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HAYWARD | Jesus Armas, the embattled former Hayward city manager and school board president who chose not to run for re-election in 2012 following an embarrassing sex scandal, has reemerged across the bay. On Wednesday, the South San Francisco City Council is set to approve a 2-year, $230,000 contract for Armas to become its next city manager.

Jesus Armas on the Hayward school board.
Armas is no stranger to the peninsula. He served as South San Francisco’s city manager from 1988-1993 before being named to the same position in Hayward. He replaces Barry Nagel who announced his retirement early this year. If approved Wednesday, Armas will take over Oct. 14, according to a staff report. He will also receive a generous contract.

In addition to the $230,000 base salary, Armas will receive full benefits plus a $350 monthly automobile allowance and moving expenses including the lowest of three bids plus $15,000, according to the contract. Armas indicates he intends to move from his Hayward home to South San Francisco, according to the staff report. A $75 monthly cell phone allowance is also included in the deal, which may illicit some guffaws in Hayward.

The story of Armas’s downfall on the Hayward school board centered on sexually-charged text messages between him and fellow school board member Maribel Heredia. The infamous screen shots of text messages clearly sent by Armas, who is married, titillated the city and featured queries among other things of “So what do u buy?” Heredia answered: "crotchless panties."

In the months that followed, numerous Hayward residents repeatedly admonished the couple during school board meetings, while news of the affair spread widely among the East Bay’s chatty political class. Although, they never acknowledged the validity of the articles, its contents were also never denied. Armas and Heredia eventually did not seek likely re-election in November 2012 and are reportedly still a couple, according to recent Facebook posts by Heredia.

UPDATE: On Wednesday night, the South San Francisco City Council unanimously approved Jesus Armas's contract to become its next city manager. The decision was made without discussion.


What a shit. He and Pat Martel deserve each other.

Their cities are full of shame.

If Heredia goes with him she can offer to be a consultant to the SSF school board and teach them how to carry on an affair while sinking the ship of education.

Armas must have lost his midas touch in Hayward when it comes to developers, so on to new/old territory to line his pockets.

Very smart and savvy City Manager. Congrats to South City.

The city of Haward accomplished a lot when Armas was City Manager. Downtown revitalization moved forward , Stonebrae Country Club happened along with building 2 new elementary schools, many new housing developments, target center at the airport, and more. Such a shame that so many people focus only in the negative. Hopefully reporters in South City are more rational and balanced when evaluating individuals. Glad he is moving his family to get away from this petty nonsense in Hayward. New beginnings are what makes life so wonderful.

Wil he allow Maribel to move into his new bachelor pad or will he get her another apartment with free rent again?

Rational reporters, huh? Why did Armas and Heredia not run for certain re-election? Because they were tried of being harangued by Reynoso?

10:24am must be one of Armas' cronies that made some money from one of his connection to Armas. Maybe it is Brian Schott who got bundles for printing; or Rick Hart with the I Bond; or the Pacheco Brothers who make money off HUSD; or Maribel. In any event I am glad that Tavares and his staff investigated and kept the heat on Armas and Heredia.

Now Tavares it is time to keep the heat on HUSD and the city!

10:24am must be one of Armas' cronies that made some money from one of his connection to Armas. Maybe it is Brian Schott who got bundles for printing; or Rick Hart with the I Bond; or the Pacheco Brothers who make money off HUSD; or Maribel. In any event I am glad that Tavares and his staff investigated and kept the heat on Armas and Heredia.

Now Tavares it is time to keep the heat on HUSD and the city!

Yes, I think Jesus Armas benefited from the relationship of Rick Hart and Brian Schott in some way.

Yes, too Rick Hart and Brian Schot stand to make alot of money with HUSD from elections of Bonds and Parcel taxes as they have done in the past before. So, no accident how Data Dobbs came back to HUSD as the superintendent to do bonds or parcel taxes again. Months ago I spoke with board member Dr. Reynoso to tell him how arrangements for money that get paid to these people like Rick Hart and Brian Schott are made in Hayward. I gave that information to Dr. Reynoso because I know he is the only politician that I have ever met with any spinal fortitude in Alameda to actually do something against special interest.

Mr. Tavares you are correct that Jesus Armas and MAribel Heredeia left because to at least some part due to Dr. Reynoso harangueing their vote collusion from their romantic relationship.

Good Report Mr. Tavares!

This is where he started; he interviewed for SL job in 1991 under unusual circumstances which hindered his chances and we appointed Mike Oliver-Tony Santos

Armas left the board in November and soon to city Manger in South City making more than $230,000 per year. It is a trade any sane person would make. Apparently the petty stuff we pay so much attention to in Hayward is not as important in that city.

