he read that garbage propaganda from Tavares that was not in the board agenda to read.

    Lisa Brunner on the board has the right idea when she said that this is a personal thing. Reynoso get a clue and listen to the your vice-president Lisa. If two adults have a relationship it has nothing to do with the school board business.

    Reynoso is the one that is an embarrassment in the community by not being intelligent like Lisa to understand what a board memer is supposed to do.

    Lisa knows that this is just an attack based on lies on good people like Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia. Everybody knows that Jesus and Maribele have given so much.

    Lisa Brunner is the voice of reason and intelligence on the board she is the one that does not waste time by asking questions and keeping the meeting go sooooo soooo long. Let's get Reynoso out.

  47. 4:45 if you accept this behavior your a pathetic part of the problem.

  48. Public Officials are paid from my tax dollar. Public means public. There is no privacy for those elected into public offices. It is the name of the game. Stop suggesting that the affair between Armas and Heredia is private. There is not such thing. My tax dollars pay their salary. Let's not forget the issue of pillow talk and the Brown Act. When you talk with one, you are really talking to both. Therefore, any discussion with any other board member is in violation of the Brown Act. This act has now been violated for over a year. They both need to resign NOW!!!

  49. Hey 4:45, get a clue. If you don't think 2 people having an affair on the same board is a problem, then maybe we as a community are not fit to be defended in the first place.

    Looks like the only person who remembered the community is, as usual, Reynoso. It's time to get real people, and recognize this Armas/Heredia thing as a serious concern.

    While Reynoso and other concerned members of the community are trying to fix things, we've got board members thinking about crotchless panties instead of how to get schools on the right track.

    Time to wake up.

  50. I agree!!!!!!!!!!

  51. I don't know why some people are stating that in reference to Greg Jones and Anna May no one was married. I don't know where you get your information but Anna is his third wife and he was cheating on wife #2 Betty Jones with Anna May. Anna was his boss and it was inappropriate and they both lied about it repeatedly. I think elected officials and certainly a City Manager should have integrity and clearly neither one had that along with any morals. He is such a nerdy looking wimpy geek. They deserve each other.

  52. O.K. 8:18am post, please give the name of the principal. You are so right on the fact that it is about time all is revealed. It is sad how we have gotten used to putting shutters over our eyes and ignoring how HUSD is a pit stop for individuals to steal money from our kids and move on!

  53. I believe when Armas helped pass the bond for measure (I) I think he was focused on what was best for hayward community.I cant believe that he has not put the next bond back on the ballot.Not only does it help out the local construction economy (union workers), but it helps make Hayward move in the right direction when it comes to property assessment, new young families moving into Hayward for schools,and finally keeping this community together so that one day we can call HAYWARD one of the best areas to live in the bay area.With new schools motivates the rest to take care of their own. Thank you and this comes from a Hayward grown home owner.

  54. OK since the dirty laundy is becoming public lets hit it head on. Heredia voted with McGee and Reynoso to have George Bullis fired. Shortly after Heredia changed her vote. Siding with Armas and therefore allowing George Bullis to keep his job! Really? Hayward High deserves to have a principal with morals values and integrity. Not one with an ego and who thinks that the title "principal" gives him the right to tell teachers they are in the wrong profession~ HHS needs a principal who will stand up to bulling not be a bully!! Make her resinded vote ~ null and vote and get rid of George Bullis!

  55. Thank you for posting the subject of HHS. too many are standing by and doing nothing about HHS. Mr. Bullis has allowed too much to be swept under the rug and this needs to stop!

  56. Its about time someone brought up a school. I have emailed the board and spoke to Ms. Heredia personalaly about Hayward High School. She has a strong bond with some of the parents there and I have now come to realize why things have been swept under the rug. Vamonos Gente, tomen su lugar y hagan algo para mejorar nuestra escuela! Adios con Bullis! We want to make our voices heard~ come to a show of support to get Mr. Bullis out of Hayward High~Juntos somos poderosos! NOW is the time! He was fired once by the board, then Heredia changed her vote and Bullis is back in the drivers seat. Well thats wrong! Show your support to get Bullis out NOW!! Meet at Bret Hart field Wed Aug 23rd to pick up flier and picket signs! Out with Bullis~give us a real PRINCIPAL!!!

  57. Steve Tavares I think you are liable because your reporting of the affair is causing physical harm and mental illness to your readers.

    You already have one reader at went blind when they read your report and started to imagine jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia in crotchless panties. For me I am scheduled to go get therapy after imagining Maribel Heredia and Jesus armas together with those same crotcheless panties. My psychologist will charge me $120 per hour. Damn you Tavares you should have put a warning label on this blog. I think I will also call Anna May and Greg Jones for help too.

    Tavares btw I want to know if Maribel's crotchless panties are biger or smaller than Jesus wife. But wait you better not tell me until I get a clean bill of health from my psychologist.

  58. I'm so glad someone has mentioned the second bond. It is so important and the high schools are in desperate need of better facilities and technology, yet our board members have not approved it. Why?? They need to meet by Aug. 10th so that it will be on the Nov. ballot. Please let them know that the Hayward community wants this.

  59. The students and employees of HUSD have been exposed to enough of this miserable tale. It's not bad enough that HUSD is already looked down upon for its low performing schools? How do any of us, more importantly, how do Armas and Heredia think that our students and faculty will be able to handle this constant slamming because they couldn't be responsible adults?


  60. It would be great if the community organized and came together to demand the resignation of these two, better facilities for the students, and a working district and board who are truly working for the best of our students.

  61. Class??? From Jesus Armpits and Maribele Hardon are you kidding?

    Maribel Heredia and Jesus Armas are not going anywhere they made that clear by not even denying the affair.

    Anyone that will behave that way as a board member tells all of us that they have no class. But again they are not going away because Lisa Dummer Brunner and Nilly Willy MCgee did nothing to support Mr. Reynoso for any kind of board action. Yep I was there.

    I am going to agree with Mr. Reynoso and lets get all of them off the board and including Mr. Reynoso because I think what he was saying is that we need a whole new board and we are not going to get rid of anyone unless we get rid of all.

    Now that suggestion is class someone that is willing to sacrifice himself to save the integrity of the board when others do nothing.

  62. Heredia cut a deal with the teachers' union, rescinded her vote and Bullis was reinstated to his position as pricipal of HHS. In return, Heredia was guaranteed that the teachers' union would support her re-election. Souls are bought and sold in HUSD. Great example for our youth???

  63. Given the intimate nature of location information, the government should have to obtain a warrant based upon probable cause to track cell phones. That is what is necessary to protect Americans' privacy, and it is also what is required under the constitution. But is that what the police do? The answer is it depends. Law enforcement agencies' tracking policies are in a state of chaos, with different towns following different rules — or in some cases, having no rules at all

  64. Cell Phones issued by the HUSD can and will be monitored. This also goes for any and all computer's owned by the district. If these two used their personal phones it is still easily accessed for information by those with any 'hacking' skills.

  65. The school board has been nothing but bad news over the last few years. The kids are not what's important to them, they have made that very loud and clear by their actions. The cuts that they have made affect not just our children but teachers and school staff. Our community is suffering and people like this make it even worse.

    The actions of Heridia and Armas are disgusting to say the least. They are hypocrites in claiming to do what they do for the kids. Makes one wonder who's kids they refer to in saying that?

