Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Chinese Flag Raised At San Leandro Marina; Protesters Scuttle Similar Ceremony In Alameda

San Leandro Councilmember Benny Lee addresses an audience at the city's marina following a flag-raising ceremony in honor of China's national day. PHOTO/Steven Tavares 
SAN LEANDRO//FLAG FLAP | They couldn’t fly the Chinese over San Leandro City Hall, so over 100 Chinese Americans in San Leandro, instead, moved it Tuesday to the city’s scenic marina. Meanwhile, pro-Tibetan protesters in Alameda scuttled a similarly planned flag-raising in front of their City Hall to celebrate the country’s national day.

Lee raising the Chinese flag at
the San Leandro Marina
PHOTO/Steven Tavares
Demonstrators carrying signs protesting the Chinese occupation of Tibet chanted and placed themselves in front of a banner celebrating the founding of the current Chinese government, said those who attended both events. Representatives from the Chinese counsel general’s office urged their group to refrain from moving forward with the ceremony.

Although the current controversy over the flying of the Chinese flag in public spaces started last Sept. 16 after San Leandro Councilmember Benny Lee asked for approval to fly the banner over City Hall in recognition of the city’s growing Chinese American community, the event at the marina came off without a hitch. Seven different singing acts entertained those in attendance without much reference to Mayor Stephen Cassidy’s decision last week to suspend the council’s 4-3 vote approving the flying of the Chinese flag over City Hall. Cassidy’s power to negate the vote falls under provisions of the City Charter.

Although the ceremony did not occur at City Hall, Cassidy was not in attendance for the late Tuesday afternoon program at the Marina. The four members of the council who voted for the resolution last month, Councilmembers Jim Prola, Ursula Reed, Diana Souza and Lee, were among the dignitaries for the over two hour ceremony. Council members said an email sent by Cassidy this week instructed them their attendance did not amount to the city endorsing the flag-raising. During his comments, Lee referenced the controversy following Cassidy’s suspension of the council vote.

The two-hour program Tuesday afternoon
featured seven singing artists and groups.
PHOTO/Steven Tavares
“Things got unsettled at City Hall,” Lee said during his remarks and noted Tuesday’s event was solely the work of the community, which scrambled to put together the ceremony in just eight days. Lee helped raise the Chinese flag, while Prola did the same for the U.S. banner. “When we look at these flags together we see a bright future,” said Lee. “We see hope.”

Former San Leandro Mayor Tony Santos, a frequent critic of Cassidy, said the current mayor has insulted a large portion of the community. “It’s an affront to the Asian community in San Leandro,” said Santos after the flag-raising. “Whether he likes it or not, they make up about 30 percent of the population.” As mayor in 2008, Santos led a city delegation to Yangchun for a cultural and economic exchange. Incidentally, Lee, not yet an elected official, was part of the same delegation.

The flag issue may still come up in the near future. The City Council next meets Oct. 7. However, Lee will not be in attendance. He is among a group of local officials coincidentally travelling to China this Sunday. Still unresolved, though, is Cassidy’s assertion a council policy for raising foreign flags over City Hall does not exist. Prola said Tuesday he hopes an ad hoc committee or standing commission could tackle the question and provide potential solutions. Lee told The Citizen he believes Cassidy’s made his decision last week to suspend the council's decision while “operating on limited information.” In fact, foreign flags have been flown over San Leandro City Hall in the past, including the Chinese flag in 1988.

CORRECTION: The next San Leandro City Council is Monday, Oct. 7, not Oct. 8.


Other flags have flown many times at City Hall.
The Chinese, Free Tibet, Sudanese, Portugese,
LGBT and Mexican to name a few. Some of these
more than once. Huge mistake by Cassidy the dictator.

Cassidy tries to bully people. That's what he is and that's what he does and that's why he will be a one term mayor.

Steven T, next city council meeting is on Oct. 7th.

Cassidy is a bully who doesn't believe in the democratic process.

It don't matter that Cassidy had 'limited information'. Cassidy stopped presentation of flag protocol because he want to limit democratic process. He don't care about Tibetans because they conveniently serve his purpose. He has hurt San Leandro reputation by discriminating large Chinese population.

We are talking about the flag that has been flown in Milpitas, Oakland, Alameda and San Francisco many times. Now we find out it has been flown in San Leandro before at City Hall. This is racism raising it's ugly head again in San Leandro. Just saying

Cassidy so stupid to put out press release but not check facts. Cassidy is a buffoon and embarrassment for San Leandro.

Will not vote for Cassidy because he does not respect the
Chinese people.