Armas and Sweeney and salinas and zermeno and jones and mendal and halliday are zombies...they walk but are not of any significance to improve anything and instead they infect and rott what ever they touch.

$15,000+ sounds like a whole lot of money in moving expenses for a little guy like Jesus. Most of his clothes can be purchased in the little boys section at J.C. Penney.

Dobbs says he is proud that his kids attend Hayward Schools, sure Stonebrae, not Harder, Cherryland, or Glassbrook ( my kid beat up your honor student bumper sticker. And didn't he receive a relocation expense for housing, and if so, why did he receive it if he is serving an interim position? Questions to ponder and worth investigating.

Having Hayward businesses do the work for HUSD seems like a good thing to me. Keeps revenue in Hayward and helps our tax base.

Mr. Tavares,
Where were you or Mr. Bond at the HUSD meeting last night? There were so many issues that you should have been covering regarding this school district. Please watch the video recording as soon as it is available so that you may begin to ask questions about the following:
1. How Vaneer construction could bold faced stand before the board of ed and admit that it only followed CA regs for disabled access, knowing full well that the federal govt would have issues with the building of new schools? And how HUSD can allow Vaneer construction's current contract to get the upper hand when the bids for new bond construction are opened?
2. Why did HUSD spend $10,000.00 on contract negotiations for the interim superintendent?
3. When is it ok for President McGee to belittle and laugh at comments and questions from community members?
4. How the President of the board can make arbitrary decisions to disregard requests for information from other board members?
Please Mr. Tavares do not absent yourself from any more HUSD board meetings. Without your coverage the public will never know what is really happening in our schools.

I thought the cream was supposed to rise to the top, not the scum!

Probably didn't run because he was waiting for this position. Don't think Reynoso had anything to do with his decision to leave Hayward.

Jesus Armas was the biggest shakedown artist in local history. Don't believe me? Just ask every single Council Member. Too afraid to talk then. Might tell you now. Heaven help South SF!!

Anything is Hayward is corrupt. I could not believe what I was watching last night on CH15 when the Vaneer construction company was completely out of words when they got caught by Reynoso on what they were doing wrong.

I supported the I Bond and Measure G but after what I saw yesterday I can tell that this board is very much in bed with people that will make plenty of money instead of that money going to the kids.

Nice going HUSD school board, you really showed your true colors. Like Mr. Drake was asking I want to know who is up for election from HUSD board?

BTW the company is Vanir Construction not Vaneer. I too saw the same meeting on tv and I am very disappointed in the board people that approved the construction contract. We need to vote those people out. Crooks is right Walker, McGee, and Brunner we need these inefficient people out. Next election bye bye.

however the name of the company is spelled, they are big time scammers! I hope that EBCitizen does some investigative work here and exposes all who were involved.

I did not see the meeting last night.
Can you elaborate on point 1 please?

8:36 you have to see the video when it comes out. Too much to into for a blog entry. I am disgusted like the rest of the people here on how the school board approved that Vanir contract. Yes and yes let's get those politicians out on the board that approved that Vanir contract and get the Hayward city council out that approved the loop. They are all idiots and crooks.

hey EB how come you don't cover how reynoso called mcgee a moron?

How reynoso is a grandstanding showboating hypocrite?

How he pulls ridiculous questions out of he anus to try to make himself look smarter?

If he really wanted to know how many times Vanir or Suto was contracted HE COULD ASK FOR THAT INFO before hand. He has the agenda, he has all staff contact. He could request staff to provide this beforehand instead of grandstanding like smug self righteous idiot.

Why does he feel the need to cross examine staff?
Why is he a hypocrite? He doesn't listen when others are talking, yet he gets upset when mcgee point of orders his time.

This must be McGee speaking! I have been watching the board meetings for many years, certainly since Dr. Reynoso has been a member. I have seen/heard him request time and again for reports and data from staff and somehow that information never gets delivered. So simply asking does not guarantee that he will receive it. Funny how you report that Dr. Reynoso called Mr. McGee a moron but you fail to say that Mr. McGee was quick to retort with "idiot". Funny how you neglect to report how Mr. McGee treated a member of the public who criticizes some of his votes. I guess it is because name calling and ridicule only need reporting when the finger can be pointed at Dr. Reynoso.

Whether you like it or not, Dr. Reynoso has every right to ask questions of staff on the spot. There is no law, no board policy, no board by-law that prohibits him from doing so. Like it or not, by asking those questions in public, the process is far more transparent.