    When a person holds a position in a public office nothing is ever private. Public officials need to lead by example. Just because you are in a position of authority it does not guarantee you respect. Your actions are what earn you respect.

    For those that say that the affair between these two adults is a private matter, then you are morally corrupt yourself. There is a whole community affected by this "relationship". If their judgement was clouded when they entered this "relationship", then they have very poor judgement and should not be on the board.
    No one is perfect but when it comes to personal matters affecting our community, our children' education and future then be ready not just to be judged, but to pay for what you have done.

    It's up to the community to get them out, and as member of the community that they "serve" I will make sure to do my part to get them out. Our children have suffered enough at the hands of those that claim to do what they do in their best interest. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! Time for our community to organize and come together for the good of what matters the most our Children.

    I am not afraid to speak out and am posting my name and email. If you would like to join me in fighting the good fight please reach out to me.
    If anyone feels the need to contact to make negative comments, please do so, just make sure you make it clear who you are and don't hide behind your monitor.

    See you all on the front line of this horrible battle of what is true & just!!

    Nancy T

  66. I have hesitated to use my name because on another blog I was attacked by one of Mr. Armas' supporters, who felt it was fair game to tell what he thought he knew about myself and my family. He went so far as to post where I lived. It was a horrible situation and one that I must admit I felt compelled to respond to. Cyber bullying at its finest and no where for me to get relief.

    I raised issues about Heredia long before this "relationship" came to light. Calling into question her role as a plaintiff against HUSD while she was a member of the board. She did not feel it was necessary to pull her name from the case and did not see any conflict of interest.

    I raised issues about the appointment of Mr. Armas and about many of his votes which were a definite conflict of interest and was attacked.

    So to print my name on this site is a very frightening thing for me to consider.

    I will support any and all efforts to get rid of these selfish, ignorant, hurtful people.

  67. 6:24

    I am worked up because what happened with Anna and Greg was not illeagal, not un-ethical and didn't cross any lines. Tavares is just a smut reporter looking to write about something, no one takes him seriously in the community, nor the EB Citizen.

    Greg and Anna did nothing wrong, their work was not effected and Tavares wants to sensationalize something that isn't and dosn't need to be.

    I guess Greg and Anna we so offenceive that's why Greg won overwhelimngly last month.

    People,read real news and stop giving Tavares an audience.

    In this case, Aramas is married, and Heredia was engaged, they violated the Brown act, and who knows how many times they talked about board issues.

    Leave Greg and Anna alone, and report on this WITHOUT smearing great people like Greg and Anna.

    Go find a real story like the crime in Hayward, or how bad the schools are does this effect it?

    Report on that Tavares. Leave Greg and Anna alone if you can, you seem to be so heart on for them.

    Aramas and Heredia need to resign.

  68. This person calling me a smut reporter has to be Anna May because nobody, absolutely nobody says she's great or was a good council person. Ridiculous! In fact, all I ever saw her do at City Hall was yawn and stare at the ceiling and then attempt to form a slate for the school board with Armas and Greg Jones.

  69. LOL...Isn't it amazing how those who get caught with their preverbial "pants down" alsways have to attack the messenger, either doing it themselves or finding some poor soul to do their dirty work for them?

  70. posting above 10;22 is so right on.
    Very soon all filthy corrupt people in Hayward will be attacking reporter Tavares and board person Reynoso that gets me pissed.
    I watched the whole board meeting and even saw Tavares there. I had no idea the school board was so bad. That Luis Reynoso is one ballsy sharp cookie and I am dumbfounded why he gets no support to deal with this problem because what Will McGee did by saying nothing and Lisa Bruner by saying is"that is Personal" says how corrupt and cowardly that board is.
    I like the part where Reynoso said he did not want to become a dentist because then he be pulling teeth all day long and he feels like a dentist doing business on the school board. Funny as hell. I never heard anyone ask for a contract on a contigency basis in governemnt if the services are so guarenteed and I know that went by alot people but not by me and that was when an atendance technology program was being purchased. i dont think anyone on that board has the business background or education background like Reynoso.

    So I just want to thank reporter Mr. Tavares for being so brave and reporting on this story and for Mr. Reynoso for his bravery to read the story into the minutes and ask for investigation.

  71. Hey Tavares,keep your work out there. It's bringing the silent majority out of their slumber. The local power brokers will start to feel the heat and have to speak openly of this kind of stuff. As an example, did Hayward's Mayor or any of the Hayward City Council say or do anything about the former City Manager and Council Woman's inappropriate affair? No. Have they said anything about the thief Assemblywoman that is now running for Board of Supervisor? No. And, did they even mention any concern about Nadia's meltdown and how that might affect her ability to adequately represent the people in Hayward and District 2. Hell NO! They are either cowards, think that kind of behavior is ok,or are too involved and connected to the Demo politics to speak their minds. I am disgusted with all of them.

  72. I just check the Registrar of Voter's site. It's dated July 28, 2012 and Armas' name is still there.

  73. to 12:03
    Do you honesly think that Armas, the ego maniac he is, would ever consider not running for re-election? This man does not think he has anything to worry about, because the people that vote in Hayward are in his pocket and in the pockets of the "silent" elected officials of this fair city.

  74. "Heredia cut a deal with the teacher's union"? Is this a joke? It must be. Either that, or the individual that posted this is incredibly out of touch with reality. Maribel Heredia has been actively working against teachers for many years, even before she was elected to the board. I challenge you to speak to some actual teachers about Ms. Heredia. Once you do, you will realize how absurd your assertions truly are. Maribel is no friend to the teachers. Check your facts before accusing anyone of collusion. There is a democratic process by which endorsements are decided upon and made. I hate to burst your "smoky backroom" bubble, but it's not nearly as clandestine as you would like to believe.

    1. A teacher from Hayward High who wants the principal to stay has been running around telling everyone to support Heredia since she brought him back? promising union support?

  75. Hello 2:03, I am a teacher at a school close to HEA and the times when I had visited the union office I saw Lisa Brunner there talking to HEA officials. So there is a bit of credence on the claims of whether Heredia was promised incentives for her vote to bring Bullis back to Hayward High. It might be that Lisa facilitated the arrangements to reciprocate with Maribel.

    If you do not already know my teachers union is contacted constantly by Lisa Brunner. I have always questioned that arrangement of board members coming often to HEA. Corruption might be there as the specter is raised, let's hope it is not.

    Tavares thank you so much for exposing these two in their affair and thank you for Board member Dr.Reynoso to have the guts to expose these people in the meeting.

    Dr. Reynoso is right as he states the votes are not representing an independent board free of collusion!! Dr Reynoso, if you read this blog, you may not be aware that plenty of us teachers admire you and we are thankful for always trying to save those non-reelects. You understand education very well as you question how unfair politics can play in our evaluations. We do notice. Thank you for your work on the board.

  76. hey 12:23 you are right this Jesus man is known by all politicians in Alameda county everywhere because he is doing deals for the same developers in business and the school district. His office is above the Hayward Chamber of commerce he gets to meet the big wigs in business that know the politicians. In the district office he is always there trying to get his buddies to get contracts with the school district. That is why the political leaders will be silent. Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia will stay.

  77. Where is Greg Jones and Ana May to help out right now to boot out Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia?
    All those campaign promises to help the city and school. Where are they now?

  78. Are you kidding that would only happen if the pot is blacker than the kettle.

    But actually what Greg Jones and Anna May did does not compare to what Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia have done and continue to do. Conflict of interest in Voting. Greg and Ana did resign and married afterwards.