Cassidy get guest invitation to Chinese association event many times since he elect mayor and ALWAYS NO SHOW. When Chinese want to be accepted with flag, he listen to chinese hating group that come to city FIRST TIME. He overturn 4-3 vote and show NO DEMOCRACY for hard working Chinese. He call China oppressive so he OPPRESS Chinese.

Cassidy made a huge mistake in suspending the vote. Is he going to suspend all 4-3 votes he loses? It makes him look like a poor loser and a bully! He got a lot of Chinese American votes in his last election. but he won't in 2014. My neighborhood liked his fiscal conservativeness, but this insult to our people will never be forgiven or forgotten.

I am chinese, and I totally support the move, of the flag not being flown, in San Leandro City Hall, Good for them!! Free Tibet, Free Human Rights in China! I totally support Mayor Cassidy Decision! More power to you!!

Obviously you didn't read the first post--It's already been flown

Other flags have flown many times at City Hall.
The Chinese, Free Tibet, Sudanese, Portugese,
LGBT and Mexican to name a few. Some of these
more than once. Huge mistake by Cassidy the dictator.

I was at the flag raising event at Marina Park. They raised both
the American and Chinese flags. It was a beautiful ceremony
with dozens of people there. The Mayor should be bringing
people together instead of trying to divide the city.

I may be speaking out where I shouldn't be...but the way I look at it is like this:

The council member (Lee) who was voted in by the registered voters of the city placed an item on the agenda.

Then 4 council members who were also voted into office by the registered voters of San Leandro voted to approve the item. This was a majority, thus making it law (so to speak)

Then the mayor gave in to pressure from a small group of "progressives" and an out of town Tibetan Group and overruled the democratic process, because well, either he didn't like it or he realized he would be getting very little help to run his next campaign.

I personally do not agree with his decision and it comes off as a dictatorship which is kind of ironic since that's what these jackasses are making all the fuss about in the first place.

Oakland and San Francisco have very large Chinese American populations and honor them by doing this one day a year. Please be advised the flag does not sit higher than the old stars and stripes and given our population is 33% Asian American and growing and we are financial partners with China it would have been a great olive branch....


I am Chinese American, raising the PRC Flag and celebrating the Oct 1 PRC National Day means you are a brainwashed Communist.
The PRC Flag and PRC National Day does not represent my Chinese Heritage..
Well at least you can celebrate what you want and peacefully protest without it being against the law or run over by a tank,
can you do this in China?
Good job protesting in Alameda Tibetan Group.

12:33 Did you delete your FB account yet ? Have you already trashed your IPhone, IPad and throw away most of clothes made in China? Do you have the guts to Governor Brown is condoning human right violations? Did you tell San Francisco and Oakland mayor the same? What we see is couples of cockroaches disturbing and dividing the towns with "WEAK MAYORS".

@514: So do you mean when we raise American flag and celebrate July 4th representing us KKK, you idiot, only hypocrite Marga Lacabe would say something like this along her back up singers.

Tibetan protesters were not peaceful. They were loud and rude yelling epithets of bloody murder in Alameda scaring the large group of school children including my own who were singing the American national anthem. When my child lined up to sing, they jumped in front and started waving signs in front of her. No one should ever do this to children. Never!

You go Hutch!

Tell them the way as it is!

Set the record straight: the U.S. flag at the marina followed protocol. It was higher than the Chinese flag. I checked.

By the single event of overthrowing a 4-3 Council majority, Cassidy has shown a distaste for democracy and acted like a bully and a third world dictator. He received a lot of Chinese votes in his first election but will lose most of them in this next election, due to his disrespect of the Chinese people.

Man when they raised that Sudanese flag at City Hall a few years ago it was the happiest day of my life. Long Live the Sudan! Long live the LRA!

Should have never suggested City Hall...look how easy it was to rent public space and hold your own ceremony. Congratulations communists!

Ah, the rub though...communists aren't used to having the freedom of public space...they need to be told what to do by the government. I suppose that's why Benny asked City Hall

Long live Japan, long live Sudan, long live America, long live China, long live Tibet, long live Portugal, long live Germany, long live vietnam, long live Philippine, long live LGBT, long live Mexico and long live the whole wide world,
what's up with Cassidy?

Tibet protestors pick on small town with weak mayors, they are bully like Cassidy and the Lacabes. And the lead of the Tibet protestors are white folks, very interesting, who are they and where they come from?

yeah those white Tibetans are probably from the Sudan and have no business being upset at china flag going up because Sudan flag went up too. The Tibetans were too scared to show up in person so they must have sent proxies.

