Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Source Cited In Article Comes Out To Again Call Heredia A Liar In Letter To Board

Maribel Heredia
HAYWARD SCHOOL BOARD SCANDAL | The unnamed family member who said embattled Hayward school board member Maribel Heredia was lying about her reasons for missing an Aug. 22 meeting has sent a letter to the board urging them to investigate the matter.

In the letter dated Oct. 10, Angelica Garrido, the same source featured in an article alleging Heredia’s absence last Aug. 22 was not due to a family emergency, as she stated later, but possibly as part of a family vacation, as some critics have asserted, urged the school board to look further into Heredia’s excuse.

“I am saddened to see the lack of investigation regarding Maribel Heredia’s blatant lie to the board and the Hayward school community,” Garrido wrote. “I am the relative that came forward on East Bay Citizen to say that Maribel Heredia was not being forthright in stating that she went to Southern California because of a family emergency.”

Garrido describes great antipathy in the letter towards Heredia for using her grandmother’s death as a excuse. At times, she wrote, Garrido spent upwards of 15 hours a day at her grandmother’s beside amid a constant 24-hour vigil by relatives. “I can’t tell you how difficult it was and I can’t share every sacrifice we went through, but it really angers me to have someone lie about someone so special and something so sacred.

The family member also added, at no time, did Heredia offer any support nor did she even have a relationship with the deceased or that particular part of her ex-boyfriend’s family.

Last month, the board approved paying Heredia for the missed meeting, but the issue returned during the school board’s last meeting when a former Hayward school district employee asked for the discussion again be placed on its agenda. The school board meets tonight, Oct. 10, 6:30 p.m.


Liar Liar Pants on fire..or better yet crotchless panties on fire.
Ms. Ugly Piggy made up a big lie,
Maribel Heredia and Jesus Armas you need to go and leave HUSD kids ...please go away from our kids.

A new hair doo doesn't change the person. You still have doo on your head and reputation.

Of course someone who hates Heredia will have nothing but negative things to say about her.

Terrasas, leave Heredia alone. Get a life. stop your bull.

heredia sucks. i took my child out of hayward because of her.

I'm sure Heredia and the Armas family are proud, wonder what Thanksgiving is gonna llok like for you Jesus? Will you spend it with the Heredia or your family that you have let down? Time for another trip to Newport Beach, so we can pretend we have class?

waaaa, waaaa, leave Heredia alone, tell Jesus to stop protecting his puppet.

We don't hate Heredia, we just don't respect her

lol at 1st comment on crotchless panties on fire..you guys hilarious. No one could make this stuff up if they got paid to do it. Fact is stranger than fiction they say.

Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia better not have any babies cause it will be like breeding pigs and rats. I got to watch the entire meeting. They are still voting even after they have an affair. That is corruption. Please no more camera face closeups of Maribel Heredia or Jesus Armas we viwers at home really are not given a warning when a face close up is coming. If channel 15 did then I can put on my sunglasses with ultra-ugly rays protection. I am praying the next candidates are much smarter than what is leaving.

If you watched the HUSD board meeting last night you will see why Dr. Reynoso and Mr. McGee are so angry about the amount of money spent on consultants. The board voted to "pilot" a music program for elementary students..using 45,000$ from the general fund to pay for it. However, since the program(s) will be offered at the 3 high schools, students will have to find their own transportation to get there. Not very equitable, since many of our students do not have the transportation or the means to get it, many will be unable to take part in the program(s). It seems there is no money for district transportation.
Yet, the board had to approve a 26,000$ consultant contract to do an inventory job, because our own staff dropped the ball and didn't get it done and now HUSD is facing penalties for being late. So, our illustrious district staff didn't do their job and the money that could have gone to defray costs for all interested students to take elementary music will be spent to fix the lazieness or incompetence of the HUSD staff. Where is the "we want to do all we can for students"?

KB says:
Mr. Tavares would you seriously consider doing your own set of interviews with the candidates for HUSD board of education and then present the results and your recommendations? It would be great if you could give them some questions that were relevant making them really think and react intelligently instead of "pie in the sky philosophy" responses???? Please one minute "sound bites" at a candidates forum do not truly give voters an idea of what these people really know about how to conduct board business.

This topic is worn out. Who cares? Just the few whiners left on this blog.

The shameless sexual antics of Jesus Armas and MAribel Heredia have won..
Congratulations to Mayor Sweeney, Olden Henson, Barbara Halliday, Marc Salinas, Francisco Zermeno..
the wet noodle wimp league.
And, Sheila Jordan... The pilars of sexual affairs ethics...lol We need to boot all politicians out of Hayward

All I can say is thank you Terasas and Drake for constant presure to expose these sex addicts dating each other on the school board.For shame on you Jesus and Maribela for shame. Jesus Armas and Maribela Heredia just have no care to live a life that is respectable of the position. And I notice that the new candidates have not said anything about this slimy sexual conduct so nothing will change coming in..too bad.

AT says: So, the way to keep at least two board members on the HUSD BOE who care about kids…VOTE FOR DR. REYNOSO! We have Mr. McGee for two more years and then we re-elect him too. Keep the pressure on the HUSD BOE. Our children must come first. Perhaps, after the election, exempt staff can be changed and people who know how to do their job instead of hiring consultants to do their job for them can be hired.

The topic is worn out? Our purpose is to keep pressure on Armas to resign or at least let him know that he and Heredia need to conduct themselves while they are on the board.

heredia is worn out. she looks tired. this topic will never die. the shame these two sex crazed people have cast on this district will never be taken away.

Just read a story in the Cal State EB Pioneer, about a recent fundraiser for the HUSD board candidates the Chamber of Commerce endorsed. An attendee at the event was Bill Quirk, candidate for Assembly,he had some very derrogatory comments about Dr. Reynoso; calling him a "disaster" for HUSD. Aint it interesting that Mr. Quirk didn't have a word to say about Armas and Heredia and what they have done to HUSD with their conduct? It really doesn't surprise me at all, since they are all "in bed together" politically.

I hope so 5:37. Mr. Quirk is nothing more than a political "whore" who will say whatever he thinks the people in his presence want to hear.

Quirk, Zermeno, Armas, Salinas, Heredia, Sweeney, ..One big bed for the corruption. I will not vote for Quirk for AD20 now.
Quirk a political whore is right.

3 out of 5 HUSD trustees endorse Bill Quirk.
This is right out of Bill Quirk's web site.

Trustee Jesus Armas, Hayward USD President
Trustee Maribel Heredia, Hayward USD
Trustee William McGee, Hayward USD

I will never vote for Quirk. He is part of the Hayward political machine and it's time for a complete break from THE MACHINE.

One more HUSD BOE meeting, Nov 14, and the two love-birds will be gone. Bye bye Jesus Armas. Bye bye Maribel Heredia. We don't ever want to see you two again. So long. Adios. Good riddens. Even better…leave Hayward.

Apparently, this issue will NOT go away until it is placed on the agenda and discussed in an open-meeting. Thank you for keeping the pressure on the school board to comply with this request.

Don't vote for anhone endorsed by Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia unless you want more of the same crap for hayward.

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