Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Secret Revealed: Valle Told Supes Apodaca Cheated During Interview Process

ELECTION 12//ALCO DIST 2 | Just moments after the Alameda County Board of Supervisors unanimously appointed Richard Valle to replace Nadia Lockyer on June 11, his main challenger, Newark Councilwoman Ana Apodaca, approached amid exuberant applause and congratulated him. Valle embraced Apodaca and kissed her on the cheek. According to nearly a dozen sources, Valle’s action may have been less about gratitude and more like Michael Corleone applying the kiss of death on his brother, Fredo, in The Godfather.

Once Valle stepped to the lectern to thank his new colleagues, things immediately turned bizarre with two references to a “secret” he had passed on to board. "It's very difficult, as you four know, based on the statements which I just made, to withhold information, but I think in time, people need to know,” he said obliquely. Afterwards, he added, "There's something else that is important that should come out at some point and my quotes are based on something that happened that I believe the supervisors needed to know and I think that made the difference and I'll just leave it at that."

Richard Valle, Ana Apodaca
When asked again about the “secret” two weeks later, Valle turned to his chief of staff and said, “I guess I can let the cat out of the bag.” Valle claimed the information passed on to the board involved a “high-placed” source confirming Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi was, indeed. planning to run for the seat in November and, if victorious, would use the remaining two years of Lockyer’s term to launch her candidacy for the state Senate.

The news, however, was hardly a revelation. Most East Bay politicians had readily heard the rumor and, in hindsight, many of them were contacted about supporting her candidacy as early as last May. For instance, on May 21, both I and San Francisco Chronicle reporter Matthai Kuruvila questioned a very talkative Supervisor Nate Miley about the potential for Hayashi running for the seat. “I don’t know if you can have a fair competition if Mary runs,” said Miley, who added the possibility of her fall candidacy would have little bearing over whom the board would appoint.

According to numerous sources within labor and the local Democratic Party, Valle’s “secret” had nothing to do with Hayashi, but a coordinated and ruthless campaign to smear Apodaca, the applicant whose candidacy had begun to pose a threat to Valle’s early front runner status. During the initial rounds of the interview process, Apodaca was the only candidate to receive votes from all four supervisors. In addition, Supervisor Wilma Chan had publicly voiced a desire to replace Lockyer with another woman.

During the initial interview session, May 29, several board members urged the five candidates to submit to be sequestered outside the supervisor’s chambers. Union City Mayor Mark Green would be interviewed first by way of a lottery conducted by the county registrar. The remaining three, Sheryl Grant, Valle and Apodaca, who would be interviewed last, left the room. According to the sources, Valle alleged a surrogate for Apodaca, still inside the public meeting room was electronically relaying the board’s questions and various responses from the candidates to Apodaca’s smart phone.

Apodaca declined to comment, but denied the allegation last month. When Wilma Chan was asked about the validity of Valle’s “secret” being an allegation regarding Apodaca’s integrity during the appointment process, Chan said, “I don’t want to comment on that, but there were many reasons why we chose Richard.”

In the hindsight, this was not the first time Valle attempted play dirty in order to gain the supervisorial appointment. During the same period, a spate of anonymous emails was sent to many Tri-Cities Democrats alleging nefarious ties between Apodaca and former Senate Pro Tem President Don Perata.

"Perata is calling Supervisors, cutting deals and making promises to place Ana Apodaca on the Board so he can have a puppet and gain more control in Alameda County," said the unidentified email linked to Web site purchased on May 31. "But we can Stop Don Perata by e-mailing our County Supervisor and saying "NO" to Ana Apodaca and Don Perata. We're tired of Don Perata's backroom deals and politics for profit!" Apodaca claimed no personal contact with Perata for years.

Revelation over Valle’s ruthlessness in gaining the seat this summer, however, may placate many critics who believe his quiet, genteel, almost chronically spiritual personality will be no match for the "Any means necessary" ethos of Hayashi and the sharp-witted tongue of Mark Green. But, it may also alienate Apodaca supporters, many of whom are women and proudly Latino.


  1. Riveting. I have heard the same thing in Democratic circles and surely hope this accusation did not sway the Board of Supervisors. It's petty and I think a cover story for why they caved to labor's demands to choose Valle.

  2. The fourth noble truth of buddhism--cut the knees from under your opponent before they do it to you, or something like that.

  3. If one watches the tape of the meeting or if one was present on the day of the interviews, Apodaca had her responses prepared in direct response to the questions posed to her by the BOS. Each time a question was asked of her by the BOS, she used her iPad or tablet to refer to her answers. Her remarks were prepared in advance, and she clearly read from her electronic device in front of her.

    One of two things happened: Apodaca either received info from someone in the room, probably Jesus Armas, her only supporter who bothered to show up to this particular meeting; OR she might have been watching the proceedings via the live stream, and prepping her answers as they were posed to the various candidates who came before her. Well, there may be a third option: Apodaca is clairvoyant and divined the responses.