    So, if Greg Jones comes and helps against Jesus that will be very brave, but he is really more of a wimpy geeky nerdy type that will never do anything like that and Ana May is worse than Maribel. At least Maribel speaks coherently stupid while Ana May just looks bored and stupid and can't speak,

  79. Seriously you don't believe that the union negotiate to bring Bullis back with the retraction of reinstating Bullis? Helllllloooo who is the biggest mouth of the teachers union Mary Walsh ask anyone at Hayward High she flippen runs that school, really come on get your heads out of the ground! Mary Walsh has her hand up George Bullis' ass and puppets his every move. So there is no doubt that she came into agreement with Heredia to re-instate Bullis- geez the bitch would be run out of town if she did not have Bullis to push around. Problem solved by booting Bullis, then lets see what Walsh will do. Give the new principal the ability to come and clean that school up - give Walsh a cork to shut her up - and then maybe then will Hayward High be a decent school.

  80. Pleae Please Please send all this information to the CTC, have Walsh and Bullis' credentials pulled for bribing a school board official to retract her vote.
    There is proof - lots of it!! Just ask the teachers of Hayward High School who have filied complaints and concerns to Armas and Heredia about the lack of leadership-there is a trail of emails-Taveras do some investigating and you will find them. You'll blow this whole thing out of the water.

  81. Ugh the above posting makes me even more upset. We need to get Maribel Heredia out and Jesus Armas out NOW! Those sleaze bags have no remorse for the damage they are doing to the district.

    Mary Walrus causes retinal pain just to look at her and leaves a buzzing sound in my ears after she speaks in grunts and snores in those school board meetings. I have been at Hayward High for only a few years and I wish she would just shut up in those school board meetings. She does not represent me as a teacher.

    I want to know more how it was possible that the Bullis rehiring happen. Was Maribel Hardon really bribed by the union? What was the role of Mary Walrus, Lisa Dubmer and Jesus Armpits in all of this and What really happened?

    In the link below is what Mary Walrus looks like and sounds like. Warning cover your eyes and ears.


  82. 12:58 if there is proof in emails why don't you have people give those emails to reporter Tavares. I am so shocked how deep this shit is.
    These two sleaze bags in the school board need to go I agree even that Mary Walrus needs to go too. that video link in 1:30 is hell funny.

  83. Steve- keep printing the truth about all of these hyprocrites especially Greg Jones and Anna May. He is such a joke. Forner City Mgr made sure he got out of Concord. He left Chico because he is such a nerd and wimp, the other Dept Heads wouldn't listen to him when he told them anything. He lands in Hayward and still can't keep tiny little Jones in his pants and cheats on wife #3 with future wife #3. He resigned in lieu of being fired. He probably only married Anna because he had no job and couldn't collect his PERS retirement because he wasn't old enough at the time and probably still owes alimony to wife #2.

  84. Every person involved with making the decisions for the HUSD are only concearned with how much money they can steal from Hayward students, how many friends they can hire to steal from Hayward students, where they can go once they have had their fill, and their highest year paid.

  85. Who is the principal that owes Hayward students $10,000?

  86. 8:51 AM

    You are the sleeze bag. Anna May is a great women as is Greg. Why don't you get to know people before you judge them and that prooves you are sleeze.

  87. Tavares,

    This isn't Anna May. She won't diginfy you with a responce, I however will.

    You are a smut reporter and need to learn what news is. You are not a real reporter, you don't write about anything worth reporting. No one takes you seriously, no thinks you are real, and the EB citizen is a joke.

    Repoting on Greg and Anna when they are great people and great leaders and Greg's overwhelming victory proves that.

    I am the same guy that has been telling you to be a real reporter or stick to something you know like under water bascket weaving. So please do.

    1. Get them all out maribel is a smut pig. Jesus is a yellow belly blue smurf.pack your bags and go. and do us a favor and take Lisa with u.

  88. Why we have to keep on bashing Greg Jones and Ana May when what they did is not the same as what Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia have done and continue to do???? Did Armas and Herdeia resign? No. Did Armas and Heredia get marry? No.

    Armas and Heredia are in a position to continue to create even more damage. I have to hand it to Mr. Reynoso for warning us about Armas and the corruption of his appointment and how Armas hired his family and friends for so long but the community never was in a mood for listening.

    We would rather get along with a school board that rubber stamps everything and where everyone looks pretty smiling casting the 5-0 vote and not asking questions of a staff that does not want to answer them anyway. There you have it.

    Greg Jones and Anna May are not the problem at the hayward school board. It is Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia. Come on people.

    We need to get Armas and Heredia out NOW and maybe Lisa Brunner too for not saying anything about all of this. Come on people wake up.

  89. The league of losers.

    Anna May, Greg Jones, Lisa Brunner, Maribel Heredia, Jesus Armas, Mary Hayashi, and Nadia Lockyer

    Can you trust these people with your family, schools, home, jobs, finances?

    If not then why don't we get them out of our politics. Nadia is out so who is next? All are of poor character, sleazy, dumb as door knobs, corrupt and very weak. Hayward On!

  90. Well said 12:03! League of losers is right!

    As you say, we can't trust these people with anything. The sleazy, weak character of these board members is deplorable.

    It's like watching a bad movie except it's real life.

  91. Unbelievable that Armas and Heredia do not realize that their actions affect Hayward schools and children. Whatever happened to serving as a role model?? Seriously.

    Fortunately, we have Reynoso who speaks up. Everyone else gets lost in empty rhetoric and lip service.

  92. What's next in this circus act???

    I think we've just about seen it all. At least I hope we have, because it is hard to imagine anything worse than this from two board members.

    I just want to put paper bags on their heads when those two talk, too.

  93. "I, fortunately, have many trusted and valued friends. Some of which are valued and trusted members of our educational community, the extent of those friendships are not known to anyone.” (Heredia response comments quoted from article above.) So, if not the teachers union, then who else? Come on. Get real. There is collusion here. I can speak from many years of experience with that group. Maribel Hardon has to go as well as Jesus Armpits!!! We need to clean up the school board, so that our schools can also be cleaned up.

  94. Not only do I think Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia should be run off the school board, they should both be run out of town. So long scumbags!

  95. You can start an email petition to get these guys out of office. It's simple and only takes a few minutes. The e-petitions are highly effective. Just go to change.org or moveon.org.

  96. Anyone who knows about a relationship that exists that impacts the services to people in our county should email Tavares and let him know. This is the only way that we can root out the politicians who are serving up favors for their main squeeze or family. There are certainly more of these kinds of conflict relationships out there. Let's tackle these and show the politicians that they have to have ethics or we will kick them out of office.

  97. Not what one would expect from board members if it is true.

  98. Someone please help us. We're in hell.

  99. I am so sick of these two ugly clowns of Maribele Heredia and Jesus Armas and Lisa Brunner too. When you are doing wrong and people don't help then they are a problem too. Lisa Dumber is a fiting name when she is so stupid that she thinks the affair is only personal. All 3 of you need to go you are a sad sick story.

  100. We need to get Maribel Heredia and Jesus Armas out through citizenry complaining to the grand jury. WE need to complain often to the grand jury to do something fast. Our district attorney in Alameda county and the grand jury needs to do something.

    It is the relationship in board members that matter! We do not really care about their private lives! If each want to date multiple partners while they are married it is their personal problem.