I had an interesting experience on Wednesday; I went to Macy's with my wife who wanted to purchase a few items. While in the store, a lady saw me; she ran up to me and said: "I wish you were still my Mayor." Naturally, I thanked her and then she said: "How can the Mayor fly the Rainbow flag and not the Chinese flag?" I told her to ask him, but she made a point-City Hall is place to fly all flags, including the People's Republic of China flag. Tony Santos

The free Tibet protesters are stupid. Tibet under the Dalai Lama was a feudal theocracy with only a select privileged who were in the ruling Tibetan class while the rest were slaves. Punishment for the slaves included lopping of the hands, gouging out the eyes, and torture. These protesters don't care about these human rights violations because a free Tibet would return to these horrific practices under the Dalai Lama.

Free Tibet protestors' head cheerleaders are white not Chinese or Tibetan; no different than Marga Lacabe that she thinks herself is the white superior that better than white, black, brown or yellow. Marga Lacabe thinks we can't speak for ourselves that her voice is bigger while she's babysitting in her dirty home and hiding under table from IRS.

Yes, those white Tibetans wore cowboy hats and some kinds of oriental shirts pretending they know the history or personally friends of Lama.

Cassidy made his biggest mistake by not flying the flag at city hall--such arrogance

Those Tibetan protesters are mindless automatons who stupidly serve propagandists under false pretenses.

Commentary on Tibet and China

Hi Steve,

Just for the record: I'm truly saddened that the flag-raising ceremony was scuttled for the reason described in your write-up. I am aware of and yet cannot pretend to fully comprehend the depth of Tibetan ex-pats' disdain for the PRC, as they and so many of their loved ones have suffered and are now suffering by a PRC actions and policies in Tibet that the USA, I am, sure also opposes vehemently.

But . . . in my opinion, that is exactly why even on a local level we should and must engage nations such as PRC through events like flag-waving ceremonies. For sure, a flag-raising ceremony is an acknowledgement of affection of those in our community have toward lands from which and their fore-fathers and fore-mothers come, and this Councilmember sees nothing wrong in that for the reason I see nothing wrong in celebrating St. Pat's day, Filipino independence day, Mexican independenc day, etc., etc. But, to me, a flag-raising ceremony is even more than that: it's a ceremony to wave our own flag -- USA -- proudly and remind ourselves why we are here and why we are A-m-e-r-i-c-a-n-s.

When we raise Old Glory, and have other flags raised along-side, this is an opportunity to show how far we as a people have come socially, culturally, economically and spiritually, and we have done so because of the freedoms we have fought and sacrificed for that are now memorialized in countless ways, chief among which is our Constitution.

I have no doubt that one day soon even those on the commanding heights of the PRC will see the social, cultural, economic and spiritual benefits of following the successful path of the USA in opening up their society even more, and I see in flag raising ceremonies a small step opportunity toward that end.

So, I am saddened because I believe the advocates for a free Tibet while they are right in their hearts really missed out on an opportunity to engage their issue in a manner to the benefit of all. And, I am saddened because this was a missed opportunity to raise another flag alongside Old Glory and reflect on how lucky we are to be in the U-S-A. So, I look forward to attending next year's flag-raising ceremony.

U-S-A . . . U-S-A . . . U-S-A.

Tony Daysog
Alameda City Councilmember.

And yet Mr. Daysong you said yourself your in the interview your intention was to celebrate the founding of the Communist party's China, their National Day, not their people...Hmmm...Someone is being fed a line from the PRC Pollit bureau....

Your crazy Mr. Daysong! Hope they unelect you next go around...It's communism, what do you want to be opened up to exactly? it is so obvious you just want perks from the Chinese consulate's office. Let's check these 420s.

11:18 & 11:31 comments are by Mike Katz's crazy hypocrtie wife, Marga Lacabe, she invites the outsiders to disturb the peace in San Leandro and Alameda. Marga Lacabe and her back up singers are white Tibetans, this little group of progressive pretend they are white superior than white, yellow, black of brown.

Thank you for your courage Mr. Daysong. Me too hope China get better one day, but now it's bad, but I still support PRC. Thank you for supporting PRC and Chinese people. can u help me get my family from over there to here? any help would be greatly thank you

it not fair you make fun of our country because we have different government than usa. usa government is shut down now and PRC is better than usa now in all things.

Dear councilman Daysog, you are as brave as councilman Lee, it's a guarantee your constituents hear you loud and clear. We have many friends, relatives and family members all over the bay areas. We all will vote for you regardless in Alameda, other city or county, you decide, we'll be there for you!