    As for the emails? Not Valle's style. You will always see him coming at you, if he chooses hand to hand combat. But the allegations that Perata was the kiss of death is silly. Most of the people on the dais (the BOS) owe their political careers to Perata, why would that be a negative to them?

  4. Valle trying to flex political muscle yet another failed attempt. He only drove potential supporters away. Totally unnecesssary and dumb.

  5. Richard Valle has a history of making odd perplexing choices. Despite years of mutual support, Valle abandoned Ellen Corbett and ran for the coattails of John Dutra. and we know how that turned out. Then Valle who was seriously contemplating a run for State Assembly, either is scared or follow directive from Dutra, and decides not the run again a neophyte city councilman in Alberto Torrico. Then again when Gail Steele announces her retirement, instead of exploring his candidancy, Valle bows down to the Lockyers. Maybe that's why he was Bill & Nadia's heir apparent for the appointment.

    Good luck Richard, you have a history of bad political choices. Instead of taking the high road, you chose to hyperpoliticize an appointment process thereby turning off many people.

  6. the ellen corbett reference refers to when Ellen ran for State Senate against John Dutra and Johan Klehs. Ellen was perceived underdog. Dutra and his vast resources were thought at the time to win the seat. Valle thought he was supporting the winning side.

  7. I can attest to the observations made by the commenter regarding Apodaca having a device with her during the interview process. Armas was also there on every ocassion. I've had these conversations before about watching the livestream of the BOS meetings. It's not possible on an Apple device. However, the questions were not very compelling and what you would expect in any interview. Why are you running? What are your qualifications?

  8. Another example of why Valle is corrupt and damaged goods. There is NO good outcome in this election, however one rolls the dice. No matter who wins in November, we should be thinking about mobilizing a recall. That or wait out the next two years and recruit someone who is both viable and has at least an ounce of integrity.

  9. BY MW:

    Having had the "great privilege" of observing our local politicians for far too many years, I have always found them to be extremely honest and the very soul of integrity, and not even just in regard to the actual laws and rules as written but also in regard to the spirit of the laws and rules. So therefore I am absolutely one hundred percent certain that none of them, and including Valle and Apodaca, would ever engage in anything dishonest and/or sneaky and/or underhanded.

  10. If Jesus "Armpits" Armas was there with Apodaca then I am sure he was her mole. He has no ethics, as is obvious by his conduct on the Hayward School Board; he would certainly help Apodaca to get a leg up in the interviews. Cheating, lying, playing unfair politics, and unethical and unprofessional behavior is Armas' M.O.

  11. 6:54 is a knucklehead... Talks about Valle making blunders regarding Corbett, trying to stir up bad blood.

    One wonders if that poster ever visited Valle's campaign website, only to see the #1 endorsement at the top--

    Elected Officials
    Senator Ellen Corbett, State of California 10th Senate District

    Also on that list Dutra.

  12. Corbett would endorse Karl Rove over Hayashi. So there goes that.

    The point of Valle's political history is to show how he is an opportunist and always operates under the influence of power players (Dutra, Bill Lockyer, Josie Camacho). To think otherwise is to be a "knucklehead"

  13. Here! Here!

    Right on!!

  14. 11:05 didn't refute the accurate critique of their previous post at all. Bluster doesn't cover that up.

    I'm amused by the many posters on these comments threads who believe it is a terrible, terrible shame that successful politicians seek and gain support from popular politicians who hold higher offices in their districts. They want to pretend that candidates have greater viability and integrity if they reject relationships with community leaders. That makes no sense whatsoever.

  15. My goodness, creating a coalition to do something good for South County. What a shame. Is that as bad as double dipping as a Supervisor and the ED of a county recycling contractor? Or getting huge raises from a "nonProfit" to fund your political campaigns?

  16. Does anyone know if Mark Green is actually campaigning? His web site is still all about the Assembly race he lost.

  17. It seems, given all the factors, that Green comes in 2nd or 3rd. I just don't see any angle he has that brings him in first.

    Not female
    Not a minority
    Not particulary young, and vibrant (cheesecake factor)
    Not having much money
    Not having party support
    Not known in much of the district.
    Not having a large band of supporters who will be going door to door.

    I have nothing against the guy. I might even find his positions the most favorable (unsure exactly what they are)
    Its just that I don't see any avenue by which he comes in first in this horserace.

    What am I missing? Will someone fill in the scenario in which he finishes ahead of the other two.
    (I'm not trying to discourage his followers, I just don't understand the plan or route to victory, and above all I really don't want Mary to win)

  18. Green and Mary are the only candidates known in Hayward. I have seen Green on two Hayward ballots in the last 3 years. He campaigned hard for state assembly and he is fresh in people's minds. Valle has not been on the ballot Hayward in about 10 years and Hayward has a lot of newer housing and residents. IMHO, that is why he is a formidable threat to Valle.

  19. He came in third with over 11,000 votes in the June Primary for the 20th AD after only spending around 75k from January to June. This includes 6k votes from just Hayward and Union City (there's not as much Fremont overlap). Now, the 20th AD is a little less than twice the size of the 2nd Supervisorial District, but over 80% of the 2nd is within the 20th (again, different parts of Fremont). He is more well known in Union City than Valle and has been on the ballot more recently.