    It is members in the same school board having a dating relationship that is the problem and these 2 along with Lisa Bruner are too stupid to understand.

    Let's throw the bums out. Complain to the grand jury at the link. it is easy to do and it is protected by privacy your name will not be disclosed.

    This is a huge conflict of interest becasue now we have to be suspicious on every vote that was taken for action on the board. Cause the vote might be for student disipline, hiring people, firing people, spending money, you name it.

    Lisa Dumber and Maribele Hardon and Jesus Armpits you are stupid sleazes


  101. the grand jury for alameda county district attorney is


  102. Remove Greg and Anna and you have thecorrect list of leauge of looser. If Greg is such a looser, then why did he win so big?

  103. mheredia@husd.k12.ca.us





  104. Prove to us Greg Jones and Ana May that you are worthy to be leaders in the community.

    Be brave and help us out with Maribel Herdia and Jesus Armas or are you just as dumb as Lisa Bruner or stupid and sleazy like Armas and Heredia.

    Help us our of hell and clear your name.

    Set an example of politicians with a conscious. Prove that you are different from these two super ugly latino Oompa-Loompas or do you think like Lisa Dumber that it is all personal?

  105. Help we have fallen and we can't get up.

  106. For the millionth time, this isn't either one of them. This is someone that knows them very well, and knows the smut Tavares puts on here about them is COMPLETLY untrue. Greg gave us the Gang injunction, a balanced budget, the down town beautification project, and many other things with the help of Anna.

    If you want to talk about real low lifes like Aramas and Heredia then fine, I know Aramas, he was a horrible City Manager. But leave two great people alone that have delivered amazing things to our city. Lets stop talking about them because I would love to weigh in on this article. Call me ME Grad.

  107. If this story is true, then it proves why HUSD is in such a sad state, vote them all out.

    ME Grad.

  108. ME Grad sounds like Anna May. Is that the only thing she can do is maybe graduate from Mount Eden?

    Anna May and Greg Jones are awful too both are sleaze bags that set the bar on how to behave. Now Maribel Heredia and Jesus Arms are the same as Greg Jones and Anna May.

    You are right let's get Greg Jones, Anna May, Maribel Heredia, Jesus Armas OUT OF Hayward

  109. wow 116 comments plus of testimony of enduring hell in Hayward. I agree with 12:13 Greg Jones and Anna May get your stooges out Jesus Armpits, Maribel Hardon and Lisa Dumber.

    If any of you are looking for city council help you let me remind you that they did nothing in the Anna May Greg Jones Sleazy afair so dont expect any help from them on anything and that includes Mayor Sweeney and the lucha libre duo Zermeno and Salinas... they are all wimps.

  110. WARNING!!!

    To all parents of students who may be enrolled in a math class taught by Mary Walrus-Walsh: No student may be required to purchase any supplies for this class, including specialized calculators or other instruments, for classroom work or homework. It is a violation of California Education Codes to require students to purchase any supplies to complete assignments.

  111. Perhaps they were district issued cell phones? In that case, the District has all rights to phone use including messages.

  112. I saw Mary Walsh at some school board meetings. She is ghetto I would hate to be in her classes. Here in Moreau we will never tolerate a teacher behaving like that in public.

    I love Moreau High School, but Jesus Armas is on the board too here too for us. Get that ugly mouse away from us.
    See for yourself look link

  113. wow on 8:22
    I followed the link and is true Jesus Armas is on board of Moreau. Does he know of philosophy of Moreau. Got it from their website.


    Here it is all of it
    "The fulfillment of our mission as Holy Cross educators is facilitated through the partnership between the family and school community. The knowledge, skills, and values taught to and embraced by our students help them shape their future and the world."

    I don't think Jesus Armas or Maribel Heredia fit any of this philosophy.

  114. How does the "values taught to and embraced by our students" fit in with crotch-less panties with Jesus Armpits at Moreau High? Does Maribele Hardon have those same values? These 2 ugly dumb knobs are hilarious. Lisa Dubmer too is in on this.

  115. I wish the two of them would resign, especially if Heredia was being influenced on how to vote. But she does have two young children who may be reading these comments and don't need to be seeing any more references to crotchless panties or how that vision is affecting anyone's eyesight. And why does Lisa Brunner deserve to be called Lisa Dummer? Let's stop the name calling and focus on fixing our district.

  116. Food for thought regarding Armas and his being on the board at Moreau. Forget the sleezy affair and how it seems to be at cross paths with the teachings of Moreau.

    What about the fact that he sits on a board of a school that takes students who would be a part of HUSD, thus costing the district money in ADA funds. It is one thing to privately support a local institution, but it is another to support the loss of ADA funding to a district where he was elected to the Board of Education. I don't imagine that it is a "legal" problem for him but it sure seems like an ethical conflict. But then, so far Armas doesn't seem to be concerned about ethical behavior.

  117. Hmmmm I wonder if Maribelle should be worried that Mr. Armas has a "board bunny" on the Moreau High School Board? She may have some competition.

  118. to 9:33 the name calling is a way for these 2 dumb and stupid sleazy bags Maribel Heredia and Jesus Armas to undestand the seriousness of their actions. Lisa Bruner to be called Lisa Dubmer is also for turning the other way and not ssying anything about this. Mr. McGee he stayed quiet but quicly saw that he needed to say some thing and he did at end of meeting with the reporter.

    Until Lisa Dubmer sees the light and Maribel Hardon and Jesus Armpits resign then they are open to be ridiculed and critized. If Lisa Dubmer had not made Jesus Armpits president I dont think we have this going on now. Power corrupts the little people.

    We should recall Lisa Bruner and vote out Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia.

    I know all these 3 people people have kids and spouses and personal friends and I know most people know them by name and I am thankful that not one person in these 100+ coments have mention the kids names or their aquaintances and spouses.

    Give credit to people that coment here we have some class not like these sleazys of Maribel Hardon, Jesus armpits, and Lisa Dumbmer. so there.

  119. Mr. Supermachismo city council Mark Salinas and Francisco Zermeno, the ones complaining on how government is corrupt towards Latinos and how to be culturally sensitive.

    Where are all the super Latino Leaders to get us out of Hell from Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia at the Hayward school board?

    Does Mark Salinas and Francisco Zermeno benefit from the Hayward School district at all for any thing that they are doing in the district?

  120. Salinas's wife works for HUSD. I think her name is Lettie. I think they are also personal friends with Armas and his poor wife.

  121. I feel sorry for the kids of Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia. These idiots Jesus and Maribel need to resign yesterday. Spare your kids and our kids from all this hell of nightmare you got us into if you have any decency left. Armas and Maribel you need to pack it up for the sake of your spouses, children, and your friends.

  122. Here are the emails for Moreau High School staff part one of three.

    Ok kiddies you know what to do. Send them the link to the articles and tell them how you feel. Good job on spreading this people of ebcitizen. The world must know that we are in hell.