Reynosa is like a child needing attention. Other than his role as a board member, he has no life, no opportunity to make his voice heard. Many if his questions are ridiculous and a waste of time.

I saw the video too is on line. Here is the link for board meeting:


This is not the first time that Vanir has been caught doing bad construction and overruns.

Lawsuit against vanir- Berkeley vs Vanir:


School board is letting HUSD get ripped off by Vanir. I thought we elected these boards to protect us.

I am in agreement too let's get rid of McGee, Brunir, and Walker in the next election. Bad school board and mayor Sweeny was right the animosity is getting in the way of making good decisions and the hiring of Vanir again is an example. Too bad Sweeny is not running again.

There is much more than one case involving Vanir Construction. If we, untrained, members of the community can find information on the shoddy and questionable work of Vanir, why is it that the administration at HUSD couldn't/can't? If you simply look up lawsuits involving Vanir and CA school districts you will find several. There is an elementary school in Sacramento that was so shoddily built that the walls buckled, paint peeled and fixtures fell off within a short time of its opening. The list goes on from there.

Rescind the vote to extend the Vanir contract should be the first action taken by the board of education. In fact, they should call a special meeting to do it!!!

I saw the entire meeting and I did not hear Dr. Reynoso call anybody a moron or Mr. McGee call anybody stupid, but I did see Mr. McGee being rude to one speaker. Mr McGee was laughing and talking with Ms Brunner all while the speaker was talking straight to Mr McGee.

I think Mr. McGee has been turning very undesirable through the years and I am now seeing that he is very immature and very ignorant in business matters.

I am with 4:28 and 9:51, Let's vote them out and get someone in there that will rescind the Vanir contract. That school board only has one trustee that really knows what he is doing and the rest are a gargantuan disappointed. Dr. Reynoso needs help on the votes.

Thanks for the link. It's difficult to find the school bd. mtgs. on the web site.

Thanks for the link. It's difficult to find the school bd. mtgs. on the web site.

Many students rec'd awards and Reynoso did not clap at all. Wow!

Many students rec'd awards and Reynoso did not clap at all. Wow!

9:40 You must have been to a different meeting. I was at the meeting because my son received a perfect 600 score on math and I have pictures of Dr. Reynoso clapping, and Dr. Reynoso even came outside the board room to congratulate students and parents. I like Dr. Reynoso and had my family take our picture with him, he is the only one in that board that really cares.
When I went home I watched the meeting where they had Vanir too and I can't wait to leave this city. All these politicians are not very knowledgeable in anything and that is very concerning for me. Yes to rescinding the Vanir contract. HUSD shows more politicians in bed with contractors. I like many others want to move from here after watching all this terrible things at the board meetings. Brunner, MCgee and Walker need to quit the board. One bad decision after another there is no limit how low this school board can go, We need to get them out since they do not care about student's money.

I found very interesting info now that people are searching the internet about Vanir.

HUSD needs to work for the kids and go after Vanir Constructions company. Wake up for the kids HUSD school board.

Thank you EBcitizen for telling us about the worm Armas too.

The only way that the board of HUSD will do anything is if the community speaks up in mass. They believe that the majority of parents, guardians and community members are either too stupid or to apathetic to bother demanding that the board do their jobs! There must be a "revolt"; people must inundate the board and the district offices with letters, email and maybe even a few picket marchers to call attention and shame these people into do what is right for children.

The community of HUSD are a bunch of sheep, that will follow the turd of the herd over the cliff.

HUSD has not had a strong majority for quite a while now. I do not think the majority in that school board is worth anything. We just have too many sheep in this area.

940 is right. he didnt clap at all. Reynoso lovers, you don't have to lie.

He's an embittered old little man. angry at the district who showed him the door and determined to make all involved pay.


Only the HUSD Board can sue Vanir and I don't think the HUSD Board has a strong majority. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak as they come.

Perhaps its time for another headline related to the school board. Armas is history and old news.

Armas would bring his victims upstairs ( while married ) above the Chamber...until the floor collapsed and the ceiling needed replacement. Could have been Mayor of Hayward, blew it, as did his numerous galpals. Hope his EX-WIFE knows it started long ago!! He should auction off that stupid 5 foot picture of himself jogging, that kind of hot air won't fit in South SF

Escapades have been a part of his agenda for many years with a host of women. With Heredia it was the need to get the vote. She is not very sharp. Others probably ego. Too bad he has that quirk in his make-up, since he is a pretty smart guy. With Jones in the mix, those Hayward City Managers are a piece of work. Strange both were hired with Sweeney's blessing.

Am hearing the offer from South San Francisco was withdrawn. Please check.

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