  20. True, he has been on the ballot, but seems he came in 3rd each time, never even reaching 25% of the vote.

    Now, the same type of race unfolds. Third time the charm?
    Looks like a long shot. If he had a lot of money, or was a large group of supporters willing to go door to door over the next 8 weeks perhaps.

    But does he have any of that.
    Does he have even 50 people willing to walk door to door every Saturday and Sunday for the next 8 weeks?
    Otherwise he'll be relying entirely on mailers and simply put he doesn't have the money, the story, or the "Candidate" film type looks to gain the 35% needed.

    How many people can he gather next weekend to spend 6 hours on either Saturday or Sunday, walking door to door? He he doesn't have 50, then I can't see him swinging 35% of the vote. That would be over a 10% boost from anything he has done in the last two tries.

    Kind of like Microsoft as they keep trying to sell their own cell-phone. They're mired down about 5% even though the product is excellent. It just has NO story or theme to grab customers.
    I'm afraid Green may have the same problem.
    What is his NEW IMPROVED sales point?
    Put it in a simple package...one sentence.
    Why does the voter go to the polls and pick Green?

    As I said before, I may, upon review, find him to be the best choice, but that don't sell cereal on the shelf of the store as the customer walks down a crowed aisle.

  21. The voters, if they're smart, pick him because he not Hayashi and Valle trash! For now, that's more than enough. That's why.

  22. 3:54, Good, put that on the mailers. Votes should pour in from that theme. Right.

    Forgotten here is that 98% of the voting public has not given 5 minutes of thought to this race as of today.

  23. Valle who sits on St Rose's Board of Directors for years is now bringing Prime Healthcare to save it?

    Game over! He will not win this election!

  24. So why isn't anyone addressing that Perata is backing Bonta to stay a player because Bonta has no backbone.

  25. Different topic; not germane to this story. Wrong post here.

  26. Didn't anyone ever tell Armas to keep his political pen out of the political ink well? How many women is he linked to? Does he think he is helping them?

  27. Has the author or anyone asked Councilmember Apodaca if she received any communications from anyone in the board chambers while she and the other candidates were sequestered?

  28. On a more interesting note, the following from Maryforsupervisor.com

    Congresswoman Karen Bass, former Speaker of the Assembly, will be in Hayward on September 26 in support of Mary Hayashi for Supervisor. For more information, please contact Laura at lg.weaver@comcast.net.

    Anyone have any idea what kind of this event will be, or where it will be held?

    It is interesting that the primary folks who support Mary are current and former party power people, who don't live in or really give a darn about Alameda County.
    We're suppose to be impressed by their titles, thinking Mary has juice.
    Current Speaker Perez
    State senate leader Steinberg
    Former Speaker Bass

    The reality is these types know Mary is sitting on $850,000 of campaign cash that she can't use in her own supervisor campaign "directly".. But she can hand it out to friends of these state leaders, who can then use that for their own power, and on the side get some "other" money legally funneled to Mary's campaign. (follow the money).

  29. The only decent thing Scott Haggerty has ever done was authoring the ordinance that limits the amount of $$$ in board elections. And then it was only out of self-interest, lest anyone ever challenge him with $$$$.

  30. So it appears that Mary is using Armas' office as her headquarters; check out the bottom portion of her website. That's the Dude's addy. http://maryforsupervisor.com/index.html

    It also appears that Mary is recycling Joel Kinammon's staff. When there was a big clear out of all things Kinammon at Chabot/Las Positas, his staff was sent packing. One of his top Lts. is now Mary's top Lt., Laura Weaver.

  31. I thought Mary changed that address to the Castro Valley PO box

    Please remit to: Hayashi for Supervisor 2012, Committee ID: 1348670
    PO Box 20549
    Castro Valley, CA 94546

    Mary Hayashi for Supervisor
    Committee ID: 1348670
    22561 Main Street, Ste. 200
    Hayward, CA 94541

    Why does she still have both on her site?

  32. Hayashi's connection to Armas should surprise NO one...their level of ethical and moral behavior makes them a perfect pair.

    The South County/Hayward political picture is a sick one. I feel like I need a hot shower every time I read about the crap that is going on out their.

  33. Steve, I'd like to see you contact the various leaders/mover's and shakers in Alameda County and District 2's Latino community and ask them directly who they are going to support in the District 2 Supervisor's race. I'd be interested to see who the Alameda County Latino Chamber and the Hayward Hispanic Chamber of Commerce are supporting as well.

  34. Talk about a biased article! I know Mr. Valle. His personal character and integrity are above reproach. I cannot believe the arrogance and utter gall of these politicians, despite ties to theft, drugs, lack of decency. Am I to vote for such because they are women and/or due to the spelling of their last names? Have they no shame? If such sleeze is shown to the public, with barely a blink, what's behind the scenes? Ugly. Mr. Valle is a decent, honest man who will dedicate his efforts to helping "we, the people." Period.