    Tell the staff of Moreau to read what their illustrious Jesus Armas does in the Hayward school Board. It might be ok in HUSD but maybe not in Moreau High School Board.

    admissions@moreaucatholic.org, talcott@moreaucatholic.org, alumni@moreaucatholic.org, aarmstrong@moreaucatholic.org, aarriaga@moreaucatholic.org, aayala@moreaucatholic.org, dbaptist@moreaucatholic.org, sbarton@moreaucatholic.org, mbender@moreaucatholic.org, pbevilacqua@moreaucatholic.org, tbonoan@moreaucatholic.org, jborderere@moreaucatholic.org, dboswell@moreaucatholic.org, kcapurro@moreaucatholic.org, bcecil@moreaucatholic.org, hchen@moreaucatholic.org, jchrisman@moreaucatholic.org, ncornell@moreaucatholic.org, lcortez@moreaucatholic.org, acotter@moreaucatholic.org, moreaucatholic.org/counseling, bdebrauwere@moreaucatholic.org, cmayo@moreaucatholic.org, ddefrance@moreaucatholic.org, ademmel@moreaucatholic.org, tdoty@moreaucatholic.org, ifarr@moreaucatholic.org, afarsheed@moreaucatholic.org, jaimefernandez@moreaucatholic.org, sferreira@moreaucatholic.org, lflores@moreaucatholic.org, cgalloway@moreaucatholic.org, rgatrell@moreaucatholic.org, dgarl@moreaucatholic.org,

  123. We are in hell!
    Part 2 of 3 for emails of Moreau HS for staff.
    Just copy and paste the email addresses and send your message and links of ebaycitzen. Jesus Armas is on the Moreau HS board!!
    They must know who they have on the board.

    sgeiger@moreaucatholic.org, kgibson@moreaucatholic.org, cgomez@moreaucatholic.org, ggongwer@moreaucatholic.org, lgonzales@moreaucatholic.org, dgreen@moreaucatholic.org, bgreenbaum@moreaucatholic.org, ngrgurevic@moreaucatholic.org, jguidotti@moreaucatholic.org, jhannon@moreaucatholic.org, mheath@moreaucatholic.org, dheise@moreaucatholic.org, ehenriquez@moreaucatholic.org, ahood@moreaucatholic.org, jhudelson@moreaucatholic.org, thyland@moreaucatholic.org, pjohnson@moreaucatholic.org, wkaten@moreaucatholic.org, ekaufman@moreaucatholic.org, ckelly@moreaucatholic.org, jkleczek@moreaucatholic.org, fknight@moreaucatholic.org, ckosmicki@moreaucatholic.org, ckrisman@moreaucatholic.org, tlee@moreaucatholic.org, dlorta@moreaucatholic.org, bmangiardi@moreaucatholic.org, smaniscalco@moreaucatholic.org, smartin@moreaucatholic.org, nmcgowan@moreaucatholic.org, pmckenna@moreaucatholic.org, nmedeiros@moreaucatholic.org, dmendiola@moreaucatholic.org, hmuhr@moreaucatholic.org, bnelson@moreaucatholic.org, tnewton@moreaucatholic.org, parentsclub@moreaucatholic.org, rparker@moreaucatholic.org, apatterson@moreaucatholic.org, jpatterson@moreaucatholic.org, ppeabody@moreaucatholic.org, dprisk@moreaucatholic.org, bpuccini@moreaucatholic.org, arangchi@moreaucatholic.org, trodriguez@moreaucatholic.org, bzazueta@moreaucatholic.org, aschroeder@moreaucatholic.org,

  124. We are in hell!
    Part 3 of 3 for emails of Moreau HS for staff.
    Just copy and paste the email addresses and send your message and links of ebaycitzen. Jesus Armas is on the Moreau HS board!!
    They must know who they have on their private school board.

    pshelley@moreaucatholic.org, sshowers@moreaucatholic.org, asillers@moreaucatholic.org, jsimons@moreaucatholic.org, ssingh@moreaucatholic.org, rspinelli@moreaucatholic.org, mstadelman@moreaucatholic.org, cstanton@moreaucatholic.org, csteeb@moreaucatholic.org, msteeb@moreaucatholic.org, cstewart@moreaucatholic.org, jstone@moreaucatholic.org, kstrawn@moreaucatholic.org, atabora@moreaucatholic.org, kteekell@moreaucatholic.org, kthomas@moreaucatholic.org, mtobler@moreaucatholic.org, gtornabene@moreaucatholic.org, jtoscano@moreaucatholic.org, dtrufelli@moreaucatholic.org, swainwright@moreaucatholic.org, cwickboldt@moreaucatholic.org, pwilder@moreaucatholic.org, bnelson@moreaucatholic.org, pzegura@moreaucatholic.org,

  125. Look at this link for Maribele Heredia the dumbknob one.
    In this video she is gheto, gheto.
    Send the people in the washington department where she is talkin your opinion on what is going with what she is doing with Jesus Armas the armpits guy.

    In the video you can see the dude next to to Maribele Hardon just thinking to himself "shut the hell up biatch you are stupid as hell". You must see the video.


    Email everyone that is on that page and let them know of our hell in HUSD.!

  126. More stuff on Maribel Heredia here is a link of where she worked in Oakland.


    I wonder if they in Oakland and at elev8kids know what she does in our school board. Let them know people.

    Look at link above to see she worked through:
    Elev8 Family Resource Centers

    This is their website: http://www.elev8kids.org/

    Find the contacts there and email them about Maribel Heredia and Jesus Armas
    Kudos to the people doing the digging and posting email address and links. We are coming together to get rid of these 2 idiots Heredia and Armas.

  127. Here is the contact page of where she might still be working. Thanks for the link 12:42


    Yes you are right 12;27 we are in hell and everyone must know.

  128. Not to be outdone. I found another link you ebcitizens can go to.


    Here Maribel Heredia has an article and surprisingly bloggers there also have posted what ebcitizen has published. I agree let's keep working together to expose them to all.

    Post on the blog link where she has the article.

  129. If you are trying to reach just the principal of Moreau High school to tell him about Board Trustee Jesus Armas. Since he is on Moreau and HUSD boards!!

    Read what Moreau High School stands for as seen on their web and send him an email of what is going on in HUSD.

    Mr. Terry Lee, President

    Welcome to Moreau Catholic High School!

    Moreau is a college preparatory school with an unparalleled arts program and a variety of co-curricular activities, and has been recognized twice as a Blue Ribbon School of excellence by the U.S. Department of Education. Moreau is proud of its rich history and is committed to outstanding achievement. But it is truly our mission and philosophy that has created Moreau Catholic's excellent reputation in California.

    Moreau Catholic High School is dedicated to the legacy and values of the Congregation of Holy Cross and its founder, Blessed Basil Moreau. As a community of faith, we prepare our students through academic, social and spiritual learning experiences that form and transform them as they become responsible citizens of our global community.

    Moreau Catholic High School enters into a partnership with each student’s family and provides opportunities and means by which students are guided to higher levels of spiritual, social and academic development. This partnership is enhanced by the spirit, vision and collaboration of the entire school community and the Diocese of Oakland.

    As a community of faith, we believe a Holy Cross education is centered on Christian values and adheres to high standards and expectations for individual achievement and social responsibility. We are guided by Jesus Christ to give witness to our faith through lived experiences—prayer, liturgical celebrations, retreats, and community service. These experiences nurture dignity and respect for religious and cultural diversity. A Moreau Catholic High School education facilitates the formation of qualities such as integrity, justice, stewardship, love, compassion, and hope.
    This philosophy transforms lives.

    We hope that you spend some time getting to know Moreau Catholic High School. In keeping with Father Moreau's words, "the mind will not be cultivated at the expense of the heart.” The school exists so that students become people of values as well as scholars. By cultivating heart and mind, our students become responsible citizens and a positive force for the transformation of our global community.