1204, Did you ask the white Tibetans wear cowboy hats and boots with matching oriental shirts to help you bring your family to America?

1208: why, you don't love America anymore, are you a stay home unemployed oversize turkey eats sour grapes all day long?

Mike Katz's campaign will be a stand up comedy, no one likes his twisted hypocrite loud mouth wife. Cassidy's campaign will be a Broadway show, he will hire these white Tibetan cheerleaders sing and dance in front to city hall with his campaign signs.

Our community will not vote for any progressive candidates in 2014 election, they are nutty hypocrites!

Hypocrite Marga lacabe against PRC flag and invite outsiders to divide San Leandro. Just right after Cassidy suspended the council vote she immediately advertising her friend's alternative idea to raise the PRC flag is a good idea by following San Francisco to raise the PRC flag under the name of "Chinese traditional day vs. China National day". MARGA LACABE! WHAT'S THE DIFFERENT? DO YOU HAVE A DIFFERENT CHINA FLAG FLYING ON CHINESE TRADITIONAL DAY THAT IS NOT PRC FLAG. MARGA LACABE, YOU AIN'T SHIT, BECAUSE YOU'RE FULL OF SHIT!


marga is so busted. here is a picture of the sudan flag raising at san leandro city hall. u see the old mayor there to the right, and I think Benny Lee even was at this ceremony to the left in the picture. check it out! hopefully it will shut marga up for good.


Please..........If Marga is so offended by the actions of China whether back in the day or currently then she and Mike would have a house full of shit not made in china.

My guess is most of the equipment that they use to write their retarded ass blogs and update their facebook statuses as well as the clothes they send their kids to school in are probably made in the place they loathe sooooo much...

Bullies who lose credibility through their actions.


6:34: Marga Lacabe is totally busted, Marga Lacabe is in the middle of the picture, sitting down.

This is nothing more than 3 really stupid people trying to get attention. We already know Mike Katz's and Marga Lacabe are stupid. They accused San Leandro teachers of teaching religion, when children sang a religious Christmas Carol at an evening Christmas program. Raised such a stink and got their kids moved to Roosevelt school. Which was all they really wanted. All they do is bully, lie, harass and bitch!
I can remember going to visit John Muir Middle School and always seeing the flags of different countries hanging in the main hall. I was told the flags respresented the countries that the students attending that school were from. What a great way for children to learn.
Are Cassidy, Katz and Lacabe going go to that school and make sure the Chinese flag is taken down?
The school board needs to stay out of this. Mike Katz your not on the city council and there are many children of Chinese ancestry living here and attending our public schools. Mike Katz needs to spend time trying to figure out how to raise test scores and pay back all the money this school district is going to owe at tax payers expense.
Cassidy has proven his stupidity many times. OK to have one flag at city hall, but not another. He's so busy having to be the center of attention, that it's nauseating. He gets off on bullying and belittling people. If I ever hear and see you doing this to any one in public again Cassidy, I will call you out on it!
These 3 people are an example of dirty politics.

Did anyone notice that Alameda still flew the chinese flag? It was only the ceremony that was scuttled.

The Chinese flag still flew in Alameda, indeed.

Tibetan protesters were not peaceful. They were loud and rude yelling epithets of bloody murder in Alameda scaring the large group of school children including my own who were singing the American national anthem. When my child lined up to sing, they jumped in front and started waving signs in front of her. No one should ever do this to children. Never!

It's a organization pays those white Tibetans wear cowboy hats and their back up screamers to do the monkey shows. They get paid to perform disturbing peace for a living.

Cassidy is a bully and insulted the Chinese people, 2014 will be your last year warming the mayor seat!

And Mike Katz, don't bother to run for anything because your screw!

People inciting fears of communism know nothing about Chinese people or ideals. Chinese people are raising with Confucian values in spirit driving them family oriented and work hard. Do people who incite communistic fears believe that Chinese people are bad for United States? The Chinese flag represents culture identity of the Chinese people and not political beliefs. To celebrate Chinese identity and welcome friendship creates practical outlook.

The flag should have flown at City Hall just like it has before. It's an insult to the Chinese and we will never forgive Cassidy for what he did. The Chinese community will put out flyers and work against him in 2014 when he runs for election.

Big mistake by Cassidy unless he thinks dividing the city is smart. Isn't the mayor supposed to unite the city instead of create racist divisions?

The mayor could be one term if anyone besides Marga's friend runs against him. Being associated with Katz-Lacabe will destroy her chances.

We should have raised the flag to honor the Chinese people.

If anyone meaningful runs against Cassidy-he will be defeated.

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