    I invite you to get to know us better. If I may be of any assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Thank you for visiting us!

    Mr. Terry Lee


    Show up on Wednesday August 8 at 5pm at the HUSD district offices. The Board of Education is having a meeting to discuss board policies.

    This meeting will not be televised, but it will follow the same format; allowing time for the public to speak under "items from the community". If you care and can appear, bring your voice and your controlled outrage and let Armas and Heredia know that they have brought enough shame to our students and staff. Demand that they resign.

    Remember Wednesday August 8 at 5pm...let your indignation be heard.

  131. i was looking on the county registrar website for the update on who has filed to run for school board. 6 people have and the list shouldnt have some names on there.
    1-Jesus Armas
    2-Sara Lamnin
    3-Heather Reyes
    4-John Taylor
    5-Annette Walker
    6-Wandra Williams

    scarier is lisa dummer and her finance log. she is sleazy like heredia and armas. looks like she got $3,500 from the music teacher at mt. eden for her campaign. is this why she is protecting the music program at all cost? wow, $3,500 from the music teacher. looks like its a loan. i am not sure.

    corruption all around hayward schools.


  132. 12:13

    You are an idiot. Why would either of them post here? Fine,I'll go by Gladiator, or Harder Hawk or whatever. This isn't Anna or Greg, but someone that knows them and you are a cold hearted person, you don't either of them and you need know who good people are. Greg and Anna are NOTHING like the other two, there ARE HUGE differneces between them. And tell me, if Greg is bad, then why did he win so overwhelmingly? Because the people in Hayward that matter, and that would be the regular people of Hayward don't care about that, but rather what will Greg do to help them. All of you people that bash Anna and Greg are sad and need a life. You need to learn who great people are you bunch or losers! Really it's sad, Greg and Anna represent a new start in Hayward, against the machine that wants you to fear them because they stand for change, and because you bring them up take the focus off the real corrupt ones like Heredia and Aramas. That's the plain and simple fact.

  133. Greg and Anna are glorified has beens complete incompetent losers that gave an example on what you can get away with in sexual indiscretions. Both are just as stupid and incompetent as Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia.

    Out of the bunch I think Anna May is a high school drop out because in her council meetings she never said anything and sounded more stupid than Lisa Dumber or Maribel Hardon.

  134. Greg has been married three times and is a loser who has never been City Mgr material. He has no integrity and is a wimp. Do you really think he could stand up to anyone? He couldn't find his balls if he tried. He just wanted to get elected so he could get back at the City Mgr and Council for telling him to resign or be fired. Both he and Anna know that is true and anyone who thinks otherwise is misinformed.

  135. Amen to 9:07 and 9:48 Anna May and Greg Jones are part of the problem where the crooks still get elected in Hayward. that is why you have Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia, and Lisa Bruner in the school board.

  136. 9:07,9:48,10:59

    You people are so stupid my IQ is dropping just talking to you. Greg has done great things. Was recognized by the daily review as the best City Manager in 30years. Created the gang in junction. Has done more for Hayward than I am sure the three of you idiots have combine. Stop making everyone's IQ drop and say something smart. Thought clearly it looks like you can't.

    Anna May finished high school, and even if she didn't who cares? Stop attacking people. Although that's all you people and idiot Steven Tevaras the smut bag,slime ball I couldn't get a job with a real news paper reporter knows how to do to. Just stop you ignorant wastes of space. Why don't you learn what is really going on in Hayward and who is to blame. Ill Give you names,starts with Robin Torrello and goes from there.

    You idiots,I am not going to waste my time with you brainless dumb asses anymore. When the hist hits the fan and Greg and Anna have saved us you stupid people will feel real stupid.

  137. Anna May and Greg Jones both of you write poorly as evidenced in 8:58 above. Your writing tells all that maybe you did not go to college.

    Greg and Anna if you really want to save this community take your sorry pathetic brainless souls along with Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia. You and Jesus worked together before so you must be just as bad.

  138. Anna May is gheto and Greg Jones is a wimp he never takes up a fight for the community that is a risk to him.

    Like Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia...

    Wimps among us

  139. 9:14, this isn't Greg and Anna you dumbass.

    Accept the fact that there are people out there that will defend Greg and Anna and that they don't have to do it them selfs.

    I mean please. Know what you are talking about.

  140. 11:49

    You have got to be kidding. Anna is gheto? You don't even know her clearly

    Greg defended the City as City Manager. Educate yourself.

  141. Hey 3:51 you write like ghetto Ana May.

    Ana sounds like and acts ghetto I agree with 11:49. Greg Jones is a big, big, big time wimp.

    Where is he now to deal with what is going on in HUSD where are the great defenders of Hayward to help on the schools. I think Greg Jones and Ana May are really ghetto and dumb as well extra extra wimp.

    I think too that the dynamic machismo duo of Mark Salinas and Francisco Zermeno are big time wimpos too along with the mayor Sweeney.

    The league of ghetto wimpy people. Headed by the great defenders of Hayward Greg Jones and Ana May. lol

    I think all of you losers are just like Jesus Armas and MAribel Heredia and Lisa Brunner. Go and hide your head in the sand wimpos.

    You will only help when your help is no longer needed and it is opportunistically safe to do so. LOL

    Hayward teacher here too and we are in hell because of the corruptness on the board and the city.

  142. Ghetto has two t's.

  143. Yep, Anna May ghetto has two tits and Greg Jones has no balls. The great defenders of Hayward my ass 3:50. LOL

    So have both of the ghetto dumb royalty of Hayward found a big bucket of sand to hide their huge heads full of hot air yet?

  144. every post concerning Anna May and Greg Jones takes away from the issue of what Jesus Armas and Meribelle Heredia have done to the students,families and staff of Hayward Unified School District.

    Don't let the issue be clouded.

    1. Exactly, they need to be held accountable to make the right decisions to do whats best for our children before their term is over. Approving and passing that bond would be a good decent start.

  145. They can still step down and that will leave 3 people to still do the board business.

  146. Stop focusing on Anna and Greg! Our schools are falling apart and is affecting future generations. Grant it corruption is everywhere and that's probably why we are not hearing from our city officials, but let's keep it focused on our children. Demand that the board put the phase II bond on the ballot and go to the board meeting this Wed.

  147. I think it is more dangerous to have the current board approve the bond with so much corruption on the board.

    I much rather wait until Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia are off the board. I don't want to bankroll any illegal money to Jesus Armas land deals with the construction bond.

    We need to wait and do things smart by putting the bond until we get to tell the board how we want our new schools built and that we know who will really benefit in Jesus Armas friends and family from the bond.

  148. Where can I sign the petition to recall Lisa Bruner?

    Someone told me they were at luckys yesterday?

  149. Mr Reynoso has taken out papers for re-election. Those of you who can need to support his candidacy with donations. Check his official web site to see what you can do to help.

  150. Ditto 7:25.

    Reynoso needs help to finish the work he began on the school board. Remember he is the only one who stood up to Armas. Show him he has support and he that he will not be out there alone again. I am sure he would appreciate anything you can contribute, money or labor.

  151. As quoted, the text messages speak for themselves. Apparently running around with a married man under the premise of serving our children is a value she has, maybe her true friends will wiggle her out of this one. Does she not think of her children? what an embarrassment!!! "Given the amount of mis-information out there and the personal attacks founded by absurd and vindictive people without values or ideals, I hesitate to comment at all," wrote Heredia on Wednesday afternoon. "I, fortunately, have many trusted and valued friends. Some of which are valued and trusted members of our educational community, the extent of those friendships are not known to anyone. Anything else is supposition and rumor, designed to remove the focus from our success and work for the educational needs of our students and families.

  152. We need to know who those trusted friends are so we can boot them out while boot out Armas, Heredia, and Bruner.

  153. Good idea 10:16 I think the hayward city council of the duo macho lucha libre of Francisco Zermeno and Mark Salinas suport Jesus Armas, Maribel Heredia and Lisa Bruner.

  154. 11:08 What do you mean by duo macho lucha libre?

  155. Macho is used in Latino language to identify someone with balls. Lucha libre is like WWF. By duo is to make fun at how in the city council Francisco Zermeno and Marc Salinas since they paint themselves as defenders of oppression against Latinos, they are staying very quiet on Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia. I agree. where are these defenders now. Wimps is right.

  156. Resign Armas and Heredia do not take our dignity away

  157. According to eastbay citizen tweets Tavares asks:

    Which excuse will Armas use for not seeking re-election? (A) spend more time with his family. (B) health reasons. (C) joining seminary.

    How about (D)Reynoso kicked his ass.

    Hell of funny in the daily review article Armas is crying for his mommy to help him because Reynoso is relentless and determined on stopping corruption at the school board.

    Finally the crook Armas is getting his. I need to send him reports of the crap Jesus Armas and his developer buddies have been doing to ripoff this community

    Hooray! I saw in today's candidate report that Reynoso is running. About time we get a damn good politician that is not afraid even of the daily rag. Go get them Reynoso. You need to update your website so we can pay-pal you.

  158. Not even the daily rag will save both of you Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia.
    You guys need to go spare the pain for us. Think of the children and go away please.
    What a pathetic embarrassment to all of us they these losers are still there.

  159. The decision not to run for re-election does not end this matter. Both Armas and Heredia need to resign their seats immediately.

    Their decision(s) should not put an end to investigating what has really happened since Armas was appointed in 2010. His attempts to manipulate board decisions regarding property issues should not be ignored. He has profited as a consultant or has the potential to profit from sale of surplus property. Both of them have an unusual relationship with the million dollar legal firm that advises the district and that needs to be looked into also.

    Jesus Armas has never done anything for altruistic reasons, he always makes sure that he can benefit in some way from anything he does. They both used the sutdents of HUSD to further their own ambitions.

  160. yes the board needs to investigate if any money was made of the kids. It is all abut the kids. So now lets see how much Maribele Heredia and Jesus Armas have benefited from being on the board.
    Yes we have a right to know.

    I do not know why they have not resigned yet. Their illicit affair is a conflict of interest?

    Shame on Armas and Heredia you guys are sickos taking advantage of the kids and making money of them while you are on the board. Yep you sure know how to take care of the kids. lol

  161. We need to recall Armas and Heredia right now. Don't wait until after the election their integrity is shot.

  162. A Grand Jury investigation should fit the bill. At the next HUSD board meeting Armas and Heredia should be given the choice to resign or the continuing force of the community requesting a Grand Jury investigation.

  163. Heredia is such a fake! She must resign now before her dirty laundry brings more embarrassment to her children.

    I think Jesus has by far more dirty laundry on his sexual affairs of him and his friends and even more damaging lots of money corruption involving his developers like Dutra and Pacheco Brothers and others in his schemes of working with them or for them.

    We need an investigation.

    Why are we going so far off base?
    Heredia's votes need to be made null and void!
    Bullis needs to leave!
    Walsh better known as Walrus needs to go away before the Teaching Commission gets a hold of her credentials-HEA doesnt need bullies in the union they need leaders!!
    I have been at HHS for a few years now and it has gone down hill, but I have seen Armas with Bullis - they do nothing about his fat ass self. He is locked away in his office- LOOOK at the writing on the wall - Bullis holds on to raising scores, which is what the hard working teachers have done. Bullis takes claim for anything and everything that is good but degrades the staff when something goes wrong. Thanks Heredia for leaving the Principal from hell for us!

  165. Citizens of Hayward and my fellow Americans, I have chosen not to run for another term as a member of the HUSD. My decision is made with a heavy heart because I know I did the right thing for all the right reasons. I now need to focus on my family and my health. It was very demanding serving on the Board but it has taken a toll on my health. I leave with a heavy heart.
    Jesus Armas.PS you won't have me to kick around any more. I am not a crook.

  166. Jesus, perhaps your "heart" will start pumping on a more normal basis now that your blood is less focused on your penis. Best of health; good decision not running and stop stealing lines from Richard Nixon.

  167. Maribel you need to put your chonies back on girl and go home and take care of your kids. Jesus you need to ask your wife to forgive you before she takes you for all you've got.

  168. This is public information.
    Here is the info from board page on those 2 sleaze bags. Web page was taken down and her phone number was removed:

    Mr. Jesús Armas
    2849 Trimble Court
    Hayward, CA 94542

    Ms. Maribel Heredia
    22319 City Center Drive #2122
    Hayward, CA 94541

  169. Armas leave the schools alone and focus on your family. I can't believe this. now you're going after tour son's friend Bufete to file papers?? What does your son think of you cheating on your wife? What about your daughter. Jesus man get out of dodge. skulk away. hopefully this boy doesn't lookup to you! Hope your son doesn't lookup to you.

  170. What a disgusting story and for the so call local print paper the daily review not to cover it. that explains why Hayward is so corrupt. Maribel Heredia and Jesus Armas need to resign. No more delays they need to go. The daily rag did a story that they are not running yet that rag does not give a reason.

  171. HUSD Board of Education Meeting
    Wednesday, August 22, 2012
    Open Session 6:30pm
    Meeting at Hayward City Hall
    777 B Street
    Hayward 94541
    Council Chamber Room – 2nd Floor

    It's not enough to write in these blogs. We must take a stand and attend school board meetings. It's not necessary to speak. Your presence will speak for itself. Be there or be square!

  172. I will make my sign "Armas Heredia Resign Now!!!"

  173. My sign will read,
    "No Crotchless Panties Allowed Here"

  174. Mine will say
    Jesus and Maribel Go Away from the kids

  175. Too bad there isn't anyone to support Reynoso in his bid to have a vote of no confidence in Jesus Armas. If he could muster 2 more votes then Armas would have to leave his position as President of the BOE and become "just a member"..with no more power than the next trustee. He couldn't control the meeting; couldn't control what goes on the Agenda for board meetings; couldn't command special meetings with the Superintendent and staff; couldn't bully anybody who dared to challenge him. OMG! Armas would be just a little guy(matching his stature) with no power.

    Maybe he if that happened he would have to go to some retreat to help him with the onset of dedpress over his loss.

  176. HUSD has long been a culture of CORRUPTION, from the corrupt, incompetent school board (currently Armas, Heredia, and Brunner). . .

    . . . to the corrupt (previous Duran-Becnel-Armas (wife) regime), incompetent (current Superintendent) Administration . . .

    . . . to the corrupt, powerful HEA, which goes out of its way to keep incompetent/useless teachers employed while allowing newer, competent, energized teachers to be let out the door due to outmoded seniority rules.

    The District's low test scores, shoddy education, and dismal school site faciities are the collective result of this long-standing culture of corruption in HUSD.

    Reynoso and McGee are trying to shine the light on this corruption, and yet get mocked by posters in this forum.

    Our children deserve better than we are currently giving them.

    We need a sea change here, a disinfection!!

    Out with the ingrained purveyors of this culture of corruption, esp. Armas, Heredia, and Brunner.

    They should all resign immediately, and if Brunner doesn't, then I hope that she is successfully recalled.

  177. My sign and the sign of many others will read:

    call me what you want but there are too many rainbows flying over Hayward High!

  178. I have proof of the instability at HHS. Bullis and Patterson have to go. I have emails from them both- telling me to 'show my face' before anything gets done
    SHOW MY FACE? I am not a stupid person to allow my children to be tormented by the likes of these two unprofessional, under achieving, disgusting, degrading individuals who do nothing but walk away from situations and degrade the teaching staff. I have video-emails AND witnesses!!!! But Benson turned the other cheek when I show her the proof! Bullis and Patterson always seem to not be at HHS when I need to talk to them and his secretary is just as much of a douch bag as Bullis is. She covers for him ( when she is at work) and makes excuses for Bullis. If you want something done at HHS just tell the administration that you are going to the district and they will do anything and everything you want. Thats how Walsh has been able to get those Poly kids to graduate. I had to fight for my son to make up his 12 absences- Poly kids dont get suspende, dont get discipline and get to graduate with 80 plus CUTS!! Yeah get pissed off Hayward- and do something!!!

  179. Reynoso is the only candidate that looks out for the students and staff of HUSD. He may be brash and outspoken but he speaks the truth when no one else will. I will take someone without "an inside voice" speaking for students and staff any day!

  180. If you attend or watch the School Board meetings, the reason Mr. Reynoso needs to interrupt and "pick fights" is because Mr. Armas is constantly trying to push through his agenda without discussions. Mr. Armas also conveniently leaves items off the agenda as Mr. McGee as well as Mr. Reynoso has pointed out and which the HUSD staff does nothing about because Mr. Armas insists on controlling the agenda with just the items he wants covered. Watch Mr. Armas closely during the meetings and you will see him steer the discussion and timing of the votes to favor his position constantly and consistently. What do Ms. Heredia and Ms. Brunner do? They go along for the ride with Mr. Armas. So, you always get a 3-2 vote in favor of what Mr. Armas wants.

    Sometimes the only way to break the gridlock is to look past the polite sounding voice to see the actual intent and action and see it for what it is. Mr. Reynoso has done that very effectively since he has gotten Mr. Armas to not seek re-election. Unfortunately, we need Mr. Armas and Ms. Heredia off the board immediately since they have several months in which they can further their own agenda at the expense of both the students and parents of HUSD.

    Can someone start a petition for their immediate removal?

  181. We need to get the Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia off now. The board can still do business with 3 people.

  182. Where is Dr. Phil when you need him?
    I think Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia are in "love". Perhaps they will get married and show all of us what good parenting is like when you cheat on your spouses and represent the school district on morals for all students to follow. Those make me ill. They need to go now.

  183. Jesus Armas is in the Hayward chamber.
    The Hayward chamber is ignorant and corrupt by allowing Jesus to conduct himself in that manner. Do not renew your membership. Do like I am goign to do. Say no to Jesus Armas and his buddies.

  184. Why do these two ugly slimy people put the school district through this ordeal. They had their sexual fun while conspiring in voting and now is time to leave.

    Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia need to go and live happily ever after in a rat hole somewhere.

    These two clearly do not care about their families having endure all this just because they think it is personal. If they were not on the board voting it would be personal. So leave now.

  185. Okay, Folks. Here’s the latest regarding tomorrow night’s HUSD Board of Education meeting. The audio system is, miraculously, not working properly at City Hall so the board meeting may not be televised. How convenient! This does not happen when the Hayward City Council has their meetings, but it does for HUSD board meetings? This is too convenient for me to accept without question. Is it possible that once again Armas is using his connections at City Hall to hide the Vote of No-Confidence discussion from the rest of us? I think we will all need to attend the meeting tomorrow night to hear the discussion for ourselves. I’m going! What about you?

  186. Friends,

    The following petition has been created: Hayward Unified School District Trustee, Maribel Heredia: Immediate Resignation of Maribel Heredia, HUSD Board Member, because I care deeply about this very important issue.

    We are trying to collect 250 signatures, and we could really use your help.

    To read more about what we're trying to do and to sign our petition, click here:

    It'll just take a minute!

    Once you're done, please ask your friends to sign the petition as well. Grassroots movements succeed because people like you are willing to spread the word!

    Concerned Parents of Hayward Schools

  187. Greetings,

    I just signed the following petition addressed to: Hayward Unified School District Trustee, Maribel Heredia.

    Immediate Resignation of Maribel Heredia, HUSD Board Member

    It is the responsibility and privilege of Hayward Unified School District (HUSD) Board of Trustees to promote the education of Hayward's children to the highest standard possible. We are demanding Maribel Heredia resign immediately due to her dereliction of duty and unbecoming behavior for an elected official.

    Maribel Heredia has failed to fulfill her duties in a manner that is transparent, forthright, and shows goodwill to students, parents, teachers, classified staff and administrators.

    Ms. Heredia has an ongoing problem with her commitment to attend meetings; she is frequently tardy and leaves early.

    According to a story published in ebcitizen.com on July 26, 2012, Ms. Heredia admitted under oath that she does not read board materials, but depends on the judgment of another, unnamed HUSD currently elected board member to make decisions on how to vote. This is collusion and creates a myriad of possible conflicts of interest.

    Ms. Heredia, is a subject of an ebcitizen.com article, published July 25, 2012, that exposed a scandalous illicit affair with fellow HUSD board member, Jesus Armas. Both have families. This behavior demonstrates poor ethical judgment.

    We believe that Ms. Heredia was obligated to disclose her new relationship (that is widely thought to have started over a year ago) with fellow board member, Jesus Armas to the community at large. In that time, Ms. Heredia has voted on hundreds of agenda items that greatly affect and influence the quality of education in our community and working conditions of HUSD employees.

    The community believes that Ms. Heredia has failed in her duties as an elected Trustee for HUSD. Therefore, we demand her immediate resignation.



    Parent ***

  188. Hayward: Free lunches, breakfasts at five schools

  189. We need more people like McGee and Reynoso on the board. Kathryn Benson needs to be fired. Does she have a college degree? She reminds me of Lisa Brunner Dumber. It looks like the new Supt. is trying to make positive changes. As long as Armas and the other corrupt board members are in place it will be difficult to make changes.
    Where Do I sign the recall petition for Lisa?

  190. McGee was right in that many people didn't show up because they fear retribution. The fact that Armas asked people to raise their hands to show their affiliation was really uncalled for and a not so veiled attempt at intimidating people. One obvious reason why there were so few people is that it was the night before the first day of school so my priority was with my kids and making sure they are ready, ON TIME and present at school.

    It didn't help that the item was so late on the agenda and Armas would not allow the order to change to accommodate the most controversial item first. Again, Armas is manipulating the meeting by controlling the agenda and clock, cutting off people and generally pushing those with any comments he doesn't agree with to curtail their comments mid-sentence.

    Spread the word about the petition at change.org for maribel heredia. Search for heredia in change.org and let your vote be heard by the District and Board. They're only looking for 250 votes but let's overwhelm them!